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Lost Wedding Ring returned in Canyon Country (Santa Clarita Valley)

I got a text the other day from Steven who was wanting to know if I could help him recover his wife’s wedding ring from the hillside in his backyard. I said sure and we scheduled an appointment for the search for today (5/21/22). Upon arrival it was determined that the ring could be anywhere on the right side of the hill somewhere in the dense brush. I had to improvise as there were only certain areas I could use my XP Deus II effectively so I fashioned an extension rod for my pinpointer so I could poke it into the bushes to see if I could locate a target. Steven was sure it was on the lower portion of the hill so I swept it and re-swept it a couple of times and then I told him it had to be up higher than he thought.

I said a prayer and asked God to lead me to the ring and I went to a spot at the top and on my second pass with my Deus I got a tone so I bent down with my pinpointer and confirmed a target but it was so dense I really had a hard time making out the ring. I finally could see that it wasn’t a trick of my eyes and I called Steven over and we said a prayer of thanks to God, picked up the ring and we got off that hill! The bees were starting to swarm a bit and the rattlesnakes are starting to wake up in the hills so enough was enough.

What turned out to be bad was made good again. If you too have lost a ring or other piece of jewelry don’t hesitate to text or call at 805-290-5009 so we can determine the best way to get it back to you. Time is of the essence as you don’t want someone else to get your stuff before we can get it back to you.


Lost Wedding ring found at Hendry’s Beach Santa Barbara

I got a call from Alex last night on the way to church. He and his family we’re enjoying the late afternoon sun at Hendry’s beach in Santa Barbara when he decided to cool off with a quick dip into the pacific. He has applied sunscreen only minutes before and when he got knee deep in the water he reached down into the water and when he brought his hands up his ring flew off. There was no finding it at that depth of water without a metal detector so I checked the tides and I felt that the low tide at 5:30am was our only shot at getting it back.

I got up at 4:30am hit the road and was at Hendry’s by 5:30am and I began to grid east-west to see if I could intercept the location it went into the water. After about 10 minutes I got a screaming hit on my XP Deus II and two scoops later I had the ring. Alex shared with me that the ring was a copy of his father’s wedding ring so the find was that much more meaningful. Alex did the right thing and called me at 805-290-5009 almost immediately after losing it which gave us the best chance to get it back. Don’t you hesitate to call if you have lost any jewelry of value because time works against us so call or text at 805-290-5009 and I’ll figure out a plan to get your ring back.

Lost Wedding ring found at Silver Strand beach Oxnard

I got a text from Aaron last week wanting to know if I could help him find his Palladium wedding ring that he had lost in the ocean at Silverstrand beach in Oxnard. Ocean recoveries are tough because the sand shifts with every tide and he said he had lost it over a week ago so I knew it was going to be tough but not impossible. I needed the tides in my favor so I checked the tables and last Saturday morning (August 21st) at 3:50am there was a -1.0 low tide so I got from him the general location he thought he had lost it and I told him I would be in touch.

Aaron wasn’t exactly sure where he was at or how far he was out in the water but I started to grid the area in the dark where I thought he might have been. I had been working north towards the jetty for an hour with no luck so I moved back where I started and headed south. On my third grid line pass I got a decent tone and after two scoops I had Aaron’s ring back. It was an awesome find given that it was pitch black out and the only light I had was moon through the fog. I had prayed that God would lead me to the ring and He did.

Aaron and met on Sunday so I could give him back his ring and thankfully it’s story will now continue even though it was buried in the sand for 10 days in the ocean. If you lose your ring let me know right away via text or call at 805-290-5009 so I can get to work on getting it back.

Lost Wedding Ring Found at Oxnard Shores

I was in church Sunday morning when I got a call from Chris who was hanging out at the beach in Oxnard with his family when his wife had accidentally lost her wedding ring after applying sunscreen to their young son. Kids, sunscreen and the sand often spell doom for rings as they get set aside and then forgotten about and get lost in the shuffle. Thankfully they called me right away(@805-290-5009) and as soon as church was out I agreed to meet them in Oxnard at the beach. Once I was there we surveyed the area they were in and I began to grid it according to their thoughts on where they were when the ring may have been lost. There was plenty of trash in the sand in the form of bottlecaps so I cleaned those out while looking for the right tone for a ladies white gold wedding ring. After moving to another location I quickly got a sweet solid tone and 9 on my Minelab Equinox 800 and three scoops later we had the wedding ring back and what started as a great day at the beach for Chris and his family would end that way as well. If you ever find yourself at the beach, the river, the lake, your front or backyard or at a park and you’ve lost your ring call me as soon as possible so I can get to finding it at 805-290-5009 or text me if that is more convenient.

