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Engagement ring found… Christmas Miracle

  • from Napa (California, United States)

Paola got in contact with me to let me know she was devastated to have lost recently her white gold and diamond engagement ring, but after 30 minutes of searching, we found the ring! It was an early Christmas miracle packaged with a smile!

Lost ring Napa, Vallejo, Sacramento… found

  • from Napa (California, United States)

Hi my name is Ory, I just joined ringfinders. I started metal detecting about a year ago and it is my newfound passion. I have found countless exciting valuables. However, I am more excited to see the reactions of those who are reunited with what was “lost forever”. To me, that is priceless. So call or text and I’ll meet you there!

Lost Platinum Ring Recovered after Santa Rosa Fires – Metal Detecting Northern California

  • from Portland (Oregon, United States)

Everything was fine when Bill and his wife went to bed on Sunday night. It was about 2AM when a Sonoma County Sheriff deputy pounded on their door, screaming for them to get dressed and get out. They had only minutes to grab a few things and throw them in their car. Bill remembered feeling his ring fly off somewhere in the garage as they raced out of their house. Four days later, he called The Ringfinders and we were able to locate his ring in the ashes underneath the burned out remnants of his car, where his garage once stood. A small memento recovered!

Lost metal items recovered in NorCal and the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Call or text Marshall at (415) 895-0334.

My recovery rate is is about 95% if the object is still there in the area. Don’t wait a week to call a pro!

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