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Lost Wedding Ring while on Family Outing in Newport Beach ..Found by Member of TheRingFinders

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** Kevin called me while he was searching the sand for his wedding ring.. He said he had been at a Newport Beach location with his wife and young child. The had a small pop up tent for the youngster. He gave his silver wedding band to his wife for safe keeping. She put the ring in the small pocket inside the tent. 

They left the beach returning home. That’s when they checked the tent for the ring. It was not in the pocket. Kevin figured the ring may have fallen in the sand when they picked up their beach equipment. 

His call came to me as I was going to a doctor appointment. I had enough time to stop by to see the suspected area of the loss. I only had a minute to talk to him and assured him would return to scan the area he showed me. 

When I returned two hours later, I did a preliminary search as there were too many people on the beach to be thorough. I did eliminate a major area except where other beach goers were set up. I don’t like to ask people to move, especially when the ring could be anywhere, in the sand, in the car, or the garage. 

Long story short, I came back a 7pm and had the whole beach clear of people. After 20 minutes I had the silver ring in my beach sand scoop. I called Kevin and he was very excited. He told me that today was their 10th wedding anniversary. He wife was so happy.

Lost Tungsten Wedding Ring in Colorado Lagoon, Long Beach, CA. Recovered in Water by Ringfinder.

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How I found Diego’s wedding ring in the water with a metal detector.. Call Stan the Metal Detector Man if you need help finding a ring or any sentimental keepsake. .. available now Call or Text for information on how the service works… Stan  949-500-2136

*** Diego called asking if I could find a ring in the water. He and his family were in Long Beach at a park called Colorado Lagoon. He had waded out in the lagoon waist deep diving head first in the water. He knew that was when his ring came off his finger.

I asked him to mark the spot above the high tide line and take a couple photos. Tide was rising and it may be too deep by the time I get there. He wasn’t sure the whole family could stand by as they were just about ready to leave. 

I made the 18 mile drive catching them still at the site of the loss. Diego was awfully upset. I calmed him down saying the most important part of the search is done. We know he felt the ring come off his finger and I have the exact location. It may be deeper that I can get today but tomorrow morning we have a very low tide. It’s a back bay with no waves. The ring isn’t going anywhere.. 

I did a thorough grid out to neck deep with no success. There wasn’t very many bottle caps or trash metal targets, which is a good thing. It was looking like a return search the next low tide. He was insistent that it was at least waist deep. Completing all the water grid before calling it a day, I got a strong signal in knee deep water. Boom! Tungsten Carbide ring that was definitely Diego’s ring.. Another Very Happy guy. I knew that this meant the world to him because he was speechless. A perfect day, when we do these searches we never know what we will run into.

Don’t waste time contact me now.. Timing is important, especially if the loss is in a public location. Metal detectors are very effective to find small objects, when used by experienced metal detector expert. “I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “ .. Stan the Metal Detector Man is a member of TheRingFinders .. Call or Text Stan  949-500-2136

Man’s Gold Diamond Wedding Band Lost in Bonita Beach Florida Found by Metal Detector Mark Greul

  • from Marco Island (Florida, United States)

March 13, 2019 Bonita Beach/Naples, Florida – MAN’S GOLD AND DIAMOND WEDDING BAND FOUND – While on vacation eating lunch on Bonita Beach, thankful for the sun and being away from the Missouri freeze, Dad noticed that his gold wedding band was no longer where he had tucked it away, you know, in that super safe place in the beach bag.  Well, after two (2) days of searching on their own, in-law’s and all, his wife finally called and made arrangements for professional metal detecting location services.  Upon my arrival, 3 other metal detectors were already busy searching the sand and water in that general vicinity.  Well, good circumstance and fortune prevailing, not to mention a bit of skill and, arguably, use of the most sophisticated metal detecting equipment in the industry, another successful ring recovery is on the board.  The thank you and smiles tell all, simply priceless.

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Gold & diamond wedding band found by metal detector Mark Greul in Florida, near Naples – Bonita Beach.

Owner reunited with his lost gold diamond wedding band