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Gold Wedding Band Found Edmonton Garrison Play Park

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

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4:00 Pm  Justin called me yesterday and said my name was referred to him from a previous client. he lost his wedding band in the park while he was playing with his daughter and would it be possible for me to help him find it? after asking Justin a bunch of question about the ring and location I agreed to meet up with him @ 5:30.

Arrived at the location and meet Justin he pointed to the park and said that he was playing at three play ground and on the hill, I started first at the site nearest to his yard did a grid search with no luck at that location walked over to the second play area and did a grid search checked around the swings which I would say that would be the most logical place for the ring to be. Found all kinds of clad and junk then I received a sweet sound of gold there buried in about 3 inches of sand was Justin ring. Walked back to Justin as he was coming towards me I asked him if the ring had any distinguish marks on the ring and he said there is a inscription on the inside of the ring and I said to him is it Forever Bear and I watched the reaction on his face he said  you found it.

Another happy client.

Also I like to thank all the 15 Kids that assisted me on the Hunt.


Lost Wedding Ring Returned after Three Years, The Hamptons Edmonton, Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

Gavin    Gavin Ring

Received a call from Gavin this afternoon wondering if I could find his lost wedding ring which he lost three years ago in his back yard while playing with his kids, I told him I would  definitely have a go, if it’s in the ground I will find the ring.

I ask Gavin why it took him this long to contact Ring Finders he told me that he had given up looking for the ring he had rented a metal detector himself with no luck, and he did not know our service was available until his friend told him this morning to give Ring Finders a call.

After about an hour and a half of searching his yard bingo found the ring buried two inches in the ground, Gavin and his wife are very happy to have the ring back on his finger after laying in his back yard for three years. Thank you Gavin.

Lost Wedding Ring At St. Martha School Edmonton, Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

Stephen Addison    Stephen Addison

Received  e-mail from Stephen on Thursday July 11, that he had lost his wedding ring the night before while he was playing soccer in the rain at a soccer field in west Edmonton. I spoke to Stephen in regards to his lost ring; he was not sure where about he had lost it. I meet up with him at the field and he showed me where he was playing. He told me he was taking turns playing goal keeper and his ring could be anywhere on the field. after about 20 minute searching « bingo »  I found his gold wedding ring about 20 feet from the goal post I called him over  he could not believe his eyes that his ring was reunited once again, Another happy client.

Lost Man’s Gold Wedding Band in the Surf… Del Mar Beach, CA, .. found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

July 4, 2013.. 8:50pm

I was in Newport Beach sitting with a couple thousand people getting ready for a 4th of July fireworks display. I had rested up all day thinking I would detect the beach after the people left. That’s when Isaiah called saying he had just lost his wedding ring. I asked him where he was calling from and he told me Del Mar Beach which is near San Diego. He was in the water about chest deep and said he never went in water over his head. He didn’t feel the ring fall off, but he was certain that it was lost in the water. I told him that it was a long drive and he could locate another member of  The RingFinders in our directory and if he couldn’t get them I’d come search.

After finishing the call, I went to my tide chart app on my trusty iPhone. He lost it only a couple minutes before calling me which was approximately 5 ft high tide begining to fall to a minus tide at 3 am. I called Isaiah back and told him the tides would be perfect to try to search for his ring tonight and I would be there at 12:30am. He said he could be there about a half hour later and was going to try to rest because he had to work in the morning. After arriving in the dark of the night, I began my grid search as the tide reseded. He had given me a good idea of where he was when he lost the ring but I extended the search area 50 yards each side . At 1:00am Isaiah and his brother in law showed up. He pin pointed the location where he had been and I changed my grid search towards the water and away from the water.  They went off with their flashlights looking in the surf. After 10 or 15 minutes I got that special gold tone and there was a beautiful gold ring in about 3 inches under the wet sand.  I walked up to Isaiah and asked him how big was the ring and if it was gold. Then,  asked him to hold out his hand. He looked at me puzzeled, but he held out is hand. That’s when I dropped it in his hand. I did not expect him to be so emotional, it must have ment a lot to him. After gaining our composure all three of us started shaking hands and celebrating the find. Another special night and meeting people I will not forget..


Lost Wedding Ring Edmonton

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

I phone pics 206

Received a call from Shaun to see if I could locate his lost wedding ring that he had lost three weeks prior in his back yard while he was raking leaves and cleaning out his flower pots. I phone pics 205After about 1 1/2 hours of searching I found his ring in the flower pot.