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Lost Ring Recovered in Highriver Alberta

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

I was halfway through my daily bike ride when my phone rang from a number I didn’t recognize.  I stopped pedaling and pulled over to answer my phone and heard a ladies voice asking me, « Do you still find rings for people? ».  I answered yes all the time and she went onto to explain that her daughter had lost her engagement ring in High River, Alberta.  We agreed that I would meet her daughter the next day to conduct a search.  Her daughter Fontanna came on the phone and explained that she had only been engaged for 2 weeks and went out to do some spring cleanup gardening and that she had lost it either in the front or back yard.

I arrived the next day and she came out to greet me send showed me the areas thought it might be.   I started grid searching the front yard then the boulevard next the back yard and nothing but junk iron signals.  I asked if they had retained the garbage bags from the cleanup, as that’s a common hiding place for lost rings. She explained that they had emptied the bags onto the garage floor and searched through them, I asked if I could try with my detector.  On the way in the garage I noticed a bag of garbage leaning against the outside wall and asked about it, Fontanna explained, that it was just kitchen scraps and dog waste, it wouldn’t be in there. So I set up my detector to low sensitivity and iron discrimination then tested for rebar placement and tone. Next, I searched the spread out leaf litter and dry grass. I easily located tin foil bottle caps etc. but no ring.   Then I searched the backyard and front yard yet again knowing it had to be somewhere on the property.  Still no luck,

Fontanna’s fiancé came out of the house and asked her if we checked the garbage bag out back she again said she had no reason to believe it was in it.   Since I had nowhere else to search I asked if we could check it anyway.  They agreed and we dumped out the garbage bag and just as Fontanna had said, it was just kitchen scraps and dog waste, a pretty nasty pile of stuff.  I scanned it with me detector and we pulled out metal items foil, a pop can, just the stuff you would expect to be in the garbage bad. I noticed a pair of work gloves and scanned them. I got a strong signal and separated them to discover it was only the left-hand glove that had a signal.  With my pin-pointer probe, I narrowed the signal to the little finger of the glove.  Fontanna’s very patient fiancé took the glove and cut off the end of the finger to reveal the treasured Lost Engagement Ring.  It was smiles all around, another happy customer of the ring Finders.   Thanks for the generous reward Fontanna.


Happy to have Ring recovered


Lost Keys in Brant, Alberta

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Sometimes no matter how hard you try you come up empty. I got a call from Ken after he had found my blog at , you see Ken had lost the keys to his truck and after checking around in the snow decided it was futile to continue. Ken asked me if I could come out and search his property he figured the area was about two football fields in size. I agreed and a couple of days later I drove out to Ken’s place by Brant Alberta, a 1.5-hour drive from my location, arriving there at noon I got my Metal Detector setup and then scanned the ground as I followed Ken. He retraced his steps from the house to the barn then past some corrals. I had the privilege of meeting their Llama « Dolly » ( Dolly Llama ) we went past the corals to the dumpster, then to a feed area for the horse metal detecting the whole way. So far only deep signals and the odd surface trash. Then I got a good signal in the shed the horses go in to feed, alas, it turned out to be a piece of sharp metal. Good to get it out of there anyway. After 2 hours we had detected through numerous corrals, sheds, and barns. When Ken announced that the May have fallen out of his pocket onto the tractor and vibrated off in one of the fields over 100 acres waiting to be searched. We retired to his beautiful ranch style home ( which is for sale, in case you want a ranch ) had coffee and cookies and discussed the days’ search. Ken showed me the hole in the pocket he thought the keys had fallen out of but we determined that the hole was too small for the keys to fit through, I asked about other clothes he had worn the day of the loss, he said, they were in the laundry hamper. I suggested we check them, his lovely wife went through the pockets of his clothes. Sadly no keys were found but she did come up with a hand full of unchecked lottery tickets destined to be laundered. Hopefully, there is a big winner there, good luck Ken.
Not all hunts are successful but you never know when you might win the lottery.

Wedding Band Lost for 20 Years Recovered in Cochrane AB

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

I received a call from Mark yesterday looking for help finding a gold ring that was lost by his Dad 20 years ago in the garden.  Mark explained that he is getting married and would like to find and use the ring as his wedding ring. Knowing that in January in Alberta the ground is frozen and like cement up to a meter down, I advised Mark that I would gladly come out to search for the ring but with one caveat he would have to be willing to dig in the frozen ground. He agreed and we met at the acreage that was his childhood home.   I must add here that Mark had received permission from the new owners for us to conduct the search.

I met Mark at the acreage at 3 pm today.  It was a balmy 5° C ( approx 41° F ) as we started our hunt with Mark trying to remember where the garden was because things had changed quite a bit in the past 20 years. The garden was now a horse paddock and the fences had been moved.   He selected an area that seemed to be close to accurate, according to memory.   

