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I work on a reward basis... That means you pay me what it's worth to you and what you can afford... For me to come out and find your lost item. If your item isn't found there will be a $20 call out fee to cover my gas expense.

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I can metal detect land , water or snow . I use the best metal detectors for all situations . I can scuba dive in lakes or rivers as I am PADI certified. I can also find your property pins or water shut off covers....If the item is lost on private property you will need to get clearance before I begin to look.

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Spokane Valley & Coeur d’Alene Idaho and surrounding Areas.

Luke Schlining's Bio

I am a husband and a father of two beautiful kids. I have been metal detecting for 13 years and I haven't stopped. I have found lots of treasure and now I feel it’s time to give back. I really want to help people, so if you think I can help you find your lost item please give me a call.

Luke Schlining - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost Silver heirloom earring…Found in Hillyard Wa. (2021)

    I think no matter what, when a Ring Finder hears of a lost piece of jewelry they receive an overwhelming feeling to jump in and help. Now place yourself in front of your mother and imagine she’s lost an inherited silver earring. In my mind mountains will move to recover what my mom lost. Luckily […]

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  • Lost Wedding Ring in Priest lake Idaho, FOUND!!! (2021)

    I had the ok from the wife and a wide open weekend to go scuba diving. So I got up early and set out to a local lake. As I was just about to head into the water I checked my phone one last time. Along with the I love you text from my wife, […]

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  • Lost white gold wedding ring Spokane Valley, FOUND! (2021)

    After a few closure searches a Ring Finder might be thinking he is on a losing streak. However today my losing streak stopped. Casey, Stefanie’s husband called me this morning with a request to find his wife’s lost wedding ring. Casey explained to me that the ring was lost in their car. I asked my […]

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  • Lost wedding ring in spokane valley Wa, Found !!! (2020)

    I know that all of the Ring Finders that live where it snows have come back home wet, cold and with a dull feeling of not finding the lost ring they were tasked with finding. However, as I sat at my dinner table eating my reheated dinner, I got a text from a lady who […]

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  • Stolen Wedding Ring in Rathdrum Idaho, FOUND!! (2020)

    Life steals away lots of things, memories, happiness, and loved ones. However when an item is stolen from your possession by another human it leaves a sting that never fully goes away. Likewise when the item is stolen by a family member you are left with a hurting heart and the feeling of a hopeless […]

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Luke Schlining - Témoignages

  • So thankful for Luke... (2021)


    So thankful for Luke finding the earing I considered totally lost. These earings are my mom’s and since she has passed the earings are special to me. Love ya

  • Thank you so much again it was truely a blessing. (2021)


    Can’t thank Luke enough for finding my wedding ring. My emotions when I lost my ring were overwhelming. I went to bed Saturday thinking I would never see it again. I woke in the morning to text from my niece saying maybe this is worth a try with a link to The Ring Finders.

    I have to say I really didn’t think it would work but why not try (what did I have to lose). After getting in touch with Luke he agreed to drop what he was doing and come to Priest Lake to search for my ring.

    I so appreciate his willingness to give up his Sunday to help me and much to my surprise and sincere gratefulness he found my wedding ring. Thank you so much again it was truely a blessing.

  • Thank you Luke so very much! (2021)


    Thank you Luke so very much! After searching for hours and hours we thought my ring had permanently become part of our vehicle. I can now celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary next month without feeling devastated about my lost ring!

  • I really recommend this guy to find what you lost. (2020)


    My husband and I went to walk around the neighborhood last Saturday and I lost my ring after we took the last picture! We were looking at that place for almost one hour with no success. Next day we went with hot water to see if we were lucky but we didn’t have it. Yesterday when Luke came, we went again and he found the ring in 3 minutes. It was amazing and we were so happy. It’s not just a ring, it has too much meaning for us. I can’t describe all I felt in that moment. I really recommend this guy to find what you lost. Thank you very much again Luke!! Blessings

  • Luke is now our hero and I will recommend him to anyone... (2020)


    So grateful that Luke was able to find my wedding ring in such a short period of time! My wife and I were worried that I would have to purchase a new ring to replace the one I lost. We both didn’t want to do that because it wouldn’t have had the same sentimental value. Anyways Luke is now our hero and I will recommend him to anyone that needs help finding a lost item.

  • Three cheers for Luke!!! (2019)


    Luke is a latter-day treasure hunter at distressed people's service! He arrived in no time and was tireless in his efforts at recovering our ring. When ordinary mortals (like us) would have lost (or in our case, had lost) all hope, he carried on the struggle, until, in God's good time, the sought object appeared to him, and we could then return home from our honeymoon not mourning, but rejoicing. Three cheers for Luke!!!

