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Lost Gold Nugget Pinky Ring on Baltimore, Maryland Property…Found by Ring Finder Brian Rudolph

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Roland’s 14 karat gold nugget pinky ring that he had only possessed for a few hours before it ended up being lost somewhere on his lawn.

Roland and his fiance happily posing with his very handsome piece of jewelry which metal detectorist, Brian Rudolph, was able to successfully recover from the couple’s Baltimore, Maryland property.

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Cliffs, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

Roland was so proud to purchase his first gold nugget pinky ring at a local jewelry shop. He put it on his finger and went home to cut his lawn. Sometime during his landscaping project, the gentleman realized that his newly purchased possession was no longer on his pinky. Roland panicked and began to search all over his yard to see if he could recover his lost gold nugget ring.

After minutes turned into hours, Roland realized that he was not able to reclaim his brand new piece of jewelry. He even acquired a metal detector to see if he could recover the ring with a rented machine, but even that idea ended up failing miserably.

The Baltimore resident eventually looked on the internet for additional help and that’s when Roland found the elite international directory of metal detectorists called THE RING FINDERS. He called me on the phone and that’s when I got all of the details regarding this particular ring search.

That evening, I drove to Randallstown, Maryland which is located in the suburbs outside of the city of Baltimore. When I arrived, Roland showed me around his single-family house property. There was a considerable amount of lawn for me to detect but I tried to logically think through the best order of attacking each section of grass.

The first area that I metal detected was the right side of the house. When there was no sign of the ring in that location, I headed for the front lawn and metal detected the grass that was parallel to the sidewalk. Still, nothing showed up on my machine indicating that I had possibly struck gold.

Next, I decided to skip the left side of the house and instead I took my gear to the rear of the property in order for me to inspect the area of lawn where Roland had first started the lawn mower. Even though my client thought that he had the ring on his pinky at the time that he began to cut the grass, I thought it would be best to check that section of the lawn just in case his recollection was innocently inaccurate.

Within a minute of me scanning over a small patch of grass just in front of the tool shed where Roland kept his lawn mower, I got a very promising signal on my metal detector, indicating that I might have hit a piece of gold jewelry. As it turned out, I did in fact find Roland’s fantastic new gold nugget pinky ring! Apparently, it had slipped off of my client’s finger during the pulling of the mower cord to start its engine!

I was so happy for the gentleman! Roland was extremely surprised that I was able to find his brand new piece of gold in less than 30 minutes since my time of arrival! He couldn’t believe where the ring had ended up all along!

Before I left Roland’s property, my client expressed his sincere appreciation for my professional expertise as well as my zeal in helping him recover his newly purchased gold prize! Earlier that evening when Roland had no success in finding his ring, the gentleman told me that he truly started thinking that he would never see his newly acquired special ring ever again… I’m so glad that in the end…The Ring Hero proved Roland’s fears to be quite wrong!


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Lost Diamond Earring at Goucher College in Towson, Maryland…Found by Metal Detectorist

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Serra’s 14 karat white gold earring comprised of multiple diamonds in a circular shaped setting…found on Goucher College campus in Towson, Maryland by metal detectorist, Brian Rudolph.

Serra and some of her family members celebrate the return of her very special earring that Serra’s beloved mother had gifted to her sometime in the past!

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Cliffs, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

Serra called me for help regarding the loss of her 14 karat white gold earring comprised of multiple diamonds in a circular shaped setting. She lost the piece of jewelry while waiting for one of her daughters to finish her swim lesson at Goucher College located in Towson, Maryland (in the Baltimore area).

Apparently, Serra was picking up one of her daughters on a grassy hill outside the aquatic building when without warning her beloved swim student returned and tossed her swim towel along the side of her mother’s face. That was the action that caused Serra’s earring to come off of her ear and land somewhere in the grass.

Serra was really upset about losing this earring because it was given to her by her mother and It meant a great deal to Serra. She frantically searched in the thick grass for the lost sentimental keepsake but all of her efforts led to no avail. She would return once more to the campus to look for the very elegant diamond earring but yet again she would not « strike gold and ice ».

Fortunately, Serra went online and discovered that there was a very special metal detecting service called THE RING FINDERS – a directory consisting of metal detectorists around the world who specialize in recovering all kinds of items including earrings, rings and miscellaneous jewelry.

After going through all of the details with my potential client over the phone, Serra and I set up a time for me to come out to Goucher College and attempt a recovery of her lost earring.

When I arrived at the search site, the young lady showed me the grassy knoll where the piece of jewelry flew off of her ear. Like an investigator, I asked her every question in the book before taking my detector out to conduct a few tests on her other matching earring.

That evening, I extensively grid searched a large portion of real estate along the hillside where the earring could have ended up. For the first few hours, unfortunately, all of the signals that I received on my detector pertained to pieces of metal that were hidden below the dirt. There were many onlookers who were quite interested in my quest to find the lost jewelry. Some stayed around for quite a long time just to see if I would pull the rabbit out of the hat. I loved the audience but as time rolled by, I eventually lost my faithful spectators!

At some point, I ended up on my hands and knees and backtracked to all of the sections that I had already metal detected just to make sure that I did not miss the little piece of metal anywhere on my grid parameter. Still, I found nothing.

