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Long Lost Boston College Ring Found at Horse Neck Beach in Westport MA

  • from Woonsocket (Rhode Island, United States)

In August 2016, while searching for a lost wedding ring in the water, I came across a Boston College ring buried underwater in the sand. Someone had tried to scratch out the owner’s name, but with the help of a magnifying glass, I was able to identify the name, Christopher P. Martin.  I searched the internet and social media for months trying to find him. I even called Boston college twice to enlist their help in locating this graduate but that didn’t help.  After six months of searching, I decided to contact WJAR Channel 10 to see if they could help me in my quest to find the owner of the ring, and they agreed. After the story aired on Channel 10, I still didn’t hear anything. My wife had an idea.  Through the Boston College website, she connected with the Facebook of the Class of 1998.  She messaged both Chris Martin and a college friend of his with a link to the Channel 10 story.  Her detective work and the Channel 10 story paid off!  The friend forwarded the link to Chris Martin, and he contacted me.  Chris told me that his apartment was broken into about 15 years ago and his Boston College ring was stolen.  He agreed to do a follow-up story about the ring return with Channel 10. With the help of my wife and Channel 10, I was able to reunite the ring with its owner.  As you can see from the videos and photo, Chris was very happy to have this ring back!    videos…….. Local man finds lost Boston College ring  and   Missing ring reunited with owner