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Lost Ring found in the sand. Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl.

  • from Ponte Vedra Beach (Florida, United States)

Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl.

TIMING IS IMPORTANT .. call or TEXT Adam ASAP .. 714-785-5111 .. With all the spam calls if I don’t answer please TEXT..

***I received a call from this young man you told me that several days prior to him calling me he was standing in about two feet of water skimming rocks into the water at which time he felt his ring fly off his hand.  He told me the next day he bought a metal detector and tried to find his ring but but did not have any luck at all.  I informed him that if he directed me to the right area where he was in the water when he lost his ring that I believed I had a good chance of finding it even thou it had been a few days.  He was very hesitant because my profile did not show any recoveries. I informed him that I have recovered hundreds of rings but those recoveries were from different States and I could not display them in my Florida TheRingfinders profile. I texted him photos of many of my recoveries and informed him he had nothing to lose by letting me try and find his ring as there was no charge, if found reward only.

After searching for about a little over 1 hour I was thrilled to see the look on his face when  returned his favorite ring.


How to Find a Ring on the Beach … Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. .. Call a Member of TheRingFinders ..       “I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “

                          .. Call and Text – Adam someone you can TRUST…                                                     714-785-5111