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Lost 113 Year Old Gold Ring at the Lake- Found

Alejandro reached out to me after visiting Utah over Labor Day weekend with friends. They had went to the lake and he decided to take a dip in the cold water to cool off. After coming back to shore, he realized that his 113 year old gold ring with a date of May 4th 1909 was not on his finger. Alejandro had purchased the antique ring and it was something very special to him. I was out of town that weekend but made plans to go up there and search the following week. The water level had dropped significantly during that time and based on the pictures he sent me, figured there was a good chance the ring would be on the shoreline. The issue was that this area was known for fishing and there was a ton trash all over. After a 3 hour search, I came up empty handed.

The following weekend I went back to the lake and started to grid off the area again. Since the water was so low, I was nervous that the ring would have been laying on the surface in plain sight for anyone to come along and see it. Fortunately, after clearing out all the aluminum cans, fishing lures, and sinkers in the area, I got a nice clean signal at the very edge of my search grid. Sure enough it was Alejandro’s ring that has already worked its way down into the mud. After backing out two trash bags of trash, I called Alejandro who lives in Buffalo, New York to tell him the good news. 3 days later the ring was back with Alejandro. It was a difficult search but glad I was able to find it while cleaning up the environment.

If you would like to see this recovery in action, head over to my Youtube channel- Lost Jewelry Recovery Utah