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Diamond Engagement Ring Lost, Recovered and Returned in Philadelphia, PA!!!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Liana texted me late on the Friday after Thanksgiving seeking help to find her lost diamond engagement ring. I immediately called her and she told me she had been raking and bagging leaves in her backyard when her ring came up  missing…she thought it probably fell off while raking or bagging the leaves. We made arrangements to meet the following morning at her home in Conshohocken, PA. When I arrived the next  day I sensed Liana’s stress…they had spent many hours dumping and re-bagging all the the leaves in search of the ring already and even purchased a metal detector to try to find themselves. After no luck they read a suggestion online that they could hire a professional…hence the call to me. Liana, her husband and neighbors were all involved in the search…a very nice crew of people! I really wanted to come through for them. Since she said she already dumped and searched and re-bagged the 15 bags of leaves it made sense to scan the small yard first. I scanned the entire yard fully 3 times before I decided the ring is absolutely not there. I was little disheartened because the only thing left were the bagged leaves but they said they thoroughly searched them already.  We decided we needed to dump them again…one at a time…and now I’ll scan all the contents with my Minelab Equinox metal detector….well, we were on bag #7 or 8…when I couldn’t help but smile…I finally got the signal I was hoping for…I nudged the leave pile a bit with my foot and saw the ring! The group was busy re-bagging leaves and didn’t see my hesitation and smile…i savored the moment for a second…then asked Liana to come over…I pointed to her ring in the middle of the leaf pile…oh the joy and relief on her face! Its why I love being a ring finder….I was so happy to be able to come through for them!

Gold and Diamond Earring Lost, Recovered and Returned in Wayne, PA!!!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Lesley contacted me through the Ring Finders directory after losing  an extremely sentimental gold and diamond earring the day before. She was heartbroken with the loss and determined to find it! When I arrived at her home the next day she explained after a detailed investigation(involving her Ring doorbell camera!) that her valuable earring either fell off in her or her neighbors yard…the local convenience store (Wawa) or the bank. She went to the wawa and bank and looked and asked if anyone found…then went home and printed lost and found signs to post as well. She also purchased a metal detector online to begin searching hers and her neighbors yard. That’s when someone told her about the Ring Finders directory and hence the call to me! When I got there she had the other earring and I was able to calibrate my machine to it. It rang up a strong 12-13 on  my Minelab Equinox Metal Detector….so that was the signal I was looking for! She first took me to the neighbors yard where she stopped to play with there dog …there was a crazy amount of newly fallen leaves in a grassy area around a large magnolia tree. Lesley thought the earring most likely came off while she was playing with the dog…well…she was right! after a 10 minute search…BOOM….sure enough I got a strong 12-13 signal on my machine! With Lesley standing next to me…I spread the deep leaves apart…and behold her beautiful large gold diamond earring! Not sure I have ever seen anyone so emotional as Lesley at that moment…the joy and relief! I was so happy to be able to come through for her!

Platinum Wedding Band Lost, Recovered and Returned in Penn Valley, PA!!!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Leonard found me in the Ring Finders directory after he lost his platinum wedding band in an elementary school playground in Penn Valley, PA. He spent hours searching for it before reaching out to me for help. I met him the next day at the playground and he explained that due to some recent weight loss the band had become quite loose on his finger. He was with his son and wife at the school’s playground and had his hands full with all kinds of kids stuff when he figured the band must have slid off his finger. He spent the majority of time and was quite convinced the ring fell off in the mulched area of the playground but he also thought maybe it fell off during his walk back and forth to car. I started with a quick scan of entire mulched area of playground….then took 20 minutes and scanned the entire walking path to where his car was parked. Leonard was hanging with me and looking with his eyes as well….we were both convinced it must be there somewhere. After about 60 minutes I was ready to suggest to him we should wrap it up when he told me he dropped a pretzel very near/under a long aluminum bench along the border of the playground. I obviously didn’t check there since a huge metal bench would interfere with my metal detector…we grabbed both ends of bench and moved it 5 feet away…and I proceeded to detect that area. BOOM! I got the beautiful surface ring signal on my detector I had been hoping for! I looked down and there was his beautiful ring! I think I whooped and hollered and scared Leonard! I told him I found it….and his smile said it all! I was very happy to find Leonard’s ring for him!!!

Beautiful, Sentimental Gold Charms Lost, Recovered and Returned in Swedesboro, NJ!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Got a late night text from Renee after she found me in the Ring Finder Directory. After a few days of frantic searching and the purchase and attempted use of a cheap metal detector she decided to reach out to a professional! In our text conversation she shared with me that she was out berry-picking at her home in the Swedesboro, NJ area when her hand got caught in her beautiful gold, charm-laden necklace and the chain broke spilling all the charms over a grassy area. She was able to find the chain and 2-3 of the charms but couldn’t locate 2 of them. She told me that she acquired the charms in France many years ago….and they were extremely important to her. I agreed to meet her the following afternoon. Upon arrival to her home I first asked to see the similar charms she was able to recover….I scanned them with my detector to firstly make sure my machine could pick them up and secondly to calibrate my machine to pick up just them when scanning the area. She made it easy for me by marking the area where the chain broke and she found several of the charms. I was about 3 minutes into the search when my machine let out a sweet low tone that suggested gold! With Renee at my shoulder I bent down and pushed some grass out of the way….there they were! The immediate relief and joy showing on Renee’s face makes it all worth it! I was very happy to be able to reunite Renee with her very important and sentimental charms!

