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Lost 14kt gold Wedding Ring, Sturgeon County, Alberta Canada

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Kevin called me yesterday afternoon requesting my assistance to locate his wedding ring which he had lost two weeks ago while gardening in his back yard.  After asking Kevin a few questions I agreed to meet with him in an hour.  His yard is huge! After a three hour search I called it quits for the evening but I assured Kevin if the ring was in the area I would find it for him! I told him that I would return the next day to continue the search and in the mean time to relax. I knew that was a hard thing for him to do as so far 2020 had been a disappointing year for him.

When I met up with Kevin the following afternoon I told him I was armed and had my « top guns » with me! I assured him that I was going to find his ring.  I retraced my steps once again where I thought the most likely place the ring could be but unfortunately I had no luck.  I kept looking in his compost pile as something told me it might be there but had no luck.  I kept asking Kevin questions trying to jog his memory.

My questions did trigger Kevin’s memory!  He had brought his wheel barrow and dumped his rose bush and other garden material in a pile at another location.   I searched the area and Bingo,  I heard  a very sweet tone and knew that was his ring!  I told Kevin that it was his lucky day.   At the bottom of the pile was his lost ring!  Kevin could not believe his eyes when I showed him his ring and was so happy to have his ring back.  It pays to keep  asking questions all the time even if  you have asked before. You keep asking as sometimes it jogs a distant memory,  just keep asking!

Another Very Happy Client! Thank you Kevin and the best of luck to you and your family in the future.

White Gold Wedding Ring Found, NW Edmonton

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

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Darcy call me yesterday to see if I could help him find his lost white 14k gold wedding ring? he was helping a friend disassemble a dog run in the back yard, he believed that the ring came off when he removed his gloves and could possibly be in two different locations.

Since the ring was in the back yard I told him I could meet him at the first house at 9:00 am tomorrow and search that area first since he thought that where the ring could possibly be.

This morning the barometer was @ –  21 Celsius  with a wind chill -31 Brrrrrrrr, believe me it was a bitter cold morning here in Edmonton Alberta, and a great day to go metal detecting,  I meet up with Darcy and he showed me where the dog run had been! You see every thing was covered with snow which for me was a bonus.

With in Ten minutes I found Darcy’s ring  he could not believe that I found the ring so quickly!  he told me he was very skeptical that his ring would be found.

Another happy client thank you Darcy.