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Sterling Silver Ring Lost in Back Yard, Parkview Neighborhood, Edmonton Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Lloyd was a past client of mine about four years ago, He had called me to locate his gold ring which he lost while throwing a ball for his dog which I found and returned to him.
This time he had lost a sterling silver ring which was given to him from a dear friend that has since passed away so this ring has a very special meaning to him.
Lloyd told me he was planting shrubs in his front yard and picking weeds in his back yard so he said it could be anywhere! Lloyd had a couple of friends with him looking for the ring but had no luck in finding it. I searched his front yard and then the back yard and it was in the back yard where I found his ring along his flower beds. Lloyd was relieved to have his ring back on his finger.
Thank you Lloyd, for another successful search.

Security Key Lost McCauley Neighborhood! Edmonton Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Gureye called me yesterday afternoon requesting my service to locate his front entrance apartment security key which he lost 2 weeks ago! he spent hrs!  looking for the key with no luck.
Gureye told me he was standing on his balcony and he tossed the key down to his friends which his friend missed it and landed in a snow bank.
I met Gureye and he showed me the area where the key could be within minutes I had the key back in his hand.
We all know how expensive it is to replace these security keys! Gureye was very happy to have the key back in his possession Thank you Gureye.

Lost Key Summerlea Neighborhood, Edmonton Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)



Devon contact me requesting my service to locate his lost key to his car which he explained that he parked his car in his parking spot and dropped the one and only key to his car! 2 days ago somewhere between his car and house. Devon searched but he was unsuccessful in locating it in the snow.

I met Devon at his house he showed me where his car is parked and the area he walked to his house I found his key about 6 feet from his parked car! Devon was very grateful to have his one and only key back in his had. I asked Devon why does he not have an extra key cut? he told me that his car is discontinued and its a big hassle from GM to get a new key cut and programed.

Thank you Devon.

10k White Gold Diamond Ring Lost! Back Alley Wainwright, Alberta, Canada

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Branden called me yesterday afternoon around 3pm asking if I could locate his girlfriend’s ring which she had lost in the back alley the night before. Alberta has been under an extreme cold weather warning for the past 12 days and the temperature in Wainwright was -31 with a windshield making it feel like -40C. Wainwright is a 2.5 hrs. drive east of my home base. After asking Branden a few questions and realizing how sentimental the ring was to him I agreed to drive out and do the search.

I arrived at 6pm and met up with Branden and Selina in the back alley. I asked Selina to show me exactly what she was doing when she lost her ring. Selina told me she reached into her car to take a block heater cord out to plug her car in for the evening and as she was doing so she felt her ring slip off from her finger and into the snow.
They both searched desperately for hours for the ring and even piled the snow in buckets and brought them into the house for the snow to melt but had no luck.

Branden had a metal detector and checked the area, but again had no luck, so decided to do a Google search for a better detector and found the Ringfinders website. He checked the directory and found my blog page, He was very impressed with my returned finds and called me.
I spent 2.5 hours with Branden in the extreme cold weather in the back alley searching all possible areas with no luck and by this time Branden was giving up on the search. After again listening to Selina’s story, I recalled a similar situation where a ring had ended up behind the person when they thought the ring had gone forward.

I searched six feet back from where Selina said the ring could be and received a very low tone. I told Branden that this must be the ring.
There, buried 3” deep in the hard packed snow was the ring! Branden could not believe his eyes and the smile on Selina’s face said it all.
Thank you for entrusting me to locate your very precious ring.

Lost Key Fob! Alberta Ave Neighborhood, Edmonton Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)



When I received a call from Candace she sounded very frustrated! She told me that she was out shoveling snow the other day and had lost her only Key fob to her car. Candace told me that she had checked with the dealer and the cost to replace the key fob was $700.00 and that it would take approximately one month to receive one. With the resent snow fall the city of Edmonton would implement a street parking ban which would be another cost to her making it a very expensive loss if the fob was not found. I met Candace at her residence and I could see where she had been looking for the fob along her side walk. She told me she had been looking for a few hours with no luck! She showed me the area that she was positive the fob could be. Within a ½ hour I found her fob in the snow bank at the opposite end of her sidewalk where she had searched. Her smile says everything. Thank you Candace for entrusting me to find your key fob.

