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Platinum Engagement Ring Lost in LuLu’s Restaurant’s Big Sand Box, Found and Returned North Myrtle Beach SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I got a frantic call from Amanda saying that I had been referred by Joe Denton of Denton’s Detectors in Little River, SC to help find a lost Platinum Engagement Ring. She said she had placed both her wedding band and Engagement ring on top of her phone that was on the arm of her beach chair. Later she told me that her husband had picked up the rings for safe keeping and had dropped them in the soft sand. They had found the wedding ring but the elusive engagement ring was still buried in the sand. I told her I’d be there in 20 minutes and to please excuse my appearance when I showed up because I was a mess from doing yard work. She replied that if I find it I’d get the biggest hug no matter how sweaty I was. So, I grabbed my Equinox and headed out.

When I arrived and met Amanda, she showed me a 5 foot by 5 foot area where the ring should be. I turned on the Equinox and started swinging. There was a lot of interference but when I hit a solid 11 on the VDI (visual display indicator) I knew I had her ring. When I shook the sand out of the scoop and saw the ring, I looked at her with a surprised look on my face and she knew. When I handed her the ring, she couldn’t hold back the tears, and yes, I did get my big hug! She then told me that she had sent her husband to Walmart to get a metal detector and had just text him her ring was found. I’m sure he was happy. She also told me they had a flight to catch in an hour, hope they made it!

Amanda – Thank you for trusting me to help find your lost treasure.



Lost Wedding Ring in McLean, Virginia Front Yard…Found by Ring Finder

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Trey’s platinum wedding band that member of THE RING FINDERS, Brian Rudolph, successfully recovered on the front yard of Trey’s McLean, Virginia home.

Trey, Tracy and family celebrating the successful recovery of the irreplaceable sentimental keepsake which metal detectorist Brian Rudolph returned to the finger that it rightfully belonged to!

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Cliffs, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

Trey was playing baseball with his son in the front yard of their McLean, Virginia house. He believed that he lost his platinum wedding band when he took off his baseball glove. The ring was loose on his finger and because the same situation occurred once before, Trey assumed that the wedding band flew off the moment he pulled the mitt off of his hand.

The entire family searched long and hard for the very special memento, but in the end, all of their efforts led to no avail. Hours of looking had gone by and even the metal detector that they used to locate the jewel did not help the distraught man with recovering the ring.

At some point, Trey and his wife Tracy went on to the internet and searched for a new solution. They found the elite international directory of metal detectorists called THE RING FINDERS. It was at that point that I was contacted and Trey shared the whole story from start to finish.

Later that evening, I headed over to the family’s McLean, Virginia residence to conduct my own ring search on their front lawn. There were plenty of leaves scattered about and Trey didn’t want to remove any of the tree debris until after his ring was recovered. He was worried that If he had cleaned up the front yard, the jewel could have been swept into a leaf bag and taken away to the dump by accident.

After Trey and his son had finished showing me where they played ball and their overall movements on the front lawn, I immediately returned to my car to retrieve all of the metal detecting equipment necessary to conduct the search.

I truly love the searches that I participate in when I end up finding the sought after object within a few minutes swinging my detector. Well, I can happily share that this particular « project » turned out to be just like one of those cases! I was metal detecting around the batter’s cage that was off to one side of the property when I picked up an excellent signal. I knelt down to the ground and positioned my high lumens headlamp towards the area that I was searching, and there it was! I found it! I successfully recovered Trey’s lost Platinum wedding band that he so loved and cherished! The piece of precious metal had been hiding under some leaves in the grass. It was such a fantastic moment, especially when I surprised the whole family with the fantastic news! I truly love helping people… especially this family that was so very warm and kind to me! I’ll never forget them!


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How to Find a Lost Diamond Ring Thrown During a Fight

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Melissa’s stunning 2.5 carat diamond solitaire engagement ring with a halo of little diamonds encircling the center diamond held by a 14 karat white gold band encrusted with diamonds half way around the band.

Melissa and Dwight happy together once again and proudly showing off Melissa’s incredible diamond ring that member of THE RING FINDERS, Brian Rudolph had miraculously recovered from Washington DC public property!

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Cliffs, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

How is one to find a lost diamond ring that was thrown after a fight?

