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Diamond Engagement Ring Lost, Recovered and Returned in Philadelphia, PA!!!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Liana texted me late on the Friday after Thanksgiving seeking help to find her lost diamond engagement ring. I immediately called her and she told me she had been raking and bagging leaves in her backyard when her ring came up  missing…she thought it probably fell off while raking or bagging the leaves. We made arrangements to meet the following morning at her home in Conshohocken, PA. When I arrived the next  day I sensed Liana’s stress…they had spent many hours dumping and re-bagging all the the leaves in search of the ring already and even purchased a metal detector to try to find themselves. After no luck they read a suggestion online that they could hire a professional…hence the call to me. Liana, her husband and neighbors were all involved in the search…a very nice crew of people! I really wanted to come through for them. Since she said she already dumped and searched and re-bagged the 15 bags of leaves it made sense to scan the small yard first. I scanned the entire yard fully 3 times before I decided the ring is absolutely not there. I was little disheartened because the only thing left were the bagged leaves but they said they thoroughly searched them already.  We decided we needed to dump them again…one at a time…and now I’ll scan all the contents with my Minelab Equinox metal detector….well, we were on bag #7 or 8…when I couldn’t help but smile…I finally got the signal I was hoping for…I nudged the leave pile a bit with my foot and saw the ring! The group was busy re-bagging leaves and didn’t see my hesitation and smile…i savored the moment for a second…then asked Liana to come over…I pointed to her ring in the middle of the leaf pile…oh the joy and relief on her face! Its why I love being a ring finder….I was so happy to be able to come through for them!

Platinum Wedding Band Lost, Recovered and Returned in Penn Valley, PA!!!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Leonard found me in the Ring Finders directory after he lost his platinum wedding band in an elementary school playground in Penn Valley, PA. He spent hours searching for it before reaching out to me for help. I met him the next day at the playground and he explained that due to some recent weight loss the band had become quite loose on his finger. He was with his son and wife at the school’s playground and had his hands full with all kinds of kids stuff when he figured the band must have slid off his finger. He spent the majority of time and was quite convinced the ring fell off in the mulched area of the playground but he also thought maybe it fell off during his walk back and forth to car. I started with a quick scan of entire mulched area of playground….then took 20 minutes and scanned the entire walking path to where his car was parked. Leonard was hanging with me and looking with his eyes as well….we were both convinced it must be there somewhere. After about 60 minutes I was ready to suggest to him we should wrap it up when he told me he dropped a pretzel very near/under a long aluminum bench along the border of the playground. I obviously didn’t check there since a huge metal bench would interfere with my metal detector…we grabbed both ends of bench and moved it 5 feet away…and I proceeded to detect that area. BOOM! I got the beautiful surface ring signal on my detector I had been hoping for! I looked down and there was his beautiful ring! I think I whooped and hollered and scared Leonard! I told him I found it….and his smile said it all! I was very happy to find Leonard’s ring for him!!!

Stunning white gold diamond ring lost(3 weeks ago), recovered and returned in Philadelphia, PA!!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Kathleen reached out to me 3 weeks ago after finding me in the Ring Finders Directory. She lives in the Fairmont section of Philadelphia with her husband Eric. She was quite stressed and anxious as she conveyed to me that her beautiful custom-made white gold diamond engagement ring had gone missing. Over the phone she did a great job explaining the details surrounding the lost ring….she keeps both her rings(diamond & band) in a bowl on the kitchen counter…the bowl is shared also by her and Eric’s car keys. They were moving both their cars in and out of driveway and garage so they could start their day. Next thing she knows her band is in the bowl…but no diamond ring! She and Eric turn the inside and outside of the house upside down looking for the ring figuring when one of them grabbed their keys from the bowl they accidently grabbed the ring too…or possibly the ring was stuck on one of the keys. After hours searching the kitchen, cars, stairs, outside steps, driveway and garage…No luck.  So she calls me….I’m happy to talk to her and give her advice but I’m really thinking my metal detector really won’t help much because if the ring fell….it would most likely be on the floor, driveway, stairs or someplace that she would see without the aid of a metal detector. I always like to manage expectations and I do not like to ask someone for a call-out fee when it’s unlikely I’m going to be successful. She does mention this narrow garden bed that runs downward along their front stairs to the driveway. She tells me its a very small area with not a lot of plants/shrubs. I recommended that she thoroughly search the entire area again…including that garden bed just with her eyes and maybe a flashlight. I told her if she still wants me to come out she can call me back. 3 weeks later!!!!!….she calls me and says she would like me to come and search with my metal detector. I admire her refusal to give up!!!!

