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Ring Found in Grass at Baby Beach, Dana Point, CA. .. Returned to Owner by Ring Finder

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*** A past client of mine contacted me, saying he saw a lost ring post on Craigslist. I sent the person a message offering help to look for his ring. The next day I received a call from Ivan, who believed his ring was lost in the sand at Baby Beach, Dana Point, CA.

A whole day had pasted and it was already going to be dark before I could meet Ivan at the location. I met Ivan 45 minutes we talked on the phone. He showed me a 50ft x 50ft area of dry sand that he believed he lost the ring. After grid searching that part of the beach without finding his ring, I asked him if he had been anywhere else that day. He said, they had eaten lunch on the lawn in the shade of a nearby tree. He was sure that the ring was not there because he thought it would have been easily spotted in the thin grass if it were lost in that spot. 

I had to convince him it would be worth spending another few minutes to do a quick scan with my metal detector. As I began my grid search, I realized I would need my pinpointer to check the many signals I was getting. The darkness made it difficult to check signals. Just as I was getting ready to walk over to my car to get the pinpointer, I got a signal and I had enough light to see a round edge of a gold ring. BOOM! .. Ivan’s ring.  He was double surprised because he had already decided the ring could not be in that location. It was a good night and another very special recovery.. 


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Lost Glasses in the Sand at Huntington State Beach .. Found at Night with a Metal Detector

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Craig called me at 6:30pm asking if I was available to help his son find his prescription glasses lost in the sand at Huntington State Beach. His son, John had lost the glasses in the sand while at a beach party with friends.

I was told by John’s father that the area of the loss was quite small but after 2 hours of searching they needed help. It was dark when I arrived and we still had two hours to search before the beach closed.

The possible area of the loss was much larger after talking to John which isn’t a problem. John believed his glasses may have fallen out of his pocket earlier while he coming from the parking lot to the firepit.  He said, he had to run across the sand to chase seagulls away from their food at the firepit. That was a couple hours before he realized the glasses were missing. He had also played some sort of game with a frisbee in another location.

It took about an hour to grid those first two areas. That’s when John’s father opted to leave wanting to thank me and call off the search. I was already on the site and felt another hour of searching would not be a problem. Twenty minutes later I got a nice signal that turned out to be John’s glasses. case of searching outside the box. They were about 30 or 40ft. away from any path that John had suggested. 

It was another fun search with the bonus of seeing a big smile from John who truly appreciated the work I did for him. His dad Craig was the hero for finding me at

Lost Wedding Ring Found in Grass after Being Destroyed by Lawnmower.. Brea,CA.

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Shaun went for an early morning workout on some bars at the neighborhood totlot in Brea, CA. Before starting his exercise on the bars he took his shirt and wedding ring off. He wrapped his ring in his shirt, setting his shirt on the wood chips.  

When he finished his workout he picked up his shirt putting it on. He walked about back to his house less 10 minutes away. That was when he realized his ring was not on his finger. He knew that it had to be in the immediate area of where he picked up his shirt. Possibly it flew a few feet away when as he shook it off?

Shawn’s wife Mitzi had found me online and had called me within the first couple hours after the loss. I met the both of them at the park before noon. Walking to the location I could see the maintenance crew working the area but the were just mowing the lawn. The workout area does not get used often so we still had a chance that nobody had found it before we began our search.

This was the perfect search conditions. I set up my detector beginning to do a grid pattern. After thoroughly covering the possible hiding places in the wood chips and walking the asphalt play ground where the ring could have rolled quite a distance, the ring didn’t show up.

We walked back to the my car to get another detector. Walking across the grass we eyeballed what looked like the ring. It was Shaun’s ring that had been hit by the lawnmower. It was what you could call a bittersweet moment. We had the satisfaction of finding the ring but it was sad that the lawnmower had destroyed the stainless steel wedding band. I guess it better that not finding the ring. That ring could have been thrown into the grass cutting catch basket and we would have never known what happened to Shawn’s ring.

The ring was more than 40 ft. away from where Shawn had put picked up his shirt after working out. We think that the ring had stayed in his shirt till he tucked it into his pants as he walked home?



Surfer Loses Ring Secured in His Surfboard Bag .. Huntington Beach , CA. .. Found by Member of TheRingFinders

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***  Will was surfing with his friends at Huntington Beach, California. He had placed his gold wedding ring in a pocket of his surfboard bag. While he was out in the surf, his friends moved his bag further back away from the incoming tide.

When Will returned he discovered his ring was missing from the bag. The dry sand made all but impossible to find the ring by dragging their fingers through the sand. Also the ring could have fallen out anywhere in approximately a 20×30 yard area.

Will contacted me and gave me an address that turned out to be incorrect. After a five mile detour we were able to meet at the right location. Then walking a few blocks down the beach, Will showed me where they had spent more than two hours looking for the ring. He also pointed across to the second location where the ring could be.

