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Truro, MA Lost Car Key, Found, and Returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

August 30, 2023: Luke Berube was overloaded with work and called me to help him out by taking on a search/recovery of a lost car key. As RingFinders do, I answered the call setup a time for a search. Also as usual my detecting partner, Leighton Harrington, was contacted to go on the search as two detectors can make for a faster and more complete search for a lost object. His company also makes for a more enjoyable ride to and from the detecting site. The weather forecast for rain and wind did not deter our effort.

It seams Cal had a great time on the beach and his enthusiasm did not stop until he reached his car at the end of the day. He was lucky enough to have a spare key but his mother was adamant about finding the key that was lost somewhere between the beach and car, more than likely in the sandy path going over the dune.

Several family and friends searched for the key even using a rake over the entire path. The key was not found. What was found was a link to TheRingFinders.com and a call was made. Now two days after the loss, the detecting search was on. The path was nice clean, soft sand, a pleasure to walk on and dig in. After two trash targets I had a large signal and it was deep according to my detector’s ID screen. After four scoops, I was about to give up but instead I took another slow sweep and then a pinpoint reading. With that information I placed my scoop and stood on it to get to a depth of 8 inches. Lifting the scoop in a sweeping arc, I saw a little blue flash. It was the quick disconnect and attached to it was the missing key.

It was difficult to comprehend how the key got so deep in the sand. Best theory is that the foot traffic, raking action, along with blowing sand over the past two days caused the key to be so deep in the sand.

It was a pleasure meeting Cal’s father and relating a few stories. Cal was at the terminal waiting on the arrival of his girl friend. As we ended up with thanks and good-byes a drizzle started to fall and then the rain came. Perfect timing to a perfect return.


Lost Audi car key/fob, Orlando, Florida….found by metal detector specialist!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

A young lady called me to see if I could help her find a lost Audi car fob/key and I could tell by the tone of her voice she was in a desperate way. (To replace certain types of car keys it can be very expensive and one has to also pay additional fees for towing and reprogramming a new key to your specific vehicle.).

I always ask allot of questions to find out how, when, where and who all was involved to help me sort through the possibilities and likelihood of even being able to locate their lost item. The young lady informed me that they were very sure of the location which was covered with manicured bushes, mulched areas and a large paved parking lot. And come to find out the fob/key was not dropped but it was actually thrown…and not by an upset sister but by a strong, angry boyfriend! The first 40 minutes I looked through the bushes and through the mulch and in the gutters and any where within a 20 to 30 yard distance but once I heard that a young man had thrown the fob I figured it could be allot further. So I expanded my search area to include further away hedges, mulched areas and parking spaces. As Chris Turner would say, « You need to think out of the box sometimes! » I was beginning to think that someone else must have picked up the lost Audi fob and as I walked the far side of the parking lot I noticed a small black plastic object laying along side of the cement curb and as I got closer I could see it was exactly what I was looking for! After pacing off the distance from where it was thrown it turned out to be all of 55 yards! So it truly pays to think outside the box!

How I thank God for leading me to where that fob was just sitting there in that parking lot, waiting for me to come along to find it and return it to it’s rightful owner!

Lost something valuable and need help? Call or text ASAP…321-363-6029

Mike McInroe….forever grateful to be a member of theringfinders.com

Lost Keys Big Bear Park! Edmonton, Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

Levi called me last week regarding his lost Key fob, which had been lost three days prior in a ravine! Levi searched for them but with no luck, and knowing how expensive it is to replace these key fobs he turned to the internet and found me on the Ringfinders web site.

When I met Levi at the park he showed me the location and said he had been throwing a ball for his dog down the ravine. When he went down to get the ball he slipped where there was tall grass and he thought his keys might be there but that was not the case! After searching for about one hour and asking questions I decide to look around above the ravine where Levi had parked his car. He showed me the direction he had walked to his car and said it was also how he walked back. I found his key fob forty feet in the other direction! Thank you Levi, for entrusting me to locate your lost key fob.