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Metal Detector Rental North Vancouver

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Vancouver Ring Finder Chris Turner- Ring Recovery Specialist…Lost your ring?… Metal Detecting Service/Call ASAP  Anytime   778-838-3463 

Why rent a metal detector when you can hire a metal detecting specialist, this will save you lots of time and ensure success in the end. This story is about a young man by the name of Andrew who lost his wedding band while doing yard work. I wonder how many people have done this in the past and have given up the search, thinking they will never find it. This search was interesting. It wasn’t too labour-intensive two locations and it was found in one of the likely locations in the front yard under a bush that he lifted up and shook a bit.

The thing was it was out of sight and it required me getting down under the bush with my handheld pin pointer to do the search as I couldn’t reach it with the metal detector. As I was on the ground, searching the leaves and dirt I spotted it under some roots and leaves in a position where I would never have found it with my metal detector. I love this job, it’s like being a detective. You have to think out-of-the-box and go to places that you’re pretty sure you won’t find it, and then you do. It’s a Murphy’s Law kind of thing, it’s going to be in one of the toughest places to find and that’s where you have to check.




Andrews anniversary was coming up in April so it was an honour to be able to find it and reconnect him with his beautiful ring.


Vancouver Ring Finder Chris Turner- Ring Recovery Specialist…Lost your ring?… Metal Detecting Service/Call ASAP  Anytime   778-838-3463 I have the best job in the world, I love helping people more than anything I’ve ever done in my lifetime. I get to make people smile, I get to hear their stories of what their ring/lost items mean to them and how happy it makes them feel when I find it.


Gold Wedding band Lost on the side of the road! Greenfield, Neighborhood, Edmonton, Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


I arrived within 45 minutes and Mel showed me where he thought his ring was! He had searched the area with no luck!
I could see where Mel had been searching in the snow and quickly researched the area just to be sure that the ring was not there, then I moved a few feet forward and BANG, a nice sweet tone from my detector.
Mel was very grateful to have his ring back on his finger and also with the service which Theringfinders and I provided him.

25th anniversary band recovered after lost for 6 months

  • from Lincoln (Nebraska, United States)

We were challenged to find a 25th wedding anniversary enhancement band that was lost last summer. Its been dry here and the ground has had big cracks. That concerned me the most, possible depth. My son and I worked for an hour then I switched to a smaller coil because the ground was trashy. 30 minutes later we were able to return the ring. My client, now my friend who wishes to remain anonymous, fed us in depth details of how it was lost including a walk through. The open communication was the winning combination.  402-580-6933



Lost Gold Wedding Band in Sandy, Utah- Found

Gabriel reached out me after a two day search for his lost white gold wedding band. He was in the backyard enjoying the snow with his family when someone threw a snowball in his direction. He caught the snowball and threw it back and then went to flick the snow from his hands. He realized in that moment that his ring was missing. He spent the next two days looking for it and even used a metal detector to search. Gabriel was schedule to fly back to Florida the next day when he reached out to me. I quickly jumped in my car and headed over to his location.

After understanding where he was located and what movement he made, I started to search for the ring. After several minutes with very few signals in the yard, I got a hit on my metal detector that I was confident was his ring. After pinpointing it, I could see the side of the ring in the snow and decided to play it off in hopes of surprising him. I asked Gabriel to replay what had happened and then surprised him with his ring! He was so excited to see it! Thanks Gabriel for reaching out and so happy the ring is back where it belongs!

Check out my YouTube Channel to see Gabriel’s reaction when I showed him his ring- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4SNYrACpMg

Wedding ring recovered after 25 years in a lake.

  • from Lincoln (Nebraska, United States)

Bill and Brita were celebrating the day before their 1997 wedding with friends and family that included fun in the farm lake. Cousins were riding horses in the lake and Brita was playing with a friend. She felt her ring come off. They all searched for it, it was even metal detected by a few people.  I was challenged 25 years later to recover it. After lots of questions,  looking at land marks and comparing them to pictures that day I decided it was time to try because of the dry year and lower water levels and the cold weather was about to move in. I realized I was dealing with 2-3 feet of muck, silt and debris. My conventional metal detector was not going to work. I duct taped my pinpointer to a broom handle and begin to probe. Many trips to the lake probing finally revealed a target 26 inches under muck and 3 inches into the original lake bed. I was so honored to give Bill the wedding ring back which he gave to his wife of 25 years last week for her birthday.  She now wears her engagement ring for the first time after being married.



