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Lost Engagement Ring in Cedar Hills- Found

Received a call from Janae after a couple days of searching for her engagement ring. She was working in the yard and took her ring off and when she went to put it back on, she realized it was missing from her pocket. She searched all over the yard, pulled all the soil and trash from the garbage, checked the garage, and even rented a metal detector to help locate it but unfortunately could not seem to locate the ring. I got to Janae’s house that evening and after running through all the possible areas she could have lost it, I started to grid off the front yard where she was walking back and forth to the house from where she was working. I had made just a couple passes when I got a surface signal and immediately spotted the ring in the grass. The ring was about 5 feet outside the area she was walking which often times is the case. Fortunately only took me about 7 minutes to locate it. I went to the door and presented the ring to Janae and she was overwhelmed with emotion! So happy I was able to recover this beautiful platinum ring with diamonds to Janae!