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Diamond Ring lost in Elgin, Illinois recovered

  • from Las Vegas (Nevada, United States)

Received a call from Elgin, Illinois to look for a diamond ring in the backyard.They were no sure thats where it was lost, but it was worth a try. A newly engaged person was visiting to attend a graduation party. Among other things, a balloon throwing battle ensued. The guests had scoured the backyard to no avail.I laid out a gridline to insure that I covered the area. It worked! The guest was so distraught, she went out so she would not hear from me that I couldn’t find it. Guess what….I found it!

Lost Necklace in Wheaton Illinois recovered.

  • from Las Vegas (Nevada, United States)

I received a call from a man to look for a necklace that his wife « MAY » have lost in the backyard of her mother in law’s house while visiting Wheaton, Illinois. Since both he and his wife were back home, he sent me a map of where she may have lost it. It could have been in one of the 3 piles of brush, or in the lawn. I gridded the lawn using string to control the search. Nothing in the lawn. I even searched outside of the suggested lawn area! I checked all three piles of brush, nothing. So I was ready to give up but decided there was one area I had not searched. BINGO!! Nestled nicely in the leaves was this beauty.

Unusual request for hunt in Lincolnshire, Illinois. Found in less than 5 minutes. Ready for next July 4th!!!

  • from Las Vegas (Nevada, United States)

Received a long distant call from a woman to look for an item. Her parents, who live in Lincolnshire, Illinois, have been searching for a flag pole hole that was buried over two years ago. They knew the area and have been searching for it for two years. They wanted to put up their flag. She asked me if that was something I could find. I told her it was. She said that  » My dad is  skeptical, doesn’t think you’ll find it – haha! It took me less than five minutes! It was an aluminum sleeve, that the flag pole slipped into. He had the flagpole. I just took a reading off of it, so I knew where it would fall. It was encased in cement. As soon as I got the hit, I used my long screwdriver to probe and bingo! Solid concrete. Happy ending. The flag missed July Fourth, but it can go up now.

Bullet casings found in park for Mount Prospect Police Department in Illinois

  • from Las Vegas (Nevada, United States)

Received a call form an officer yesterday who had used the Ringfinders in the past to find a ring in Michigan for a relative. He quickly explained that I was not in any trouble. (That’s a relief). He explained that they could use some help in locating some bullet casings for a suspected shooting in a local park. He asked me if this something a ringfinder could do. I said ABSOLUTELY!! He asked me how much it would cost. I said that was up to them. I’m a big believer in helping the Police if they need me.

I met the officer and his partner at the park. They said if I found any casings they would put up some tape to protect the area. I believe they were just following up on some complaint and were unsure if there was any shooting.

I brought extra metal detectors and they brought a detector form the police station. Neither officers knew how to use their machine, so I gave them some tips. They brought a bag of bullet casings. They had casings from a 22 all the way up to a 45, since we didn’t know what we were looking for. So we tested the machines on all of the bullet casings to get a range of what we were looking for.

I was using my XP Deus. I notched out the numbers that were not in the range of the casings. Since it was a surface find, I turned down my audio to 1 so that I could tell by the sound if it was close to the surface. I new from the tests that 9mm would fall in the 60’s. I was hunting in 12 kHz.

Based on the witnesses, the officers estimated where the event happened. I found my first casing in 5 minutes.

Up came the tape! They taped a large area but I continued to hunt in the area of my first find. Total casings found 8. They were scattered along an area within 10 feet of the sidewalk. Apparently there was a gunfight.

It was my pleasure to help these officers. 

Lost in Snow a 22K Yellow Gold Recovered in Schaumburg, Illinois.

  • from Las Vegas (Nevada, United States)

The first snow of the season, although a bit early, creates another opportunity to help someone. Received a call that his wife had lost her 22K gold wedding band while walking in the first snow of the season. Even though it was late afternoon, they wanted me to come. I figured maybe 2 hours before sunset, so I was a little concerned.

I arrives at 3:58 and left at 4:10. Not a bad hunt! The husband had a similar ring, so I was able to get a reading. Her name was in raised letters, so I will not show that. I used my AT Gold detector with a large coil. As you can see this was not a small thin ring!! Usually in my experience, gold rings ring up in the 44-55 range. This ring, because of the 22K, rang up in the 69-75 range. Just a note for AT Gold users.

Diamond Ring found in Corn Box at the Goebberts Farm & Garden Center in South Barrington, IL

  • from Las Vegas (Nevada, United States)

So this is my Second call out to a corn pit this year. This was at the Goebberts Farm in South Barrington, Illinois. The owner could not have been more accommodating.

