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Lost Gold Wedding Band in Sandy, Utah- Found

Gabriel reached out me after a two day search for his lost white gold wedding band. He was in the backyard enjoying the snow with his family when someone threw a snowball in his direction. He caught the snowball and threw it back and then went to flick the snow from his hands. He realized in that moment that his ring was missing. He spent the next two days looking for it and even used a metal detector to search. Gabriel was schedule to fly back to Florida the next day when he reached out to me. I quickly jumped in my car and headed over to his location.

After understanding where he was located and what movement he made, I started to search for the ring. After several minutes with very few signals in the yard, I got a hit on my metal detector that I was confident was his ring. After pinpointing it, I could see the side of the ring in the snow and decided to play it off in hopes of surprising him. I asked Gabriel to replay what had happened and then surprised him with his ring! He was so excited to see it! Thanks Gabriel for reaching out and so happy the ring is back where it belongs!

Check out my YouTube Channel to see Gabriel’s reaction when I showed him his ring- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4SNYrACpMg

Lost 14k White Gold Wedding Ring with Dinosaur Bone Inlay in Salt Lake City- Found

Tom is an outdoor photographer by trade and he was working up on the side of a mountain that over looks Salt Lake City. He had taken his ring off and put it in his pocket when he first stepped outside and then proceeded to hike up to the trail where he was taking photos. At some point, he reached into his pocket to pull out some items and that’s when he realized his 14k white gold wedding band with dinosaur bone inlay was missing!

I met Tom and his wife Lexi the next night to help relocate the ring. It was very cold up there on the side of the mountain and it was pitch dark. We made our way up to the furthest point on the trail where Tom had realized his ring was missing. I started to detect a long both sides of the trail as we headed down the mountain. It didn’t take long to get a signal in the snow and sure enough it was his ring! So glad we decided to work our way back from the furthest point cause it was basically at the end of his path. Tom and Lexi were so excited to see the ring! They are making plans to move cross country in the next few months so getting this ring back was a big relief! On a personal note, I think Tom’s ring is the most unique ring I have ever found with a metal detector! Overall great experience and wish Tom and Lexi the best on their next adventure!

Check out the full length recovery video on my YouTube Channel- Lost Jewelry Recovery Utah

Lost 14k Gold Wedding Band in Sandy, Utah- Found

Last week it snowed for a good 36 hours straight. I received a text message about a lost 14k gold wedding band lost in Sandy, Utah and made plans to go out looking for it that night. I met Logan at his house where he lost his ring. Earlier that day he was leaving for work and in the process decided to scrape off the snow from his wife’s car. In a hurry, he used his left hand to wipe the back window of the car and immediately realized his ring had come off. he spent 20-30 minutes looking in the snow but was unsuccessful locating the ring. I arrived later that night and after several targets, was able to locate the ring which had traveled through a chain link fence and ended up in the road. Fortunately, the snow plows had not come down the street yet which could have sent the ring flying! Check out the full length recovery video on YouTube- Lost Jewelry Recovery Utah

Lost Engagement Ring Near Pleasant Grove, Utah- Found

Over the last 10 days, I have had 4 ring recovery calls due to the recent snow storms hitting Utah. Timmy reached out to me after a sledding adventure with his fiancé near Pleasant Grove, Utah. When they got back to the car, she put her hands up to the vent and noticed her engagement ring was missing. The ring was white gold with two stones (Moissanite & Topaz). After talking with Timmy that night, they decided to go buy a metal detector from a local store and search for it themselves. Unfortunately, the metal detector was unable to locate the ring so we made plans to meet and search for the ring. I could still see their sled marks in the snow so I decided to start at one end of the hill and work my way to the right. I had barely just turned on my detector and started to make my first swing when I got a clear signal. Sure enough, it was the ring. It could be my fastest recovery to date. So happy I was able to get that ring back to Timmy and Lindsey! They are set to get married on April 6th and I wish them all the best!

Check out the full length video on my YouTube Channel- Lost Jewelry Recovery Utah

Apple Watch Found While Diving for Lost Ring- Returned to Owner

During a recent dive for a lost wedding ring, I found 6 apple watches in the lake. After returning home, I started to see if any of them still worked in hope of returning them to their owners. After about 5 minutes of charging the first one, it turned on and a message popped up to contact the owner if found. I was just about to call the number when Christian (Owner) called me through his Apple watch. He had been at the lake a week prior and lost it. He was so excited to hear that I had found it! We met that night and I was able to return it to him. Unfortunately, 4 out of the 6 Apple watches did not turn on.

Lost 113 Year Old Gold Ring at the Lake- Found

Alejandro reached out to me after visiting Utah over Labor Day weekend with friends. They had went to the lake and he decided to take a dip in the cold water to cool off. After coming back to shore, he realized that his 113 year old gold ring with a date of May 4th 1909 was not on his finger. Alejandro had purchased the antique ring and it was something very special to him. I was out of town that weekend but made plans to go up there and search the following week. The water level had dropped significantly during that time and based on the pictures he sent me, figured there was a good chance the ring would be on the shoreline. The issue was that this area was known for fishing and there was a ton trash all over. After a 3 hour search, I came up empty handed.