14k Gold Wedding Band Lost. Bannerman NE, Edmonton, Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Nolan called me while I was out doing a search for another ring to ask me if I could help him find his 14k gold wedding band which he had dropped on the side of the road while walking last evening.  He searched for the ring this morning but could not find it in the snow.

I meet up with Nolan and he showed me the area he had been walking and approximately 5 minutes later I found his ring. Another very happy Client!  Thank you, Nolan.


Lost 113 Year Old Gold Ring at the Lake- Found

Alejandro reached out to me after visiting Utah over Labor Day weekend with friends. They had went to the lake and he decided to take a dip in the cold water to cool off. After coming back to shore, he realized that his 113 year old gold ring with a date of May 4th 1909 was not on his finger. Alejandro had purchased the antique ring and it was something very special to him. I was out of town that weekend but made plans to go up there and search the following week. The water level had dropped significantly during that time and based on the pictures he sent me, figured there was a good chance the ring would be on the shoreline. The issue was that this area was known for fishing and there was a ton trash all over. After a 3 hour search, I came up empty handed.

The following weekend I went back to the lake and started to grid off the area again. Since the water was so low, I was nervous that the ring would have been laying on the surface in plain sight for anyone to come along and see it. Fortunately, after clearing out all the aluminum cans, fishing lures, and sinkers in the area, I got a nice clean signal at the very edge of my search grid. Sure enough it was Alejandro’s ring that has already worked its way down into the mud. After backing out two trash bags of trash, I called Alejandro who lives in Buffalo, New York to tell him the good news. 3 days later the ring was back with Alejandro. It was a difficult search but glad I was able to find it while cleaning up the environment.

If you would like to see this recovery in action, head over to my Youtube channel- Lost Jewelry Recovery Utah

Lost Platinum Ring Up Little Cottonwood Canyon-Found

I received a call from Brian this past week as he was finishing up his ski run near Alta Ski Resort. Brian went to flick off some snow on his hands and his platinum wedding band went flying into the dirty snow. I was able to run up their within the hour and after a few minutes, was able to locate his ring! He has had that ring for 12 years and was super excited to see it. He told me he had been working out a ton and the ring was loose. It just takes a little cold winter air or wet snow to get your fingers to shrink so everyone please be cautious of your jewelry this winter! Thanks Brian for reaching out!

If you would like to see this recovery in action, head over to my YouTube channel- Lost Jewelry Recovery Utah

Lost mens wedding ring

  • from Lincoln (Nebraska, United States)

I was contacted to help locate a beautiful gold band with diamonds of only 6 months old. They thought for sure it was lost outside the wedding reception venue they were music mc’s at. It was really cold and he took off his gloves to work the key fob. After we talked about some of the events of the evening I detected the outside with no results.  We then went into the building and scanned all the trash bags, no results. We scoped in the cracks of the old barn floor with no results. We continued to rehash the events, finding another area to detect,  no results. We kept talking and discussing things that went on that night.  I told them that I was certain it was not outside or in the building, and the car and bags should be checked, based on him throwing a jacket in there, Boom, success. Because of our team work and relentless search of possible areas the ring was found.



Brant Beach (LBI) NJ Wedding Band lost for 2 months recovered by Edward Trapper NJ Ring Finder August 2022

  • from Seaside Park (New Jersey, United States)
Valentina called yesterday after I was tagged on her post about her beautiful wedding ring that was lost in Beach Haven N.J (LBI) almost 2 months ago, on July 4th. We talked for a while, and determined that where it was lost there was a good chance it could still be there. She wasn’t positive the ring was on the beach, but sure did know where her towel was, which is a good starting point for my search. We decided to begin early today before swimmers arrived. About 30 minutes later my machine gave a REAL nice solid tone, and sure enough, the ring was in the scoop. The ring will be reunited soon with Val as she is about 2 hours away.#njringfinder, #lostring,#lostcross,#lavallettenj,#ortleybeachnj,#lostringLBI,#lostringholgatenj,#lostringsurfcitynj