A woman had been playing with her child and fell. The ring came off as she was trying to get up. I can tell you, I fell myself on several occasions during the hunt. I had to crawl over to the pole just to get up! These corn pits are the PITS!!

She had lost it on Sunday and I wasn’t able to hunt until Thursday. The ring sank to the bottom of the pit and I was lucky to recover it. I used my box like device to dig down toward the bottom. I used 2 detectors, a hand help pinpointer and a hand held plastic sand scoop to recover the ring. I am considering using a PI Machine to locate items that may be at the bottom of the corn kernels. She was embarrassed about losing it, so I will not post her photo.

I’m beginning to have a Love Hate relationship with Corn Pits!!

LOVE the money HATE the labor.

Most corn pits are open til October 31st, so maybe more searches will be forthcoming.

2 rings found in corn pit in Tinley Park, Illinois.

  • from Las Vegas (Nevada, United States)

Received a call from a man who had lost his 14K wedding band while playing in a corn pit. He had me come out to look for it. Corn pits, for those who don’t know, is a structure, that is filled with corn kernels that people play in. They generally are about 2 feet deep and are very hard to walk in AND very difficult to hunt. As you dig for the lost item, the corn fills in the hole. Its a tough workout!! I devised a box to help prevent that filling in. I was able to find His ring in about 10 minutes. Thats because he called me soon after he lost it. The longer you wait, the deeper it goes and the harder it is to find.

Once I found his ring, the manager of the Odyssey Fun Farm, told me that a woman had also lost her Diamond wedding band the same morning. So I searched for that ring too. I found it within 30 minutes. The manager called the woman’s husband, and he came out with his daughter to retrieve it.

Car Keys Lost in the Snow in Moline, IL…Found

  • from Bettendorf (Iowa, United States)

I received an email last night from a young lady I will call, Nikki.  Nikki was cleaning the snow off of her car when she noticed that her keys had fallen out of her pocket.  We had just gotten nearly a foot of newly fallen snow and while Nikki searched through the snow with her hands and a rake she was unable to locate her keys.  I emailed Nikki a reply and told her that I would be out to her home in the morning and see if I could find her keys.

I arrived at Nikki’s house this morning and began my search, which was hampered by all of the rebar in her concrete driveway along with very uneven snow piled around her car.  I lowered my sensitivity quite a bit on my detector and I leveled off the snow with a shovel immediately around all sides of Nikki’s car.  The leveling off of the snow actually took longer than finding her keys as I would scan each shovel full of snow in the event that I had scooped up her keys.  Once I had a nice evened out surface of snow I found Nikki’s keys in hard packed snow on the drivers side of her car.  Nikki was at work so I delivered her keys to her at her office.  As expected, Nikki was happy to get her keys back in her possession.


Diamond engagement ring found in House in Glenview, Illinois

  • from Chicago (Illinois, United States)
I normally don’t like doing house or apartment searches, guess it’s just because of my hangup having to go through strangers personally stuff.
However after hearing her story it was pretty hard to say no.
Got engaged in January and future husband out of state and she did not have the heart to tell him she lost her ring a,
$15,000 diamond engagement ring , not insured.
Searched for a couple hours and was getting close to calling it when I tried one last thing, took off her pillow shams and found it there.
She cried all during the search and the picture tells the story when it was found.
No better feeling!!!

Lost Ruby and Diamond Sentimental Engagement ring found at Loyola Beach in chicago

  • from Las Vegas (Nevada, United States)

Received a call from a young man who was helping an elderly women. The gentleman was sitting on a bench at Loyola Beach with his girlfriend when he observed an elderly women frantically searching on her hands and knees for her sentimental engagement ring in the sand. It was yellow gold with two Diamonds and a Ruby. He helped her by marking the spot with some small stones and a buried t shirt. He went online with his phone and found the Ringfinders website and my name. The woman does not own a cell phone. He called me and explained the situation. This call was received in the late afternoon today. I knew that if I didn’t come out right away, the stones and marker would probably be gone in the morning because of the raking machines they use every morning on the beaches. He gave me the woman’s landline number and we met at the beach. The marker was still intact. In less than 30 seconds, with just 1 swipe of the coil, I found the ring less than a foot from the marker. It came up as 12/05 on my CTX 3030. The woman was in shock that I was able to find it. She had already given up any hope of finding it. People nearby saw that I had found it and came running over in disbelief. Another GREAT DAY to be a RINGFINDER!! I couldn’t have been happier for her so I had my picture taken with her.