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Property Markers (4) Found In Cherry Grove, SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

On Wednesday, May 8th I received a voicemail from Anne Marie, in part asking if I could help find property markers. She also said they had purchased a cheap metal detector, and it was going off, but they couldn’t find the markers. She said she had attempted to call the surveyor that had done their original survey but couldn’t get a hold of them. Their intentions are to install a fence. I returned her call and told her I’d be glad to look for the markers and we agreed to meet today, Friday.

Today, as I was getting ready to go, I was checking my equipment, and my pin pointer wasn’t working properly. Not good! I had to stop by my Detector dealer and pick up a new pin pointer and then was on my way. When I got there, I met Anne Marie and her husband Dave, and we got to work. Anybody that’s ever looked for property markers knows there’s always at least 1 that is very elusive, in our case there were 2, both in the front yard. The first one in the front was between the water shut off, the septic overflow, telephone poll and a neighbor’s bush. There were also sheets of tin and some nails around the marker, all fun stuff! The second marker in the front was between the other neighbor’s water meter box, paver patio and a metal fence. Plus, the marker was buried deeper, probably from the added layers of dirt for the patio. Took Dave and I awhile but we found all 4 markers. Dave hammered in yellow markers that are now visible. Now Anne Marie and Dave can get their fence done.

Anne Marie and Dave – Thanks for trusting me to help find your markers. Good luck with your fence.



Wedding Set Found and Returned. Gurnee, Illinois

  • from Rockford (Illinois, United States)

I received a call from Sharita asking if I was available to do a ring search for her. We agreed to meet after we both got off of work. Her rings had slipped off of her hand into some thick, viney ground cover and mulch while walk in the dark. When her and her husband tried finding it they covered it up with some mulch under the thick patch of vines. I couldn’t get a good signal from my big detector because of the density  of  the ground cover. So I slowly went through all of the mulch and ground cover with my handheld pinpointer,  until I found them both!
It took me about 20 mins to find them.

Success! Another smile for the book!


Night Time Beach Hunt Turns into a Lost Ring Recovery .. Newport Beach. CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)
















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*** I was detecting on one of my local beaches when a guy walked up to me. I expected him to ask me   questions about the metal detector, which happens too often on the beaches. He actually asked me if I could find a tungsten wedding ring he had lost in the dry sand.

He showed me an area where he believed the ring to be, then walked over to his group. After a few minutes swinging my detector coil over the sand, I got a signal that turned out to be his ring.. I walked over to surprise him with his ring. It happened so fast that I did7het his name. The important thing is that he has his ring now.

‘Timing is important call as soon as possible.. Metal Detector is the right tool to find a sentimental keepsake. It does take time to learn how to operate a metal detector. Also remember entry level metal detectors are not always efficient, especially at the beach.

Lost Mens Wedding Ring In The Car Magnolia Seattle

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Watch the SeattleRingHunter recover this wedding ring lost inside a car.

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January 2022 Carlo contacted me explaining that three days prior he had lost his precious  gold wedding band inside his father’s car. He told me that he was fiddling with his ring when it fell someplace between the seat and center armrest. They heard a « clink » and that was the last know location of the ring, someplace hiding inside the car. This ring was very special having been custom made from family gold. A few other rings from family members were used to make his wedding band. His own parents has been searching the car with a  lot of effort and still no ring to show for all their combined efforts.

I set a schedule to meetup with his fatter, Jim, and the search was on. This was not a  quick five minute search either, even with my experience and fancy tools it still took several hours investegating every spot I could get my inspection camera shoved into and finally I spied the ring’s hideout. It still took a few focused minutes to get my gripper in position to latch onto the ring. Before long the wayward ring was captured and quickly taken into custody. We were all very happy on the fruits of our labors in having recovered yet another precious keepsake with so much sentimental value. Everyone was relieved and appreciative to see the ring in hand once again!

Watch this video to experience this search up close and personal.

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Palladium Wedding Ring Lost in Surf ..Laguna Beach, CA. .. Found and Returned Two Days Later

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*** Sarah and her husband are from the San Francisco Bay Area. They had come to Laguna Beach for a little vacation. While throwing a football in shin deep water his palladium wedding band came off his finger and  disappeared into the surf. 

Sarah found my contact information while doing a google search. We made arrangements to meet that same morning so I could get the area. They only had a few hours till they had to check out of the hotel. The tide was low enough to do a preliminary search but there was tons of seaweed in the suspected location of the ring loss.

After an hour and a half, I called it a day. Tomorrow I would be back a couple hours earlier to give it another try. The next morning was perfect the sand conditions had changed and there was no seaweed. After a hour of grid searching I move 30ft more to the south. BINGO ! .. Palladium wedding ring in the scoop. 

Sent Sarah a photo and went straight to the post office to mail it to them .. Next day mail, I don’t trust the mail so I figured it would be easier on me not to wait 3 or 4 days.

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University Class Ring Recovered in the Sand at Santa Monica Beach, CA. .. Returned to Grateful Owner

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

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*** Angela lost her gold university class ring in the sand while brushing sand off her hand. All of her friends spent several hours trying to recover the ring. It was not looking like the ring could be found and she was devastated. One of her friends found me on a google search and she called me immediately.

