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Gold and diamond wedding band found and returned on Bonita Beach

  • from Marco Island (Florida, United States)
  1. While swimming with his wife and enjoying their final days in paradise before returning to Michigan, Peter noticed that the gold and diamond ring he’d placed on his wife’s finger nearly 43 years ago to the day was missing.  Carefully he took notice of the spot, going in so far as to imbed an umbrella holder to mark the exact location.  Well it’s only lost until you call!  Their priorities were in order as they took their prayers and petitions to the Top, praying to God rather than St Anthony.  The rest is now history and new memories are being forged.   Gold and diamond wedding band found and returned on Bonita Beach, Bonita Springs Florida.

Wedding Set Found and Returned. Gurnee, Illinois

  • from Rockford (Illinois, United States)

I received a call from Sharita asking if I was available to do a ring search for her. We agreed to meet after we both got off of work. Her rings had slipped off of her hand into some thick, viney ground cover and mulch while walk in the dark. When her and her husband tried finding it they covered it up with some mulch under the thick patch of vines. I couldn’t get a good signal from my big detector because of the density  of  the ground cover. So I slowly went through all of the mulch and ground cover with my handheld pinpointer,  until I found them both!
It took me about 20 mins to find them.

Success! Another smile for the book!