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Lost Tantalum Wedding Ring Found in NJ!

  • from Madison (New Jersey, United States)

Tantalum is a rare earth metal often used in men’s wedding rings. The metal reads very similar to iron on metal detectors and can be difficult to find in metal rich locations.

HILLSBOROUGH, NJ, — A wedding ring was reunited with its owner in the woods in Central New Jersey today thanks to the Ringfinders Metal Detecting service.

This morning, I received a text from Rory who lost his ring in the woods while doing some yard work. The ring was made of rare earth metal, tantalum.

I arrived at the residence and listened to Rory’s description about how he lost the ring while doing yard work. The ring had been flung from the backyard into a wooded lot behind the residence.

Slowly the area was meticulously grid searched. Rory mentioned that he thought he heard the ring land perpendicular to the current search area.

As the search shifted to that area, a tone very similar to iron was detected in the leaves under a bush. As the leaves were cleared away, there lie the tantalum ring, 45 minutes into the search.

A tantalum ring is recovered after a 45 min search.

Rory was reunited shortly thereafter with the ring and was extremely grateful. Another successful recovery in central NJ for the Ringfinders team. Lose a ring in NJ? Give me a call – will travel anywhere in the state.

The tantalum ring’s owner, Rory receives his ring back.


Lost Class Ring Found On Beach in North Wildwood, NJ

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)


The class ring was found! I received a call from Dieter, owner of the Fishtown Pizza Truck, that Darby had lost her ring on the beach in the sand. The family was happy the sentimental ring was found!


Lost charm found in the sand on the beach Strathmere NJ By Ring Finders South Jersey

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

Jersey shore ring finder

Not all items recovered are valuable in the sense of monetary value.  Often, an item has more sentimental value then anyone could imagine.  I received a call from Sandra earlier in the day about a 14k white gold charm that was lost in the sand while she and her sister were on the beach in Strathmere, New Jersey. The charm belongs to her sister, Bonnie, who was able to find the chain with the other two charms but not the moon.  Each charm is very special to both sisters because they represent their mother, father & Jesus.  Sandra called me without her sister knowing because she didn’t want Bonnie to know if the charm was not found.  After I gridded out the approximate location where they were sitting yesterday and after a quick search with the Minelab Equinox 800, the charm gave a signal and was in the scoop!

Lost Ring? lost Jewelry? It Can Be Found!

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

Cherished and valuable rings and jewelry get lost on the beach and in the ocean, they can be recovered. If you lost a ring or a piece of jewelry even your car keys I can find them! Just a phone call away!