The answer is simple: call a professional ring finder!

You too never thought one existed?

Well, they do exist and more and more people are turning for help on a special online metal detectorist directory website called THE RING FINDERS.

The online directory will help you locate a local ring finder in your geographical area.

I, Brian Rudolph, am a local ring finder and a proud member of THE RING FINDERS serving Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia.

Here is an example of someone who reached out to me after a ring was thrown following an argument.

Melissa and Dwight were drinking together outside on their apartment patio. Somehow their fun transitioned into an argument about something and things began to get quite heated between the engaged couple.

As is common with many other ring stories like this, Melissa decided to take off and throw her beautiful 2.5 carat diamond solitaire engagement ring with a halo of little diamonds encircling the center diamond held by a 14 karat white gold band encrusted with diamonds half way around the band. That action did not cool things down by any means. It was a tough night for both fiance’s.

When the young lady dialed down her emotions, she realized what mistake she made in throwing the ring and immediately she began searching for the MIA diamond engagement ring.

Meanwhile, Dwight was really upset about what took place because not only did Melissa throw something that was supposed to mean everything to her, but this was not the first time that his fiance had launched the special « promise jewel unto marriage ».

Ironically, I was told by the couple that a year earlier they had found my information on THE RING FINDERS website just after Melissa threw the same ring out into an Ocean City, Maryland hotel parking lot. They had gotten into a bad fight and Melissa’s very expensive piece of jewelry ended up lost in the public space below. Thankfully, Dwight eventually eyeballed the ring somewhere in the bushes and that nightmarish episode quickly came to an end.

When this second incident happened, the couple remembered THE RING FINDERS detectorist directory and my name happened to pop up once again.

Melissa stayed up all night searching for her ring and yet all of her efforts led to no avail. The next morning, she was back at it again, on her hands and knees out in a narrow patch of grass, scanning with her eyes with the hope that she would lock-in on that very sentimental keepsake. Still, the remorseful young lady found nothing but trash hidden below the grass blades and surrounding mud pockets.

Sometime during the early afternoon hours, while I was assisting another client with a ring search and recovery project, I received correspondence from Melissa crying out for help. The two of us talked on the phone and I assured her that if she still could not find her diamond ring by the end of the day, I would travel out to the couple’s Washington DC apartment building the next morning. She was extremely grateful for the assistance and for my words of encouragement knowing that she’s not the first to throw a ring (let alone multiple times).

Because Melissa was not able to find her most priceless material possession out there beyond her apartment complex, I headed out early the next morning to conduct my own search.

After my distraught client showed me where she was sitting when she threw the ring and took me to the narrow patch of grass where she had been searching, we had a time of prayer, asking the Lord to help me with this search and then I immediately started metal detecting.

Melissa told me that she remembered « tossing » the ring versus « throwing » the jewel in haste. However, I reminded her that when alcohol is involved, the one throwing the ring rarely is in touch with their emotions and even recollections of what actually took place. Adding anger and alcohol together makes for a very bad combination!

When I metal detected the strip of grass that was located alongside the apartment building (completely enclosed by a high fence around the parameter of the property), I found lots of miscellaneous pieces of metal such as: coins, beer pull tabs, aluminum foil, Christmas tree light bulbs and wire, and believe it or not… a couple of bullets! Unfortunately, there was no ring to be found in that location where Melissa was positive she launched it towards. I double checked my work just to make sure and then I was positive that the ring did not end up in that space unless someone happened to have found the keepsake after noticing Melissa searching for something herself.

I told my client where things stood at that point and she was completely mystified. Melissa was certain that the ring would have landed on that part of the property that I had just finished detecting. I asked her if she had looked on the other side of the property’s privacy fence where there was a concrete drive which led down into the parking garage below the complex. I was stunned to hear her response… she had not looked anywhere else but that one grassy section that I had just finished searching. This concerned me greatly because a car tire could have picked up the ring and carried it down the street or anyone walking around the entrance to the garage could have easily eyeballed the diamond ring! It was imperative that I search the public access road on the other side of the fence!

I told Melissa that it was quite possible that when she threw the ring, it might have traveled in a different direction and possibly landed much farther away from the distance she predicted. My client refuted the idea based on the fact that there was a fairly large tree in front of the balcony where Melissa threw the jewel and that the chances of the ring getting passed the branches were very slim. I did have to agree with her on that one point.