Gold and diamond wedding band lost, recovered and returned in Broomall, PA!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Shawn reached out to me via text today after finding me in the Ring Finders directory. We got on the phone together and he shared with me the details surrounding the disappearance of his wife’s white gold and diamond wedding band. Apparently yesterday afternoon his wife decided to take their 15 month old boy on a stroll around the neighborhood. After getting him situated in the stroller she removed her 3 ring wedding set(2 identical white gold diamond bands and a solitaire diamond ring) to put sun block on the baby and placed all 3 rings on the top of the stroller. She forgot to put them back on before starting the stroll and made it about 6 blocks before noticing them there. Unfortunately at that point only 2 rings were still there…1 of the bands fell off somewhere during the walk. I got to their house in Broomall, PA around 4 pm that same day. Shawn and I re-enacted the whole incident and walked the entire path where his wife strolled with the baby. It was a poured concrete sidewalk with grass on both sides. It was a pretty large search area! Shawn said he spent 4-5 hours searching the day before just with his eyes and with a flashlight at night. He even considered buying or renting a metal detector before deciding to call me. As I always do, the first thing I do is a quick demonstration of my equipment to give confidence that we wont miss it if I get over it. The great thing about this particular situation is that Shawn had the 2nd identical band that I was able to scan with my machine(Minelab Equinox 800) to see exactly what # it would ring up as. In the case of this band it was a solid 9-10 every time. With that info I was able to set my detector to just zero in on that target id. As I always do I brought a back up detector with me which I also set up to just zero-in on that 9-10 target. Shawn was all to happy to join the search by manning the 2nd detector and with him on right and me on left…we went to work. As an experienced detectorist I knew what to listen for so I was able to move pretty fast…Shawn to his credit was doing a pretty good job himself but maybe a little distracted by some errant sounds and trashy signals. Anyway we got about 4 blocks into the search and I felt like this was the most likely place the ring fell off…It was a little downhill and the sidewalk was bumpy. I was ahead of Shawn on left and got the perfect signal I was looking for…a screaming surface 9-10 signal. It was deep grass but I didn’t even look down…I knew what it was! I called Shawn over with the other detector and told him to sweep right where I pointed. When his detector start screaming with a 9-10 signal he looked at me with amazement…do you think that’s it? I said look….and sure enough there it was!!!!

Shawn readily admitted that no way he would have ever found the ring with out a metal detector and most likely wouldn’t have found it even if he bought or rented one. I tell people all the time that the experience of the detectorist is as important as the machine itself. To finish the story…Shawn texted me later to tell me his wife was beyond  ecstatic about having her complete set of rings back on her finger!

Gold wedding band lost, recovered and returned in Manayunk, Philadelphia, PA!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

I’m still laughing about it….Hopefully Taylor and Scott are too!

Taylor found me via the Ring Finders Directory after her husband, Scott, lost his large gold wedding band. They live in a row home in the Manayunk area of Philadelphia, PA. Apparently, Scott was horsing around with their dogs on the front porch when he felt(and heard) his ring slip off his finger and bounce into the front yard. Unfortunately, the sloping front yard is quite unruly with the presence of 2-foot deep ground Ivy vine. They had been searching for hours in the dark the night before and then again the next morning before they finally asked me to come with my detector. I showed up around lunchtime the next day(1/18/21). When I walked up to their front door I noticed the search area was going to be quite a challenge….it was quite overgrown and sweeping my detector was not going to be possible. Not to be deterred I made me way into the deep brush with the intent to poke in and out of the brush with my small search coil. I worked my way up through weeds to the top of the slope closest to porch and noticed that they had been hard at work cutting away and removing the first 2 feet of deep weeds. Scott and Taylor were on the porch looking down on me and talking me through the actions that lead to the loss.

Now keep in mind…I’ve been there 60 seconds and haven’t even turned on my detector…I look down in the middle of the small area that they had cleared that morning…and hey….that looks like a ring???? I bend down and ha!….it is a ring. A large, white gold wedding band. I pick it up and hold it out to Scott…who is clearly shocked? dumbfounded? amazed? embarrassed?

We laughed and laughed. Who knows how they could’ve missed it…I just told them how happy I was to be able to find for them. And then I told them it was their loss that they didn’t get to witness my mad detector skills!

So much fun to be a RingFinder!