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Gold Wedding Band Found Edmonton Garrison Play Park

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

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4:00 Pm  Justin called me yesterday and said my name was referred to him from a previous client. he lost his wedding band in the park while he was playing with his daughter and would it be possible for me to help him find it? after asking Justin a bunch of question about the ring and location I agreed to meet up with him @ 5:30.

Arrived at the location and meet Justin he pointed to the park and said that he was playing at three play ground and on the hill, I started first at the site nearest to his yard did a grid search with no luck at that location walked over to the second play area and did a grid search checked around the swings which I would say that would be the most logical place for the ring to be. Found all kinds of clad and junk then I received a sweet sound of gold there buried in about 3 inches of sand was Justin ring. Walked back to Justin as he was coming towards me I asked him if the ring had any distinguish marks on the ring and he said there is a inscription on the inside of the ring and I said to him is it Forever Bear and I watched the reaction on his face he said  you found it.

Another happy client.

Also I like to thank all the 15 Kids that assisted me on the Hunt.


Sentimental Friendship Ring Found @ Bearspaw Park, Edmonton’ Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

Bearspaw1 BearsPaw

I received a call from Justine around 1:56 pm asking if it was possible for me to come out and find her 10ct white gold friendship ring that she had lost this morning, along the side walk in Bearspaw Park.  We were in the midst of a heavy snow storm with about 4 inches of snow. She told me her and her boyfriend had searched in the snow for about three hours with no luck.  She turned to the internet and found theringfinders.com and called me.

I told her I would be down in 45 minutes, met up with Justine, and together we went over to the park where she showed me approximately where the ring had flown off her finger. It took me approximately 45 minutes to locate her ring. She was a very happy young lady when I found it as the ring was of sentimental value to her.

Another happy Client – Thank You Justine.

Gold Ring Found Edmonton, Alberta Canada

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

photo 2MattIMG_0585

Received a call yesterday afternoon from Matt in regards to finding his ring which was lost last November after his girlfriends chucked it over the fence into somebody’s back yard after having a disagreement, I asked Matt why it took him this long to try and find his ring he said since it had snowed that day his ring would be buried and it would be safe there until spring, yesterday he was searching on the internet and found me and the rest is history.

Matt told me he had permission from the owner to look for his ring. Made arrangement to meet this morning at the lactation, arrived in the back yard where there was around two feet of snow lucky for me the yard size was only 33’ x 50’ with a deck and fenced; Matt told me it was a heavy gold ring with his initials. Searched the area for about 30 minutes with no luck, then bingo ring found! Underneath the table on the deck somehow the ring must have bounced off something and ended up there as you can see by the picture the ring was very large. Mat & Sam was very happy to get the ring back once again. Thanks Matt for entrusting me and the TheRingFinders to search for your ring.

Sentimental Ring Found, (Hillview Neighborhood) Edmonton, Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

Aron (2) 48badd79-c717-4171-985e-68f73287d138 Aron

I received a call from Marlene on Christmas Eve asking if it was possible for me to find her Dad’s ring. 10 days ago he had been brushing the snow off his car with his bare hands when his ring flew off. I told her that if the ring was on the ground I would find it. She described the ring as gold, very large, and having much sentimental valve as it was a 35 year’s of service award from the automotive industry when her dad retired.


Today, Boxing Day morning, I meet Marlene at her condo complex and she showed me where her dad’s car had been parked that evening and also mentioned that he had been out looking for the ring a couple of times and had piled a mound of snow on the front lawn and that the ring could be there. I started my search and had Marlene move her vehicle from her parking spot so I could search that area. I found the ring where her car had been in about two inches of hard packed snow. When Marlene’s father arrived, I walked him over to where the ring was laying in the snow. The smile on his face was proof that this ring was very sentimental for him. He and his daughter were extremely pleased to have the ring back.  Although Aron declined to have his picture taken with his ring for our “book of smiles”, he did give permission to have his ring published. Thank you for entrusting me and “The Ring Finders”. Happy New Year!