As soon as Melissa and I had our discussion, I requested that we immediately search the concrete drive and its surroundings. My client got very nervous at that point because I made her start thinking that perhaps she was negligent in not thinking to check outside the apartment complex property. We rushed down into her complex, took the stairs down to the garage level and headed out the large underground garage door that led to the area where we needed to search.

The two of us looked long and hard for my client’s huge diamond ring but it didn’t turn up anywhere out there. I checked every square inch of the concrete drive, including an alleyway and in the middle of one of the city streets that intersected with the alley. I was really concerned that a tire may have picked up the ring and carried it down the street. Still, I came up empty-handed.

At about this time, the fiance was getting very nervous and a bit more emotional as she regretted not thinking to look for the ring in the public environments. I’ll never forget the pressure that she placed upon me when Melissa said in a voice of desperation, « You do understand that if you don’t end up finding my ring, Dwight is completely done with me. Finished. » This young lady meant the « B » word… Breakup. After a second incident of throwing the « betrothal gift » and the potential of losing something this expensive, Melissa’s fiance was not going to fight for the relationship anymore if the ring was not recovered. I was heartbroken for her at this point and I prayed more to God on behalf of my client as I searched and searched to find the « true victim of circumstances ».

When I concluded that the jewel was not on the concrete drive leading down to the underground garage, nor in the alleyway or on the main street a block away (just in case a tire picked it up and took it down a ways), I was about to call it quits. By this point, Melissa was back at her place hanging out on the apartment patio with Dwight. She pretty much lost all hope at this late hour in the game. And frankly, I had almost lost any hope, as well.

I kept looking over to where the couple was and measured in mind the great distance it was between where Melissa threw the ring and where I was standing in the middle of the drive leading to the underground garage. It was a good 60 foot distance or so. That’s not a lot of space when dealing with a ring throw. However, there was that tree involved which was dead smacked in front of where the couple sat! The ring’s velocity would have greatly slowed down when striking even a leaf from that tree that was in the way. Still, I searched on and rechecked my work.

My last task with this project before having to conclude that either a tire took the poor ring down the street or someone passing by (a groundskeeper, homeless person or just any random pedestrian) picked up the keepsake, was to metal detect and « eye scan » a 1 foot strip of grass that was parallel with a property privacy fence located on the opposite side of the concrete underground garage driveway. Because the fence was made of steel, I believe I used a very small detector coil (6 inches) to attempt to get less interference coming from the massive structure of metal that easily would have « masked » the ring signal if it was in fact hidden in that very narrow section.

Well, I am delighted to share that as I was mostly done searching the very thin 1 foot wide strip of grass, I got a potential signal on my machine. I looked down to investigate the target and lo and behold…I FOUND IT! I saw the ring in the grass! A huge diamond was staring right back at me as I leaned down to retrieve it while it was still resting amongst some rocks, mud, weeds and a random green colored bread pizza wrapper! I couldn’t believe it! The whole moment was so surreal! I truly was in a state of complete unbelief! Few times I end up in shock, but this happened to be one of them! I was so happy for my clients! Especially for Melissa! And let me say, her diamond ring was absolutely exquisite! Little diamonds danced around each side of the band as the center stone showed off it’s brilliance and size! There was even a halo of little diamonds encircling the 2.5 carat solitaire! Very impressive!

Apparently, somehow, some way…the ring cleared the tree that was in front of the couple, then traveled over a stretch of grass, over a property fence, then flew over most of the pavement of the underground garage drive, bounced off of the concrete driveway and landed onto the tiny thin patch of dirt, weeds and grass that was located along the property privacy fence line allocated to the far wing of the same apartment complex! Truly Unbelievable! How that ring could have gone that far and then bounce off the concrete and onto that narrow strip was completely beyond my comprehension!

When I finally revealed to the couple the gorgeous ring that I was able to miraculously recover from that completely unexpected environment, they both went crazy! There is no other word to describe the moment! There were hugs and tears and great elation that came from the hearts and mouths of my clients! It was truly a great moment for all of us! We all gave thanks to the Lord for answering our earlier prayer together by helping me with the search and successful recovery of Melissa’s stunning diamond engagement ring!