I got there today and met both Kathleen and Eric. As I arrived and was walking up the steps I saw the little garden bed she was talking about…a small area jammed solid with low junipers. No way I’m able to sweep my detector in that bed….happy I brought my 6-inch coil! I met them in the kitchen and she went through again the details of how the ring came up missing. I’m still thinking based on everything she tells me it’s either in one of the cars or on the driveway or stairs. We go outside and I quickly scan the driveway and garage area…no luck. I then start working my metal detector down the stairs in and out of the garden bed with the juniper shrubs. I’m pushing junipers up while shoving my detector underneath and sweeping my detector the best I can in the tight space. I was getting some signals on and off again from a cable that was running through the bed….but no signals suggestive of a gold ring. Eric and Kathleen were looking down on me from the top of the stairs. I found out later Eric had just suggested to his wife that they may have to accept the fact the ring is gone forever when I got an amazing signal from my machine…I was under a juniper shrub 3/4 of the way down the steps. I pushed the shrub out of the way…and  was crazy surprised to see this beautiful white gold diamond ring sitting there amongst the leaves and roots. I took a closer look to make sure what I was seeing….when I was sure it was, in fact, a diamond ring I looked upward to Kathleen and Eric with a big smile and nodded my head yes. I think they were stunned and confused….So I nodded my head again indicating yes…I think I heard « no way…you found it? ». I then reached under the shrub picked up the ring and handed it to Kathleen. She screamed and ran into the house with it to share the news! I found out soon after that the ring was custom made with diamonds that were from generations past and the sentimental value of the ring was close to priceless to them. As a Ring FInder sometimes you go on a job and you expect a good result and recovery…I had my doubts about this one. Have to give Kathleen credit for never giving up! I was very happy over being able to reunite this nice couple with their beautiful ring!!!

Lost Engagement Ring Recovered and Returned in Kennett Square, PA!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Got a call from Dan from Kennett Square, PA after he found me in the Ring Finders Directory. He and his fiancee, Sarah, are engaged to be married in October of this year. Dan was seeking help in locating Sarah’s lost emerald and diamond engagement ring. Apparently the day before Sarah spent the afternoon planting flowers in a bed in their side and back yard…later that day when back in house she noticed her beautiful ring was not on her finger. After searching the dirt around the newly planted flowers without success they considered renting or buying a metal detector to look for the ring. But to quote Dan… »decided the job best left to a pro » and they reached out to me. I met them late afternoon on a Tuesday and they quickly gave me a detailed run down on where they think the ring must have come off. Of note is the fact that they both told me the ring was too big for her finger and had a tendency to slip off. Anyway, it wasn’t a large search area… basically 2 mulched flower beds somewhat crowded with flowers. I brought 3 machines with me…since the area was tight with plants I went with my Minelab Equinox 800 with a 6 inch coil…which would allow me to get in tight around the pants and close to the house. As always I first demonstrated my equipment on my own wedding ring to convey to Dan and Sarah that if I’m over the ring I’m not going to miss it! I searched the small back bed first with out success…Dan/Sarah anxiously watching nearby. I moved to the front bed and during my 1st pass my machine blasted out a beautiful 11 gold tone in my headphones. I’ve been detecting for 40 years…I knew  before even bending down and digging that this was the ring! I called Dan and Sarah over and smiled and said….I like this signal! I grabbed my pinpointer and jabbed it 2 inches down into mulch and it announced  a target. Grabbed a fistful of mulch and turned to Dan and Sarah….opened my hand…and there it was!!! Dan was crazy happy and Sarah’s face flooded with relief! Another successful recovery!