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Ring lost at Mission Beach found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Nicholas put his wedding ring in an ice chest for safe keeping while on the beach. The problem was, he forgot it was there and dumped the icy contents of the chest by the pedestrian entrance trash cans when leaving the beach. He didn’t even realize it was missing until he made it home 2 hours away. He was about to write it off as lost, but, figured it was a worth a shot to try and recover it even though it was a long shot in his mind since it had been a couple of days already. He found me on the Ring Finders directory and made contact. With just a map and a couple of circled spots to search, I headed to the beach on a cold, rainy, windy day. The first area was a bust, but, after moving some trash cans out of the way, the second area produced his ring. Today, Nicholas and his wife made another trip here and happily picked up his ring. A pleasure to meet you both and thank you for the reward.

Lost ring San Diego found with Metal Detector

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I received a text Thanksgiving eve asking if I could help find a wedding ring Lost in a back yard after the husband was doing yard work removing landscaping and noticed his ring was gone! We agreed to meet Friday just after the holidays to give it a search.

Promptly arriving and meeting the nice family I was shown a few prospective areas that it may of been lost at a week earlier…There were many probabilities,Not just the amount of excess leaves, branches, bushes, shrubs, plants,Rebar,Nails,but Metal Detectors near sodium lights and Homes will interfere and give false signals that makes problems to even your average Hobbyists Metal detector guy.

After going through the first possible areas in the front yard I had found confidence that it’s not there. The second place to scan over is where he had first started to cut and remove debris. I began the search and heard 2 strong signals inches apart that were ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals so I reached down to the most likely target sounding like a Platinum ring using a hand held metal detector pinpointer And there was a shiny Wedding ring buried under vegetation!

They were so happy and in shock but Shockingly so was I to find this so fast. It only took just a 20 minute hunt to find his lost platinum wedding ring of 14yrs buried in San Diego! What a great service to be a member of and it’s such an Honor that I can help others in need.

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