We went to work, me with my Garret AT-Pro metal detector and pinpointer probe and Mark with an electric drill that had a long auger bit and a heavy construction claw hammer.

I would identify the potential targets and Mark would chip away at the ground. I identified approximately 13 targets, most were 10 to 20 cm deep in the solidly frozen turf. I was marking the targets with rocks, at target number 12, I asked Mark to roll a rock over to me to Mark a target that sounded good he rolled a large rock under the fence toward me and it stopped right over the target area, we laughed and thought that must be an omen.  After digging all the rest of the targets and coming up with pull tabs, foil and shards of metal it was time to dig the number 12 hole, which took a lot of effort on Marks behalf. As he loosened the soil and scraped it out of the hole I would check the tailings and then the hole for a signal.  The hole kept getting deeper and deeper.  Just as we were starting to think it was more junk, a glint of gold showed then another and another.  Yes, it was the long lost ring, unfortunately it was in many pieces whether from years of soil tilling or from Marks vigorous digging efforts we will never know but we did recover his Dad’s wedding band lost for 20 years.  Mark may get the ring reconstructed, never the less, he was pleased to have the ring back in the family where it belongs.

It’s never too long to recover lost treasures just ask The Ring Finders.

Thanks for the generous reward Mark.

Gold Wedding Band recovered in Calgary

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Aaron had been surfing the internet trying to find a solution to his problem when he found The Ring Finders.    Aaron had a heated discussion with his significant other when he threw his wedding ring into a park.   he called me asking if I could help him find it before a passer-by found it first.  We agreed to meet at his home and went over to the park. he gave me a rough idea where he was standing and in which direction it was thrown.

I set to work girding the area and slowly passing my coil over the ground listening for that telltale tone and numeric I.D. that is particular to yellow gold.  After 30 minutes of searching I got the sound I was looking for and upon parting the grass there was the beautiful sight of a gleaming yellow gold ring.  Aaron was thrilled to have it back and agreed never to throw it away again.

Sometimes things done in anger can get undone, just call The Ring Finders.

Platinum Wedding Ring recovered in Calgary

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Roland had been dusting the snow off his coat last night when his ring flew from his finger and into his front yard.   While he knew the general area he had searched and searched but to no avail, the heavy Platinum Wedding Band could not be seen.  He even shoveled the snow off the lawn and into his garage so it could melt and he could recover the ring but still no ring.  That’s when his wife found The Ring Finders online and Roland called me.  Roland explained, that the ring was very important to them as they just got married last summer, he couldn’t believe he’d lost it already.    

We arranged to meet at his home today and he showed me the area his ring could be in, we talked about how he had dusted his coat off and I had him reenact the scene for me.  Based on his movements, the weight of the ring, and the force behind the movement, as usual I determined it could be just about anywhere in the yard even possibly in the neighbours yard.  I searched the yard in two directions then checked the far side of a shrub bed on the opposite side of a tree to where the action had taken place.  You guessed it I got the sweet sound of Platinum in my headphones and brushed away the snow to recover Roland’s Wedding Ring.   When I handed him the ring he exclaimed, « Thank God ! »  and you too Bill.  It was a big weight off his shoulders and back onto his finger.

Another Satisfied Customer of The Ring Finders

Another Happy Customer

Lost Class Ring Recovered – Airdrie, Alberta

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Sometimes I go out with my detector to near by Parks , Ball Diamonds and Tot Lots.  I clean out a lot of junk and sharp objects keeping the community tidy and people safe from getting cut when playing.  Today was just such a day I was out detecting in an old Baseball Diamond that had fallen into disrepair and was rarely used anymore.  Within 30 minutes I got a familiar tone on my Garret AT PRO, thinking it inured like gold but could be junk I cut a plug in the sod about 2 inches deep handout popped this beauty a 10k Gold Class Ring the date on the side said 2007 and the school was just 2 blocks away.  

Chelseas Ring in Hole

I notice their was a name engraved on the inside of the ring and thought it would be great if I could return it to its owner.   On went the detective hat, Since my wife used to work for the school division I had her call in some favours and we located Chelsea no longer a student but now a teacher at a different school.  I contacted her and told her about the ring recovery and had her come over to pick it up.   She was thrilled to see it again and explained that she had lost it in 2008 and had gone back with friends and search for 2 hours with no luck.   The Ring Finders pull through again, returning smiles and emotionally valuable items.

Chelsea with Class Ring

Chelseas Ring

Calgary Time Capsule Recovered

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

I received an email from Michael of  Calgary’s Apocalypse Scooter Club in July asking for assistance in finding a Time Capsule they had buried 4 years earlier.  I agreed to meet him and the club members at the designated site in Calgary on August 1st, 2015.