So, in conclusion, I once again highlight the question that I first asked at the beginning of this article:

How is one to find a lost diamond ring that was thrown after a fight?

The Simple Answer: Go to THE RING FINDERS website and search for a ring finder closest to you so that they can recover for you what I was able to return to my clients… not just the engagement ring…but also…apparently their future together!


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Ring Finder in Annapolis, Maryland Helps Woman Recover Lost Diamond Engagement Ring Found in Street by Good Samaritan

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Beth’s one and only yellow gold solitaire diamond engagement ring recovered after item recovery specialist, Brian Rudolph, suggested to his client to inquire at a law office to see if someone reported finding the lost jewel!

Beth and Thomas extremely relieved that the engaged couple’s diamond engagement ring was found and returned to the rightful owners due to Rudolph’s ring finding guidance!

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Cliffs, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

I received a text from a young lady who just got engaged and yet sadly she had lost her beautiful diamond engagement ring earlier that day.

She texted, « Hi Brian, my name is Beth and I lost my engagement ring in Annapolis Maryland. I am hoping you can help me. »

I quickly responded back and before long we were talking many details on the phone about the disappearance of the lost jewel. Beth had just gotten home from her physical therapy appointment in Annapolis, Maryland when she realized that her irreplaceable yellow gold 1 carat diamond engagement ring was missing from her finger. The frantic young lady quickly checked her car, house and street pavement to see if it had slipped off after she returned home. Unfortunately, all of her efforts led to no recovery of her precious keepsake.

Beth called the physical therapy office to report the missing ring but nothing was found by the staff. She then immediately drove back to the street where she had parked at the time of her chiropractic visit. Sadly, after checking the sidewalk, street and reporting the missing « symbol of love » with the businesses along that block where she had walked earlier that day, no one had any good news for the depleted new fiance.

A couple of hours later, Beth took to the internet to seek out some ring finding help and that’s when she found THE RING FINDERS website – an elite metal detectorist directory that specialize in recovering lost items of every kind…especially rings.

After getting all of the details from my client over the phone, I immediately made plans to meet Beth in Annapolis, Maryland where we would rendezvous out on the block where she had her physical therapy appointment.

Upon arriving, I had Beth take me on a tour of where she walked from the chiropractic office all the way down the street where she had parked her vehicle. As we strolled together down the sidewalk, I kept my eyes wide open just in case I might eyeball the missing ring.

Once we got towards the end of the block where Beth remembered parking her Subaru on the street, I asked her if she was certain that she went to every business along that block to see if anybody had turned in her special jewel. My client responded by saying, « Yes, I’m pretty certain that I went to every business. » I looked at where she was parked on the street and I just happened to pry a little deeper by inquiring, « Beth, how about this law office over here? Did you make sure you went to this building as well? » Instead of getting the anticipated response of hearing her say that she was confident that she hit that attorney’s office for certain, the young lady paused and thought about it for a quick moment. She surprisingly responded, « Actually, that law practice is the only place that I didn’t make an inquiry. »

One thing that I have learned as a professional item recovery specialist is that one must expend all options and investigate all possibilities when searching for a lost item. Upon hearing my client’s response, I requested that she check with the attorney’s office to see if anyone had turned in the ring. While I walked back to my car to get my metal detecting gear and video probe to inspect her vehicle, Beth agreed to my suggestion and headed for the house that was converted into the law practice.

Upon returning to Beth’s Subaru Outback that was parked very close to the attorney’s office, I received the incredible news that someone had reported finding a diamond ring out on the street sometime earlier that day! The fellow left his phone number with the firm’s receptionist just in case someone came back looking for the lost sentimental keepsake! Beth was totally beside herself when she was shown a yellow sticky note from the employee who took down the gentleman’s information! I could not have been more excited for Beth! She was going to get her ring back!

Now that we knew what happened to the diamond « halo », Beth and I immediately called the apparent « ring hero » so that steps would be taken for my client to meet up with the guy and reclaim her most valuable material possession! This whole experience was something that I will never forget! Beth was so grateful that I had asked her whether or not she had inquired about her ring over at the law office! Had I not, she said that she didn’t think she would have ever known that the ring had been reported to the firm as being found!