The following weekend I went back to the lake and started to grid off the area again. Since the water was so low, I was nervous that the ring would have been laying on the surface in plain sight for anyone to come along and see it. Fortunately, after clearing out all the aluminum cans, fishing lures, and sinkers in the area, I got a nice clean signal at the very edge of my search grid. Sure enough it was Alejandro’s ring that has already worked its way down into the mud. After backing out two trash bags of trash, I called Alejandro who lives in Buffalo, New York to tell him the good news. 3 days later the ring was back with Alejandro. It was a difficult search but glad I was able to find it while cleaning up the environment.

If you would like to see this recovery in action, head over to my Youtube channel- Lost Jewelry Recovery Utah

Lost Platinum Ring Up Little Cottonwood Canyon-Found

I received a call from Brian this past week as he was finishing up his ski run near Alta Ski Resort. Brian went to flick off some snow on his hands and his platinum wedding band went flying into the dirty snow. I was able to run up their within the hour and after a few minutes, was able to locate his ring! He has had that ring for 12 years and was super excited to see it. He told me he had been working out a ton and the ring was loose. It just takes a little cold winter air or wet snow to get your fingers to shrink so everyone please be cautious of your jewelry this winter! Thanks Brian for reaching out!

If you would like to see this recovery in action, head over to my YouTube channel- Lost Jewelry Recovery Utah

Lost Gold Ring Found in Ogden, Utah

Last night after putting my kids to bed, I saw a text from Brad explaining that his wife was doing some work in the yard and lost her ring. I quickly gave Brad a call and after he explained what happened, decided to make the 1 hour drive up to Ogden to help. I arrived around 9:40pm, set up my grid and within two passes, found the missing gold ring. Carol Ann was so happy and shocked that I found it so quickly. Apparently, they had been searching for a few hours. One thing I love about returning lost items is getting to know the people that call me. Brad and Carol Ann have been together for over 40 years and it was a pleasure working with them to find her lost ring!

If you would like to witness the recovery in action, here is the YouTube link- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KP6-LY7t7K4

Lost Wedding Ring at Utah Lake- Found

Monday I got a call from Taija who had just lost her wedding ring over the weekend at Utah lake. The weather was very nice over the weekend but we had a big storm roll through and it had dropped the temperature into the 40’s on Monday. I headed down to meet Taija at the marina in Lindon and walk the areas where she had been. She took off her ring before getting out of the car and then proceeded down to the water’s edge. After taking a dip in the lake, she returned to the car and that is when she realized the ring was missing. I started to search where she had left her clothes on the bank of the lake. Lot’s of lead sinkers and trash everywhere!!! To make the search even more difficult, the lake shore was nothing but rocks with plenty of cracks where the ring could hide. After about 2 hours, I circled back to where she had took her shorts off and noticed a firepit that had been covered up with some rocks. Since I was unable to get down into the cracks, I started moving rocks around and that’s when I got the signal. I looked down and laying in the firepit was the beautiful white gold ring with several diamonds. Taija had told me that they were celebrating their 10 year anniversary this summer and was planning on upgrading the ring. With the cold wind and rain, she had headed back to her house so after getting back to the car, I gave her a call to tell her the good news!  Needless to say she was very happy to get the phone call and I was very happy to be out of the cold wind. I drove straight to her house where I was able to return the ring! All in all it was a tough search but happy I was able to find it! Congrats on your 10 year anniversary Taija!

Lost Engagement Ring in Salt Lake City- Found

This recovery was  tough one! I received two text messages from Todd at 2am and at 4am one morning as he was desperate to find his fiancé’s engagement ring. He had searched pretty much all night when he finally reached out to me. Todd had taken the ring to get it cleaned and upon returning to his apartment complex, dropped the ring box and the ring came out on the sidewalk. He bent down to pick up the ring and as he was standing back up, heard a loud noise which startled him. As he reacted to the loud noise, he threw up his hands and the ring went flying down a steep hill covered with juniper bushes. When I arrived, we experimented with a penny and had him repeat exactly what he did the night before. He had also tried this a couple of times and it seemed that all the coins landed in a similar area. I first tried all the open spaces where I could get my coil to the ground but no luck. I proceeded to use my hand-held probe to try to get into the base of the bushes. It was a dirty job and one that resulted in several scratches up and down my arms. After about 2 hours, I started to peel back the branches of one of the bushes when I spotted something shiny! I quickly turned to Todd and asked him what is that? He bent down and pulled out his fiancé’s engagement ring. What a beautiful white gold ring with a blue/green amethyst!  The stress and anxiety Todd was feeling was quickly replaced with a big smile as he pulled the ring from the bush. Congrats Todd on your engagement!