Lost Engagement ring found in Carpinteria

  • from Oxnard (California, United States)

I got a call on Thursday afternoon from some folks who really needed my help in finding their engagement ring. For confidentiality purposes I cannot go into much more detail than to say that it was lost in the water at high tide. I checked the tide tables and determined the tide at when they lost it and set an appointment for 5:30am so we could utilize one of the last good minus tides of the year. 

While there seemed to be a good understanding of the general area it was lost it was tough to determine as a ton of sand had moved in with the previous high tide and rocks that were fully visible 12 hours before were now barely sticking out over the sand. I began the search working parallel to the ocean and after about 10 minutes I got a solid but deep tone. It took 3 scoops to get it out of the sand but when it did pretty much all I could say was OMG! I was told it was a diamond ring we were looking for but this was a diamond ring and then some and then some more! Thankfully we had all the right things in our favor, time and tide being the most important. The key thing that made it a successful recovery is that the call was made right away so if you lose a ring, pendant, keys or chain call or text me right away at 805-290-5009 so we can get on finding your item as quickly as possible.

Lost Wedding Ring Found at Caprinteria Santa Claus Beach

I got a call from Emily Saturday afternoon asking if I could help her son-in-law find his platinum wedding ring at the beach. My first question was did he lose it in the dry or wet sand? Her response was neither, he was neck deep in the ocean boogie boarding when it fell off. I did a quick check of the tides and it turned out he lost it at high tide so I knew I had one chance to find it today (Sunday morning) as we had a decent minus tide at 6am. Carpinteria is about 45 minutes from my house so I headed out at 5:15am to see if we could recover this ring. Gideon and Erica had been married less than a year and losing this ring was a blow for sure. Gideon is an ER Dr. in Ventura and finally had one day to rest at the beach after a 36 hour shift and he ended up losing his wedding ring.

I got out there and the tide was right where I needed it to be and I had around 20 minutes of search time before it came back in based on where I had plotted his location from yesterday. I was about 10 minutes in and I got a nice tone on the minelab equinox and two scoops later I had the ring in the scoop. Gideon, Erica and Emily met me at the beach and the return was complete. It was an awesome way to start a Sunday morning and I’m thankful we had the opportunity with the tides. If you happen to lose a piece of jewelry time is not on your side so make sure you call or text me at 805-290-5009 and ask for Dave. 

Lost engagement Ring at the Rincon in Ventura Found!

I got a call yesterday from Ryan who had been hanging out at the beach just south of Solimar in Ventura with her sister when she noticed her engagement and wedding rings were missing from her finger. The problem was that it had happened the day before and now she was back in Orange County where she lives and her rings were somewhere she hoped in the sand. I told her I would head out there asap and while on the way out there I realized that since today was the hottest day of the year the beach traffic was going to be off the charts. Sure enough I got there and the location she thought she was in was wall to wall people so I had to be patient in order to search and wait for some space to open up. Finally it did and if bottle caps were gold I’d be able to retire. In the 20×20 place I was hunting I pulled out 32 caps and tabs and foil. Figuring I had removed all the bad sounds I got a tone I liked, scooped the sand and in the scoop was a big rock! Under the big rock though was another rock, though this one had a little more value! I had one of the rings but not the wedding band itself. I put another 30 minutes into the search and expanded it into several different directions but no wedding band turned up.

When I called Ryan she was in tears because the diamond in her ring had been passed down to her and if we were only going to find one that was the one to find. I got her sisters address in Ventura and delivered the ring to her. If you have lost a ring or other jewelry don’t hesitate to call or text me at 805-290-5009. 

Lost Wedding Ring Found in Malibu at Leo Carrillo Beach

  • from Oxnard (California, United States)

I got a call on Sunday evening from an upset Cynthia about a ring she had lost at Leo Carrillo beach in Malibu. She had been given the responsibility of holding on to her husbands wedding ring while he went out and surfed a set on a Sunday afternoon. She had put the wedding ring on her thumb and played with her son in the sand. Three hours later on the way home Andrew asked for his ring back and to her horror, it was no longer secure on her thumb. I’ve found several rings for husbands under this same scenario. Give the ring to their wife for safekeeping while they surf only to lose it innocently later due to various reasons, mostly involving having to chase their kids all over the beach while their husband surfs. I scheduled a time to get out there the next day and I was pretty confident that I wouldn’t have to worry about anyone else getting it before me due to the extreme wind conditions that were forecasted for Monday. He sent me a pic of where he thought it could possibly be so i could plan my hunt.

I got there a little ahead of Andrew and Cynthia and started to grid the area. Once I met with Andrew he was able to get me a little closer to where he remembered they were sitting and after cleaning up the area of all it’s bottle caps I got a solid hit and I knew we had gold in the scoop. Needless to say we were all overjoyed at getting Andrew his ring back and release his wife from any type of guilt for losing it. We all make mistakes and it’s the best day ever to help bring restoration back to family’s.

If you ever find yourself in the same situation or just can’t find your valuables where you left them give me a call or text at 805-290-5009.