Once we got the gentleman on the phone, we learned that the guy had been walking down the sidewalk about three or four feet from where Beth’s car was parked. He just happened to see a sparkle coming from a small object lying on the street pavement which the sun’s light was reflecting off of! As soon as it caught his eye, he went to retrieve the mysterious item and that’s when he realized that he had found something extremely important that needed to be returned to its proper owner if all possible! What a good human being this man turned out to be!

This particular search not only encouraged me with the fact that my client was able to recover her one and only irreplaceable engagement ring, but it also helped to restore some lost hope that there are still some very honest and compassionate people out there in the midst of a very troubled, greedy and selfish world.


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Woman’s Platinum Wedding Band Lost on her 12th Wedding Anniversary, Found and Returned Sunset Beach, NC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I got a phone call just before 4 pm today from Elizabeth, who was very upset about losing a wedding band on the beach. After getting a few details, including the fact the ring was lost in the dry sand, I told her I’d be there in 30-35 minutes. She seemed a little surprised in the fact that I’d be there so fast. We hung up and I grabbed my Deus II and Equinox 800 detectors.

As I’m pulling in the parking space next to the beach access she gave me, my phone rang, and it was Elizabeth. I thought she had found it and was calling to let me know. When I answered she said she was just checking to make sure I was still on my way. I told her I was just pulling in a parking spot and asked her if everything was ok. She said she was just worried.  I said, you told me you knew the area, and it’s in the soft sand. I then made a bold statement and told her I’d have it back on her finger within 2 minutes of getting in the area. That seemed to ease her concerns a little. As I’m walking over the boardwalk to the beach, I saw Elizabeth waving to me. I made my way to where she and another lady were sitting. That’s when I found out the other lady; Kelly was the one who lost her wedding band. Kelly was very upset as I asked what happened. Kelly said that today was her 12th wedding anniversary and she and Elizabeth were reminiscing about the events 12 years ago. When she took her wedding band off to relive the moment, it slipped from her fingers and disappeared in the soft sand. Elizabeth pointed out the area where they had been sitting and I went to work with my Deus II. After a couple of grid lines and not hitting the target, I had self-doubts about me and the Deus II. So I swapped detectors and used the Equinox 800 and took 2 steps outside my original grid line and hit a booming 8 VDI (visual display indicator). That number was exactly what I was expecting for a lady’s platinum wedding band. I glanced at Kelly with a big grin, which I’m not sure she saw. I took a scoop of sand, re-checked the hole and gently shook the sand out of the scoop. I glanced in the scoop and saw Kelly’s beautiful ring. I walked over to her and held the scoop out for her to retrieve her ring. Her tears started flowing and I could see the weight of the world get lifted off her shoulders. She couldn’t believe it and either could Elizabeth. Elizabeth reminded me I told her I’d have it back on her finger in less than 2 minutes, and that was less than 1 minute. This never gets old when you can return a special treasure back to someone who thought it was lost forever.

Elizabeth – Thank you for calling me.

Kelly – Thank you for trusting me to help find your lost treasure. I wish you all the best!!



How to Find a Lost Ring in Vehicle

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Shay’s gorgeous diamond engagement ring recovered from a 2017 Ford Escape by metal detectorist and item recovery specialist, Brian Rudolph

Shay shining her smile so brightly after item recovery specialist Brian Rudolph successfully returns to his client the very exquisite family heirloom diamond engagement ring!

How to find a lost ring in a vehicle may sound simple, but it doesn’t always turn out to be as easy as you would think it should be.

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Cliffs, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

Have you lost a ring in a car, SUV, truck or minivan and you just can’t figure out where the little guy ended up? Search no further for answers! Here is the resolution that you have been looking forward.

My advice to those trying to find their rings inside a vehicle is to check out the international directory of metal detectorists and item recovery specialists called THE RING FINDERS. An expert near you will be able to utilize tools and wisdom gained from prior experiences to help recover your lost item.

Here is an example of how I helped a young lady recover her lost engagement ring that she couldn’t find even after 5 hours of searching!

Shay lost her gorgeous 2 carat diamond engagement ring with a peek-a-boo-bridge filled with .75 carat worth of diamonds. The solitaire diamond was a family heirloom from her fiancé Stephen’s grandmother which was placed in the new setting and band specifically picked out by Shay herself.

