Lost Engagement Ring Near Pleasant Grove, Utah- Found

Over the last 10 days, I have had 4 ring recovery calls due to the recent snow storms hitting Utah. Timmy reached out to me after a sledding adventure with his fiancé near Pleasant Grove, Utah. When they got back to the car, she put her hands up to the vent and noticed her engagement ring was missing. The ring was white gold with two stones (Moissanite & Topaz). After talking with Timmy that night, they decided to go buy a metal detector from a local store and search for it themselves. Unfortunately, the metal detector was unable to locate the ring so we made plans to meet and search for the ring. I could still see their sled marks in the snow so I decided to start at one end of the hill and work my way to the right. I had barely just turned on my detector and started to make my first swing when I got a clear signal. Sure enough, it was the ring. It could be my fastest recovery to date. So happy I was able to get that ring back to Timmy and Lindsey! They are set to get married on April 6th and I wish them all the best!

Check out the full length video on my YouTube Channel- Lost Jewelry Recovery Utah

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