Lost Key Fob Strathearn Neighborhood, Edmonton Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Received a call late last evening from Andria requesting my service to locate her! One and only key fob that Lawrence lost in the back yard on Thursday while walking form the garage to the house, I agreed told her I would be there at 10 am today.
Meet Andria and Lawrence they showed me the area where the key fob could possibly be I did a thorough search of the area with no luck!
Asked Lawrence to show me again exactly what he was doing and he said he closed and locked the garage door and walked along the side walk that’s when he noticed the fob was missing off his key ring both of them looked everywhere possible for that key fob no Luck.
After about an hour we found the key fob right next to the garage in the snow pile Andria was ecstatic to have her only one key fob back!  her smile says it all.
Thank you Andria and Lawrence for interesting me to locate your key fob.

Lost Wedding Ring Willowbrook Park! St Albert Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


I was contacted yesterday requesting my service to find a gold wedding band which had been lost in early March in a wooded park.  I agreed to meet  that evening and was shown the approximate area that the ring had been lost.  I searched for a few hours with no luck so I agreed to return first thing morning to continue my search.

This morning I was back in the park and within 10 minutes I found the wedding ring neatly tucked in the under brush!

Another happy client.




Lost Car Key @ Victoria Park, Edmonton Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

Shad called me this afternoon requesting my assistance to help him find his only key to his car which he lost the other day while waking in the park.

I meet Shad at the park and he showed me the area where his key could possibly be! Within three minutes I had the key back in is hand. Shad told me he spent hours on his hands and knees looking for it the other day with no luck.

Another happy client! Thank you Shad for entrusting me to locate your key.

Missing Ring & Earring! Parkland County, Alberta, Canada.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)



The Culprit

Question is: Did Laser eat my Earring and Ring?


Jesse called me on Thursday requesting my service to locate a missing ring and earring.  Jesse said the ring went missing about one month ago, and the earring went missing two weeks ago from his bedroom dresser table.  The only possible culprit was his six month old dog Laser!

After asking Jesse several questions like; how was Laser feeling, did he have any signs of discomfort, and was he his normal self Jesse replied that he was fine so my next question was; is Laser a free roamer on the acreage?  Jesse replied no, that he is always let out into his dog run which is huge,  about 80’ x 80’ and that his daily deposits were still frozen on the ground.  I thought to myself, “hmmm interesting”, wonder which pile the ring could be in and also the earring!

I agreed to meet up with him Saturday morning.  When I arrived at the acreage I met Jesse and Andria.  They showed me the dog run where I met Laser. Andria told me about Laser, how he is obsessive with his toys and rocks, and eats anything that a six month old dog would do. When wearing her rings he would lick her hands.  Andria was positive that he ate the ring and also her earring, as two weeks ago she had found her jewellery box on the floor in her bedroom and one of her earrings was missing.

After searching about one hour the ring was found in a nice pile in the corner of the yard.  My next question was where is the earring?  I told Jesse that I needed the other earring so that I could tune my detector to it.

I carefully searched for the earring where the ring was found but had no luck. I decided to search the other corner of the yard and knowing how hard earrings are to find I began very slowly and low scan search each inch and finally I heard a faint tone! I called Jesse over and told him “there IT IS”!   He looked but could not see because the earring was inside this pile! LOL, and again I said “this is it”!  He could not believe his eyes when we took the pile in to be washed out and there was Andria’s beautiful diamond earring!

Jesse and Andria was over the moon that her ring and earring was back where they belonged!

Another very happy client!  Thank you, Jesse and Andria, for entrusting me to find your missing jewellery in a very unusual location. Yes, Laser was definitely the culprit!

Lost Keys Parking Lot In The Oliver Neighborhood Edmonton Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Today I received an e-mail from Rachael asking if I would be able to find her keys.  I agreed to meet up with her at her apartment parking lot where she thought they could be.  After asking a few questions I began to search around her car and then the immediate area from the back entrance of the building.  I found them buried in about two inches of snow.   Rachael was very happy to have her keys back as we all know how expensive it is to replace security chip keys.

Thank you Rachael for entrusting me to find your lost keys.