Here is the backstory of how Shay’s ring was lost. While teaching her daughter how to drive in her 2017 Ford Escape – Titanium Edition , Shay took off her beautiful engagement ring and placed it in the center console (near the shifter) so that she could apply lotion to her dry hands. As she was in the process of putting the jewel back on her hand, it slipped through her fingers and presumably landed on the floor of the Escape. At that part of the driving lesson, Shay was in the driver seat showing her daughter some important techniques (Note: the car was not in motion when the lotion was applied).

Shay simply pulled the car over in a parking lot somewhere in order to retrieve the ring from the floor carpet beside her feet. When she got out of the vehicle to pick up her precious keepsake, it was nowhere to be found! She and her daughter looked for over five hours for the jewel and curiously they couldn’t locate its whereabouts anywhere! The two of them couldn’t believe it! It was if it magically disappeared into thin air!

When Shay told her fiancé Stephen what had happened, he was beyond upset. He was not only angry because of how expensive this engagement ring was worth, but also because of the sentimental value that the main diamond held knowing that it was a family heirloom.

The distraught young lady called and texted after finding my information on the elite international metal detectorist website directory called THE RING FINDERS. Shay read my profile and learned that I am not only a metal detectorist, but I specialize in finding lost items in very difficult places. One such search site where I have much expertise in recovering lost items happens to be in vehicles! That’s all that Shay needed to know prior to her getting in touch with me.

The two of us worked out a time for me to drive out the following evening to Shay’s Alexandria, Virginia neighborhood to conduct the search. I couldn’t wait to attempt to solve this mystery as to where my client’s beloved diamond ring had ended up.

As soon as I arrived in the parking lot where we agreed to do the recovery operation, I said a prayer with Shay, asking the Lord to help me find the missing family heirloom jewel. My client was extremely nervous and anxious to reclaim her most precious possession since it had been MIA for a couple of days.

Next, I got out of my car all of the necessary gear to conduct the search and then I immediately entered the 2017 Ford Escape from the driver’s side area where Shay had been sitting. At first, I looked at all of the obvious spots where one may just happen to have missed seeing the sought-after object, but there was no ring to be discovered anywhere in plain sight.

As soon as I was certain that we were dealing with a more complicated situation, I turned on my endoscope and began to search every crevice and corner where I could place my « video snake ». Still nothing turned up over the next 20 minutes or so of examining places under the seat, in back of the seat and around the other side of the center console (adjacent to the front passenger seat).

Because I have much experience dealing with search scenarios quite like this one, I know when it’s time to up my game and begin probing in even more unlikely spaces and gaps where a precious piece of metal and stones could possibly be hiding. I’m happy to share that when I reached the 40 minute mark of my « investigation », my endoscope picked up an image that clearly resembled the object that I was so hoping to discover! I finally found Shay’s gorgeous platinum diamond family heirloom engagement ring! It had fallen between the driver’s side seat and the center console and slipped down into the seam of the carpet where two pieces of rug perfectly overlapped each other! Somehow, the ring made its way between the two pieces and traveled under the carpet and down towards the ventilation ducts that were fastened to the metal flooring of the vehicle! There was no way that any human eye would have ever been able to identify the location of this exquisite piece of beauty with where it ended up!

I could not have been happier for my client when I was able to successfully recover the lost jewel! With the assistance of my favorite hook that I fasten to the end of my probe and then placed down below the intricate seat hardware towards the flooring, I was able to carefully pull the ring out from underneath the flooring and joyfully return it to its rightful owner! Indeed, another fantastic finish!

Shay was blown away by my skills and expertise. Her nightmare was finally over the moment I surprised her with my exciting reveal! Hiring a professional ring finder through THE RING FINDERS website was the only answer to Shay’s very difficult situation!

Now it may be your turn to reach out to an item recovery specialist like myself to solve your mystery of the disappearing ring!


