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Ring Finder in Annapolis, Maryland Helps Woman Recover Lost Diamond Engagement Ring Found in Street by Good Samaritan

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Beth’s one and only yellow gold solitaire diamond engagement ring recovered after item recovery specialist, Brian Rudolph, suggested to his client to inquire at a law office to see if someone reported finding the lost jewel!

Beth and Thomas extremely relieved that the engaged couple’s diamond engagement ring was found and returned to the rightful owners due to Rudolph’s ring finding guidance!

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Cliffs, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

I received a text from a young lady who just got engaged and yet sadly she had lost her beautiful diamond engagement ring earlier that day.

She texted, « Hi Brian, my name is Beth and I lost my engagement ring in Annapolis Maryland. I am hoping you can help me. »

I quickly responded back and before long we were talking many details on the phone about the disappearance of the lost jewel. Beth had just gotten home from her physical therapy appointment in Annapolis, Maryland when she realized that her irreplaceable yellow gold 1 carat diamond engagement ring was missing from her finger. The frantic young lady quickly checked her car, house and street pavement to see if it had slipped off after she returned home. Unfortunately, all of her efforts led to no recovery of her precious keepsake.

Beth called the physical therapy office to report the missing ring but nothing was found by the staff. She then immediately drove back to the street where she had parked at the time of her chiropractic visit. Sadly, after checking the sidewalk, street and reporting the missing « symbol of love » with the businesses along that block where she had walked earlier that day, no one had any good news for the depleted new fiance.

A couple of hours later, Beth took to the internet to seek out some ring finding help and that’s when she found THE RING FINDERS website – an elite metal detectorist directory that specialize in recovering lost items of every kind…especially rings.

After getting all of the details from my client over the phone, I immediately made plans to meet Beth in Annapolis, Maryland where we would rendezvous out on the block where she had her physical therapy appointment.

Upon arriving, I had Beth take me on a tour of where she walked from the chiropractic office all the way down the street where she had parked her vehicle. As we strolled together down the sidewalk, I kept my eyes wide open just in case I might eyeball the missing ring.

Once we got towards the end of the block where Beth remembered parking her Subaru on the street, I asked her if she was certain that she went to every business along that block to see if anybody had turned in her special jewel. My client responded by saying, « Yes, I’m pretty certain that I went to every business. » I looked at where she was parked on the street and I just happened to pry a little deeper by inquiring, « Beth, how about this law office over here? Did you make sure you went to this building as well? » Instead of getting the anticipated response of hearing her say that she was confident that she hit that attorney’s office for certain, the young lady paused and thought about it for a quick moment. She surprisingly responded, « Actually, that law practice is the only place that I didn’t make an inquiry. »

One thing that I have learned as a professional item recovery specialist is that one must expend all options and investigate all possibilities when searching for a lost item. Upon hearing my client’s response, I requested that she check with the attorney’s office to see if anyone had turned in the ring. While I walked back to my car to get my metal detecting gear and video probe to inspect her vehicle, Beth agreed to my suggestion and headed for the house that was converted into the law practice.

Upon returning to Beth’s Subaru Outback that was parked very close to the attorney’s office, I received the incredible news that someone had reported finding a diamond ring out on the street sometime earlier that day! The fellow left his phone number with the firm’s receptionist just in case someone came back looking for the lost sentimental keepsake! Beth was totally beside herself when she was shown a yellow sticky note from the employee who took down the gentleman’s information! I could not have been more excited for Beth! She was going to get her ring back!

Now that we knew what happened to the diamond « halo », Beth and I immediately called the apparent « ring hero » so that steps would be taken for my client to meet up with the guy and reclaim her most valuable material possession! This whole experience was something that I will never forget! Beth was so grateful that I had asked her whether or not she had inquired about her ring over at the law office! Had I not, she said that she didn’t think she would have ever known that the ring had been reported to the firm as being found!

Once we got the gentleman on the phone, we learned that the guy had been walking down the sidewalk about three or four feet from where Beth’s car was parked. He just happened to see a sparkle coming from a small object lying on the street pavement which the sun’s light was reflecting off of! As soon as it caught his eye, he went to retrieve the mysterious item and that’s when he realized that he had found something extremely important that needed to be returned to its proper owner if all possible! What a good human being this man turned out to be!

This particular search not only encouraged me with the fact that my client was able to recover her one and only irreplaceable engagement ring, but it also helped to restore some lost hope that there are still some very honest and compassionate people out there in the midst of a very troubled, greedy and selfish world.


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