Luckily we started in the best place. I decided to start in the center and circle grid search to the outside. Good decision, because the first target was Will’s special gold wedding band in my sand scoop. Another happy guy who was grateful to have his ring back where it belongs. It did help that he was able to find me and he was able to get me in the general area before too much time had passed. It was a pleasure to help Will.


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Mother Loses Car Key in Sand .. Newport Beach, CA. .

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Casey called me asking for help to find her car keys lost in the sand at a back bay beach in Newport Beach, CA. She was certain that the loss happened while she took her dog for a walk on the beach. 

I asked her where she was located and it was less than a block away from where I live. I was actually 25 miles away on my way to do some detecting on another beach. It took me more than a half hour to meet Casey where the loss occurred. She had her wallet locked in the vehicle and needed to pickup her daughter from school in about 2 hours. 

It was difficult to guarantee that I could find the key in time for her to do her errands because she had walked quite a distance. Casey had help from security personal doing a visual search of the damp wet sand and paved walkways before I arrived with no success. I set up to search the dry sand areas where the single key could be hiding under the sand.

After finishing the scan in the dry sand with the metal detector the key did not show. Next option as to do another quick visual search. We went outside the area where Casey said walked and the key was found just laying on the wet sand and would have soon been covered by the incoming tide. Casey could not remember walking in that area. It’s common that people get confused and can’t remember especially when they have other pressing things to do. We eliminated the dry sand hiding places then did a double take on the places where they could be visually found. 

Lost Wedding Ring at the Beach from Beach Chair Cupholder… Laguna Beach, CA.

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Ed called me from his home in Rancho Cucamonga after losing his ring at a small beach cove in Laguna Beach, CA. He stumbled onto the TheRingFinders website while trying to seek information about renting a metal detector. 

He told me that his wedding ring was in his beach chair and had fallen out as he left the beach. Now he was 60 miles away from the beach.

Knowing this beach very well and I was less than 8 miles away, I told him it would be unnecessary for him to meet me at the location. Such a small beach, I could be there and grid search the whole area in less than an hour. 

It was already dark when I arrived. I went directly to where Ed described he had been earlier that day. A few bottle caps and pull tabs then, BOOM, ED’s Tungsten Wedding Ring in the scoop. I sent a photo of his ring and he was able to pick the ring up at my place before 10 pm.  I love being able to have the time and the equipment to help people like Ed find such sentimental irreplaceable items like wedding rings.

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Charm Bracelet Lost in Sand .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Recovered with Metal Detector

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Amanda called me as I was driving to check a site here in Newport Beach . She said, she had lost a bracelet in the sand the day before  at 15th St. in Newport Beach. At the time we talked on the phone I was one block away at 16th St. We made arrangements for her to meet me in 15 or 20 minutes. Meanwhile I had a verbal discription of where the bracelet was loss, so I began a random scan of the area. I was swinging my detector but I was really looking for any signs where somebody may have searched the sand. I came upon one 10ft. square of dry sand where it had been raked. A couple minutes later I had the charm bracelet in my scoop.

When Amanda with her daughter arrived I was able to present her with this very sentimental bracelet that she said she had had for years. Both her and her daughter broke out in smiles. She explained to me that her daughter had actually lost the bracelet and was feeling bad about losing it. Amanda told me how she was surprised to find TheRingFinders as she search the internet for metal detectors.

A very nice person and it was awesome to be able to help her find something that meant so much to her.

Tiffany Wedding Ring Set Lost in Sand .. Huntington Beach, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Shona lost her Tiffany gold and diamond wedding ring set at Huntington Beach in the sand. She had taken them off, while applying sunscreen. She then put them in the cupholder of her beach chair. A few hours later after carrying her chair and other items to her car, she remembered the rings. The rings were not in the pocket of the beach chair.

Shona went back to the beach where a lifeguard told her to check the internet for She called me and I met her on the beach a short time after our phone conversation. That’s when I heard the whole story. It could possibly be a time consuming search, as the area she walked back to her car was almost a quarter mile. Now, she was having trouble finding exactly what trash can they sat near.

From experience I felt the rings most likely fell out when she first folded up the beach chair. Shona was going through he contents  the trash cans to identify things she had thrown in them. While waiting for her to give me the exact place she sat, I started a random search. Two 20 ft. passes in the general area, I got a simple signal and when I scooped it up, there were two Tifanny wedding rings in my sand scoop. They were definitely Shona’s rings. The lifeguard happened to be standing near me. I showed him and called Shona over to surprise her so the lifeguard could experience the joy of returning the wedding rings.

This is the second time recently that an impossible search turned out to be really easy. I know from experience these rings would have not have been here the next day. The dry sand next to the Huntington Beach pier gets detected everyday and every morning the dreaded Beach King beach cleaning machines invade the beach, claiming items as small as dimes.

It was a great day, also a pleasure to meet Shona and help find her rings.

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