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White and Rose Gold Wedding Band Lost, Found, and Returned in Myrtle Beach, SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

Monday afternoon started with a message from Taylor saying in part “Hello Ring Finders I’m so so hoping you can help!!! I have lost my wedding ring!!!! We are staying at the sea mist oceanfront resort in Myrtle Beach.  I’m hoping you can help.” This ring call is in Matt Fry’s area, so I’m in the process of calling Matt when Taylor calls me. I ask Taylor a few questions that I could relay to Matt. She explained that her and her family had been there since around 8 a.m. She said she had taken her ring off to apply sun screen to the family and couldn’t remember if she put it back on or not. She also mentioned that she had gone in the ocean at some point but no deeper than knee deep. I explained to her that I’m trying to get a hold of Matt, who covers Myrtle Beach, for her ring search and that one of us would call her back shortly. When I got a hold of Matt, I started giving him the information. I then asked him if he wanted to take it,  I must have sounded pretty pathetic because he said “if you want to take it, go ahead. I’ve got work in the shop to do.”  I thanked him and called Taylor back saying I was on my way.

When I got to the beach, there was no place to park. I called Taylor and she met me in the resort’s parking lot and was able to get me a temporary parking pass. As we walked out to the beach, I learned they were on vacation from Virginia. She also mentioned that they had seen another detectionist earlier on the beach and had asked him if he could try and find her ring. He checked the area where they were sitting and then recommended they contact The Ring Finders, that’s how she found me. I know a lot of the guys detecting in Myrtle Beach and I know they’re good and thorough in their searches. But from the description that Taylor gave me, I couldn’t picture who it was. For my own piece of mind and to say I checked, I did a quick search around their umbrella and out in front a few feet. I then started a grid search from where they were sitting out to the low tide line. Probably 8 to 10 grid lines, I got a solid 13. On the equinox 800, a 13 VDI could be a pull tab, a man’s thin gold ring, a nickel, or a woman’s big white gold wedding band. After digging a scoop of sand and spreading it out on the beach, I didn’t see anything. I ran my coil over the area and got the 13 again. I didn’t see a thing so I’m thinking a pull tab.  I’m moving the sand with my foot and saw a very small silver looking “thing.” I reached down and plucked Taylor’s beautiful white and rose gold wedding ring out of the wet sand. I walked down to the water and washed the sand off the ring. I then made my way back up to where Taylor and Brandon were sitting, making it look like I was done. I stood in front of Taylor and ask her what her ring looks like. As she’s explaining her ring, I slowly hold it up next to my face so she can see it. She screamed “you found my ring” and exploded out of her chair. Big, Big Hug and some tears. This is why I love doing what I do!

Big shout out and thank you to Bill Judy, who was the detectionist that referred Taylor and Brandon to The Ring Finders and Matt Fry, who let me take this ring call.

Taylor and Brandon – Thank you for trusting me and The Ring Finders to help find your lost treasure. Have a great rest of your vacation and a safe trip back home!



Lost gold ring in grass, Winter Park, Fl….Found and Returned to owner!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Mike McInroe….Metal Detector Specialist….Call ASAP, Anytime…321-363-6029

Anne was having a very rough week and then she found! With renewed hope she reached out to me and her rather sad story has a very happy ending. Here is the short version in Anne’s own words.

« I had lost my father’s ring a week ago while playing frisbee in my back yard with my dog on Monday, November 9th! I came home from work and it was drizzling a little and I wanted to give my girl some exercise and burn off some of her energy before the rain really set in. I was playing with her and the ring flew off. I think the rain and cooler weather loosened it on my finger and my grass is a nasty combination of St. Augustine, Dollar weed, Bahia and who knows what else. It feels like a spongy carpet.

It was my dad’s ring (he died last November 1st followed 8 months later by my mom on August 10th) and it isn’t fancy or worth a bunch of money but it is gold, has three diamonds (my dad use to refer to it as his « 3 Amigos ring ») and means the world to me!

I spent, I can’t tell you how many hours (no joke, at least 30 hours in the last 7 days) on my hands and knees, in the dark with a flashlight, in the rain, with sweat running down my face, tears steaming up my glasses and the heat! I even bought a Bounty Hunter 2200 metal detector…and nothing. I had a friend help as well. I think I needed professional help (maybe in more ways than one…lol!)

I googled « HELP ME FIND MY LOST RING » and found Mike McInroe. I sent him an email which he responded to quickly. He was at my home within an hour and a half. Where it took me over 30 hours in a week, he found my ring within a half hour! I was sooooooo appreciative! I had been extremely upset by the loss. Thank you Mike! Sincerely, Anne-Marie »

Have you, or someone you know, lost something recently and need help to find it? Or maybe you have lost something years ago and have a good idea of the area where it was lost and you would like to have someone look for it.

