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Diamond wedding band found Lancaster Ontario

  • from Cobourg (Ontario, Canada)

Today’s travel took me to Lancaster Ontario, where I had the pleasure of meeting Christopher and Nicole. They had rented a beautiful property, over a week ago, for their wedding and family vacation. Unfortunately, while the whole family was swimming, Christopher felt his new Diamond gold/tantalum ring slide off his finger while playing with the kids. The good part was that he was fairly certain where about the ring fell off. The bad part, it was in in about 8 feet of water with silt and weed bottom. They contacted their local Scuba club and a diver came out, on two occasion, with an underwater metal detector but had no luck finding the ring.

This is where I come in. At first, and keep in mind that you have ZERO visibility due to murky water but especially due to the silt being disturbed, I found a few targets (beer bottle cap, fishing lure, lead weights) with the Excalibur II metal detector, then using my pin pointer (mini detector) to narrow down the exact area, you “feel” each and every targets with your finger tips, mixed in with silt and other debris, to identify those items. About forty minutes into the dive, I heard this great signal and, using the technique described above, I finally felt his beautiful ring between my fingers. Once I surfaced, I was able to visually confirm it was his ring and the rest is history. Definitely ranks up there in level of difficulty but the outcome sure was worth it. Another happy ending.