  • Call him right away if you lose something precious – he is the best of the best! (2018)


    Luke was my angel today! I have only been engaged for a month and this ring is so special to me. I’m beyond thankful that Luke answered the phone right away, came to meet me within the hour, and persisted in the search even when we had long passed the area where I thought the ring would be. I’ll never be able to repay his generosity and he made a truly awful day so much brighter by being kind (and obviously finding my ring!). Call him right away if you lose something precious – he is the best of the best!

  • I recommend you 100% to anyone in need. (2018)


    I want to thank TheRingFinders sooo much. This had been weighing heavy on me, thinking my wife’s wedding ring was long gone. I try my best to do all the good things a good husband would do, but when this all happened, I felt weak and slightly disappointed in myself for not being able to find it.

    I did borrow a cheaper metal detector from a friend, but not knowing truly how it works it all seemed for not.

    Unless you know what you are doing, let people who enjoy this as a hobby/ work interest help you find what you are looking for.

    Again, thank you very much RingFinders and I recommend you 100% to anyone in need.

  • wow awesome thank u a million ! (2018)


    Wow i had never heard of The Ring Finders when i got the email from Luke i called him … i didnt think we had a chance to ever find them he wanted to try …. He came over immediately!! All i can say is wow awesome thank u a million !

  • Luke was an answer to prayer! (2018)


    Luke was an answer to prayer! After spending countless hours searching for my ring, Luke found it in less than 10 minutes. Luke expressed happiness right along with me! Luke took a hobby and made it about other people, helping others and never taking advantage of them. In a very short time he revealed tremendous character and a true caring for other people.


  • Thanks to luke I have my ring back... (2017)


    I was really upset about losing my ring and thought I’d never find it again. I have heard how hard it is to use a metal detector so when I stumbled upon Luke’s page I knew I had to call him. He came out and was very knowledgeable about what he was doing and was also very nice! He knew right when he detected my ring before he even pulled it up out of the snow. Thanks to luke I have my ring back and I will definitely let friends and family know about him, he’s truly one of a kind!

  • Don’t ever stop what you’re doing, you are the best! (2017)



    Thank you again for your quick and professional service. You took the time to come out at night knowing the roads were extremely icy and dangerous, and we could not be more grateful. We know who we will recommend if any of our friends or family find themselves in the same situation.

    Don’t ever stop what you’re doing, you are the best!


  • Thanks Luke we love you from the bottom of our hearts. (2017)


    YOU are a gift from God. You brought joy into a very sad man’s face. I have love for you and I don’t know how to begin to say thank you. Please don’t stop doing what you are doing. You blessed us. Thanks Luke we love you from the bottom of our hearts. The Galindos

  • I would recommend Luke Schlining he was so kind, caring, professional, and has the biggest heart.... (2017)


    God truly does work in amazing ways!!!!! I would recommend Luke Schlining he was so kind, caring, professional, and has the biggest heart....His passion for helping others find there most precious treasures shows in his actions and his heart.....Thank you so much Luke......

  • You can bet I’ll be recommending Luke’s services to anyone in the Spokane/CDA (2014)


    Thank goodness for Ring Finders and good people. Luke was eager to drive 45 mins to come look for my ring and he was equal parts professional, friendly, and caring. I had never met Luke before but a Google search brought me to his Ring Finders page.

    Visibility was less than 4 inches and it was amazing that he was able to find my ring considering the conditions he described above, not to mention the ring sat on the bottom in the muck and slime for 7 days before I had a day off to go out there.

    The lake bottom is littered with old cans, bottles, coins, etc and I was actually getting fairly discouraged after sitting on the dock for 1.5 hours or so, getting sun burnt and feeling bad about my lost wedding band.

    Luke was positive the whole time and like he said, after taking a 15 minute break to regroup, he picked up the signal and somehow got it back to the shallows, basically working blind, without dropping it.

    At first I was in disbelief and I think he celebrated more than me for the first few seconds! The people on the public dock 10 yards away must have thought we were crazy jumping up and down and high-fiving, hooping and hollering. When we told them what the commotion was about, they were yelling too! It was a great time.

    You can bet I’ll be recommending Luke’s services to anyone in the Spokane/CDA area that needs this type of help. Couldn’t have asked for a nicer guy to work with. Good work! (and thanks for getting my wife off my back!)