Call, text or email me ASAP!

Mike McInroe…honored to be a member of

Lost gold wedding ring in surf, New Symrna Beach, Fl….found with a metal detector!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Mike McInroe…Ring Recovery Specialist…Lost your ring?…Call ASAP Anytime! 321-363-6029

Mike was enjoying a beautiful day at the beach, playing in the warm ocean water with his children when he felt his wedding ring slide off of his finger! He had lost some weight recently but he never thought his ring would come off that easy. Thankfully Mike made a good mental note of where he was out in the water as he lined up with the north end of the Moontide Condo building and he also noted what time of the day it was which also proved very important. They immediately started searching thru the sand and running their fingers along the bottom desperately hoping to find his lost ring but after a good while they finally gave up. Mike was very discouraged as he had never lost his wedding ring in 13 years and now to have it gone so suddenly…it was very upsetting! Then a friend of his, also named Mike, mentioned hearing about a group of metal detecting specialists that help people find their lost jewelry called theringfinders. That was wonderful news and within the hour he gave me a call and explained his situation. It was evening and the tide was coming up and I assured Mike that according to the information he gave me, the best time to conduct a search would be the following day just before low tide. Mike was a bit concerned that his ring would be washed out to sea but after hearing that rings usually stay in the same area where they are dropped he agreed to meet me on the beach at 12:30pm the next day.

I met Mike and his dear family and we walked out onto the wet sand and soon I had my 8 flags in position and started my methodical grid search. My first target brought everyone to their feet and as they anxiously walked out to see what I had found, I raised a small piece of wire and assured them there may be more wire and bottle caps and coins, etc… On my 8th pass I got a strong signal with my waterproof Whites TDI Beach Hunter metal detector and in the first scoop there was Mike’s lost gold wedding ring! I put it on my finger and waved to the family indicating I had found a ring! They were all thrilled and we were high fiving each other as we made our way up the beach. (I always tell people that I have my family praying that I would find their ring and that God knows exactly where their precious item is and that He would put my coil over it. And today He did just that!).

I am so thankful to be able to do my best in helping people look for and many times find, their lost item. How can I help you? Call, text or e-mail me ASAP!

Mike McInroe…

Lost Class Ring Recovered From Farm Pond, Tappahannock Virginia

  • from Fairfax (Virginia, United States)

Rob Ellis: Underwater Ring Recovery Specialist. Call or text 703-598-1435

November 19th, 2019
John, who recently returned from an overseas deployment, had lost a lot of weight. He was fishing on his farm pond with a young friend. While helping his friend remove a fish from his line, John’s Virginia Tech ring slipped off. As you can see from the photo, this is a treasured reminder of his beloved alma mater and he rarely took it off his finger. John had the foresight to immediately take note of where he was when the ring fell off.
Due to other obligations, it took a several weeks before Mrs. E and I could make the trip to Tappahannock. After a two hour drive we met John and his friend Billy. We immediately bonded with these awesome patriotic Virginians.
John decided to drain half the water out of the pond. He and his friends developed an ingenious method and spent many hours nursing the home-made pump. The depth was about 15 feet lower when we arrived. John and Billy placed a ladder so I could get safely get in and out of the water. John also launched his boat to give me a platform from which to work. I’m so grateful for his ingenuity and thoughtfulness.


Setting up in the woods


Half Drained & Boat

The pond had steep sides, zero visibility, and is over 25 feet deep. John and Billy helped me get my SCUBA gear into the boat and I snorkeled over to the opposite bank. As you can see from the photos, there were tangled branches interfering with the potential search site. I explored the area around, under, and through the tangle as best I could using my Excalibur detector.

To search in the water under the tangle I realized we would have to remove the branches. I decided to search the bank before undertaking the difficult task of removing the branches. It was a slippery, but there was little trash and the search went quickly. It felt wonderful to hear that beautiful tone when I located the ring and dug it up from the mud.

John’s help in draining the pond and putting me so close to the drop was extremely helpful. His generous reward was much appreciated and I donated a portion to Fisher House.

For help to recover your item, please text or call 703-598-1435