After hearing what happened, I knew it could be found if she could stay in the area for another hour until I got to the location. This was probably our only chance to find her ring as the beach is sifted daily and this time of year it is heavily hunted by recreational detectorists. 

We met on the within the time I said I could be there. I set up my metal detector and the ring was found right in the zone that was marked by many finger drag marks they left me after their attempts to find the ring. 

Everyone was relieved that the ring was found and their good friend, Angela could be happy that her beautiful gold university class ring was not lost forever.

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Gold Family Crest Ring Found after Lost at Laguna Beach, CA.

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*** Rob had been to Victoria Beach which is one of the many small coves of Laguna Beach, CA. He put his gold family crest ring in his beach chair pocket before going into the ocean. 

He didn’t realize the ring was missing until the next morning while eating breakfast. He went back to the beach that morning and couldn’t find it in the sand. It could have been anywhere that he had been between the beach and his home where he stored the beach chair.

He called me from the beach just before noon. After hearing a familiar scenario of where he had placed the ring, I was pretty sure we had a chance to find the ring as from past ring searches these rings seem to fall into the sand when the beach chair is first picked up.

Rob was unable to meet me at the location later in the afternoon when the beach goers clear the towel line. It really wasn’t necessary because he had given me very clear directions. I was hoping that I didn’t have to grid search the 75 yards of sand back to the steps leaving the beach.

I arrived about 5:30pm and walked directly to where he described verbally on our phone conversation. A few minutes later, I had his unique gold family crest ring in my scoop. Sent a photo to Rob and he called right away. He told me that all the men in his family have identical rings and he was so relieved that he was not going to be responsible for losing his ring forever. Another great recovery story and a pleasure to meet Rob the next day when he picked up his ring

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Gold Ring Lost on Hillside in Laguna Niguel, CA.. Found in Ivy and Leaves

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)










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**** Lisa Called me asking for help to find a ring her mother,  Vicki had lost while feeding birds in her backyard. The ring was actually very special as it was her husband’s wedding ring and he had recently past away.

I was able to get to the home in Laguna Niguel, CA. just an hour before dark. I knew this search may take a few hours, it was important to see the area to be searched so I can wear the proper clothing and bring the best tools for the search.

The ring had come off Vicki’s finger as she tossed bird seed over a plant and the ring had went down a 45 degree slope that had ivy and leaves. Perfect place to hide the ring, but not so nice to search for a ring.

I did a short search that first evening and returned the next morning with long pants, long sleeve shirt, gloves and proper shoes for the area to be searched. I began at the bottom of the slope on  my hands and knees. ( almost impossible to stand on the steep slope.)

Using a detector that had a short shaft and following up with a Garrett Pinpointer. I worked 5 ft square areas,  one at a time before moving over to the next 5ft.square. Two hours after starting I got a great signal and in the leaves there was the sight of gold as I moved a few leaves. RING SAVED!!

I was surprised how far the ring ended up, far to the left of where she had thrown the bird seed. This seems to be common , often rings lost while throwing objects seem the come off at the end of the motion. ?? Also rings lost over hillsides travel much further than you think. This ring traveled more than 40 feet from where she was standing and 20 more feet to the left of what I had planned to grid search.

It is hard to describe the look on Vicki’s face when I went to her door and held up the ring. Also her daughter Lisa couldn’t be there, but texted me a beautiful message saying how much this meant to the whole family..


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Lost Diamond Engagement Ring in Sand at SoCal Beach .. Found and Returned

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)











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*** Brittany had lost her Diamond Engagement Ring in the sand while laying out on at Hermosa Beach, CA.. She called asking for help. I was able to meet her and her fiancé on the beach a short time after we talked. They had been searching the sand for hours with no success. Actually they had more than a dozen people helping them. 

I met her on the beach and set up my metal detector. As I was beginning my grid search we visually spotted the ring on the surface of the soft fluffy sand. We must have kicked it up. Also the sun was just right to reflect the brilliance of the diamond.

All was well and Brittany was very surprised and happy that she stayed and didn’t give up before the miracle happened..  

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Gold and Diamond Wedding Ring Set Found and Returned to Owner … Newport Beach, CA.

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*** I had taken the morning to go to a scuba dive show in Long Beach, CA. Just as I was about to get into my car for the drive home, I received a desperate call from Mary. She had dropped her gold and diamond wedding ring set in the dry sand. She was afraid to try to dig through the sand as she thought she might make them impossible to find. 

I was about 25 miles away but normally it is only a couple miles from my home. I could be there within an hour and it could be a easy recovery if she could stay at the site. Of course she agreed, it was her original wedding and engagement rings, very sentimental and irreplaceable.

Her friend offered a parking place at a residence near the beach front, another bonus as the beach was full of people enjoying the nice sunny day. After showing up near the time I gave her we were successful finding her rings. I might point out the the people next to Mary had noticed her predicament and were able to give her my contact information. I had found a ring for them last year.  Another perfect recovery because the people on the beach gave her my contact information, she called right away and I was available to get to the location in a timely manner with the proper tools to find those rings. 

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