Well today  I went to meet with him and the club members, I arrived early which is normal for me, and shortly after a bunch of scooters, you know the type Vespa’s , Lambretta’s some even  looked homemade, came  driving into the parking area.  It was actually quite exciting to see so many scooters all arriving at the same time.  The was a large field but they had a good idea of ta spot that would get us close.  Once I had the area of interest marked off with parking cones and started my grid, it wasn’t long before I got an mid tone sound that registered 8+ inches deep.  The membership were pretty excited and attacked the ground with spades until they heard the clunk of the time capsule being hit with their spades. Sure enough it was about a foot deep in the ground and everyone was talking at once with excitement.  This was a fun hunt and everyone was still having a great time when I left them to their celebrations.  Thank you Michael and the Apocalypse Scooter Club for trusting me and The Ring Finders to locate your Time Capsule.

Apocalypse Scooter Club's Recovered Time Capsule

Apocalypse Scooter Club’s Recovered Time Capsule

The Apocalypse Scooter Club celebrate the recovery of their Time Capsule

The Apocalypse Scooter Club celebrate the recovery of their Time Capsule

Lost Ring In Alberta River — Recovered

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Lost White Gold Wedding Band Recovered for Newly Weds

Dorothy found my Bio on  and called me today. Dorothy and her Husband of Two Weeks had been out rafting on the Little Red Deer River, Alberta,  three days prior to her call.  They were just passing over some rapids when their raft was heading toward a dead fall tree, her husband reached out to hold the branches from hitting Dorothy when it happened.  The tree dragged off his 2 week old 18k White Gold Wedding Band.  They searched the river themselves but had no luck.

I headed out to the site right away it was just over 100 km to get to the part of the river where the loss had happened.  Dorothy pointed to the rapids, the dead fall tree and also suggested another set of rapids further up stream may be a possibility.  I waded into the river, the current was quite strong, I headed toward the dead fall tree on the opposite side. I found it was only possibly to swing my detector with the current so taking very small steps I would submerge the coil swing with the current, take the coil out of the water and repeat.  The bottom of the river was all cobble so I made sure to check in behind each boulder as I came upon them. At about 3/4 of the way across I got a loud sweet sound in the range I would expect white Gold, so I paused and looked into the water and saw something glimmering up through the water.  I reached in and came up with just pebbles but the next grab got the prize, I called to Dorothy and asked if it looked like the one we are looking for, she replied is it the ring.  I exclaimed, « I don’t know I’ve never seen it before » knowing full well it must be the right ring.  Once  she saw it she was over the moon with excitement looking forward to letting her hubby know, he was unable to attend as he was working.  I got a great big hug from Dorothy and took a photo of her with a big smile. Thank you for the generous reward Dorothy.

Dorothy with Ring Dorothys Husbands Ring

Precious Gold Charm recovered in Calgary

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

I got a call last weekend from a Teacher in Calgary, Alberta,  she had lost a small Gold Pendant that was very dear to her since it was given to her by a friend who is no longer with us.

I responded the same day and was greeted by her,  she showed me a very large area of the school yard she wanted me to search.  I scanned the area with care pulling up pounds of trash , pull tabs, bottle caps , nails and itinerant rusted metal.   While my detector can distinguish between iron and noble metals such as Gold, I didn’t want to take the chance of this small pendant signal being masked by junk.  After a long and trying search I had covered the entire area.

At this point I asked if there was anywhere else, she had been the day she lost it.  She said, yes the soccer field, I immediately had the clue I needed and off to the soccer field we went, within 10 minutes this Little Gold charm with such Big meaning was back in the hands of the owner.  Oh, yes it did signal as junk due to the close proximity of some tin foil.   Another happy customer of The Ring Finders.

Happy Teacher with Recovered PendantPendant

Tiny Gold Pendant

Tiny Gold Pendant

First Gold Ring Returned of 2015 – Calgary Alberta

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

I received a phone call from Alex this morning, he explained,  he had lost his wedding ring the day before after brushing snow off his car.  This is a recurring theme of lost rings snow in the winter, Brushing off cars without gloves, cold hands are then shaken to get the snow off them and there goes the ring.   Just as a side note, if you don’t want to lose your ring in cold weather, wear gloves.
This is exactly what happened to Alex, I met him out at his residence, where he showed me where he remembered losing the ring and where he and family had searched for 3 hours with no luck.
I did a cursory search of the area he directed me to at first and had no luck, so I set up a grid using my parking cones and started my grid search of the area, I always make the grid area larger than the customer thinks it should be, after just 10 minutes working the grid I located Alex’s Ring, about 10 feet away from where he had me looking.  Rings roll and bounce and get kicked around when desperate people are trying to find their treasured items.
Another search ended with a big smile, Alex said, he was sure it was gone for ever. Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to recover your Wedding Ring Alex!

Calgary Ring first Ring Recovery of 2015

Calgary Ring first Ring Recovery of 2015

Alex Ring

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