Eventually, nightfall befell me and I started using my outdoor headlamp in order to illuminate my search environment. I was determined not to give up. I began to metal detect beyond the initial territory that I first set out to investigate. I concluded that the earring must have rocketed farther outside of the realistic search zone and ended up farther away from the initial designated epicenter that Serra and I had first marked off.

I am quite happy to share that my decision to metal detect beyond the original search area eventually paid off! To my great surprise and excitement, my detector picked up a very curious signal that came up in the range of what the matching earring had registered on my machine earlier that day! I got down on the ground, took out my handheld detector and pinpointed the exact location as to where that signal was coming from. Deep in the grass, there it was…Serra’s beautiful 14 karat white gold earring with a cluster of diamonds encased all around the circular gold setting! I could not have been more excited at that moment when my eyes beheld that lovely piece of jewelry that was hidden way beneath the many blades of grass! Apparently, the earring had shot off of Serra’s ear like a cannon and ended up over 20 feet away from where the towel had initially brushed up against the side of Serra’s face! Absolutely incredible!

I couldn’t wait to reveal the fantastic news with my client and her family! Serra was beyond shocked, and of course thrilled at the news of my successful recovery of her beloved piece of jewelry! In the end, she could not have agreed with me more with the words that I had first shared with her when we initially talked on the phone – that is…as an item recovery specialist… I never give up easily!


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Lost Tantalum Wedding Band in Snow…Found on Valentine’s Day While Metal Detecting in Baltimore, Maryland

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Josh’s Extremely Special Tantalum Wedding Band Recovered from the Snow on Valentine’s Day by Detectorist Brian Rudolph After Almost a Week Gone Missing!

Jenna and Josh Celebrating Their First Valentine’s Day Married With Josh’s Tantalum Wedding Band Back on His Finger, Found by Member of THE RING FINDERS Brian Rudolph!

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

I received a call from a young lady named Jenna who was desperately needing help with the recovery of her husband’s lost wedding band that was made out of a metal alloy called tantalum. More people are purchasing rings made out of this unique metal and I was excited that this would be my first search for this particular type of ring that meant so much to my clients.

The young lady went on to share that four days prior, she and her husband had just gotten home from picking up their car from the dealership. As soon as they got out of their cars, a fun snowball fight ensued. Both of them took their positions near the sidewalk (close to the parking lot curb) and on their townhouse property. There was a bit of movement around the snowy area while they were playing in the fun « white stuff », gathering up their arsenal and throwing the hard packed ice bullets in every direction.

After the couple called a truce and headed inside, sometime later on Jenna’s husband (Josh) realized that his handsome tantalum wedding ring was no longer on his finger. They had been married for less than a year and this ring meant the world to the young man. Once the couple looked around the house for the priceless piece of jewelry the two of them returned back outside that evening to search in the car, all over the snow covered sidewalk, front lawn and side area of their end unit. Sadly, all of their searching led to no avail. There was no ring to be found.

At some point while the emotionally depleted husband and wife sat inside to think about what to do next, they finally came up with an idea to search the internet for some type of solution. They typed in Google: « how to find a lost tantalum ring ». An article popped up that had been written by a member of THE RING FINDERS – the elite international directory of metal detecting specialists who find rings for people every day! The couple found their best solution to their problem! Immediately I got the call from Jenna asking for my assistance. Within a short while of going over all of the details of the ring’s disappearance, I scheduled a trip up to Baltimore, Maryland the very next day.

It was Valentine’s Day morning when I arrived at the couple’s house. A perfect wintry « love holiday » to recover a lost « symbol of love » for Josh and Jenna! I was told by the couple that this was their first Valentine’s day together as a married couple and it meant everything to them to get the ring back on Josh’s finger to celebrate their relationship on that particular holiday.

Immediately upon greeting the couple, the newlyweds showed me where they were standing and moving about when they had their outdoor fun several days earlier. The two took me over to the neighbor’s fence that was adjacent to their townhouse where they played with the neighbor’s dogs on that same snowy afternoon. They thought that maybe the ring slipped off of Josh’s finger while he was petting the animals. The last spot that they oriented me towards was a location near the parking lot where there was just a small patch of grass between the curb and the sidewalk. Other than that place, there were really no other places that Josh had been around.

Just before going to my car to get all of my gear out to begin the search, I asked the couple if they would agree with me in a word of prayer asking God for His wisdom in helping me successfully recover this very special « circle of love » for Josh. The two were very happy to pray with me and then shortly afterwards I began my « investigation »!

My first search location to metal detect happened to be all of the areas near the sidewalk (on and near the snow covered concrete). When I found nothing of importance there, I scanned over the entire lawn. I picked up a few curious signals but nothing worth notating in this article. I then detected over by a utility box where Josh said he had assembled some of his arsenal and also where he took cover behind the unit. Unfortunately, this was a difficult spot to detect because there was too much electrical interference coming from the utility junction recepticle. In order to make certain that the special piece of tanalum was not close to the large section of metal, I had to push all of the snow away from the box and then detect all of the newly gathered mounds of « white ice ». Everything checked out clear of any jewelry. It was time to move on to the next area to search.

Josh had told me that he did walk along the side of the townhouse and threw a couple of snowballs from that location. So, I used my machine to scan all along that area and still there was no ring to be found. By this point I was about an hour into the project and I wasn’t about to give up. I still had a couple of more places to check out. The neighbor’s yard was one of them.

Knowing that all of my other search sections were turning up nothing, I was so hopeful that I would find the ring buried in the snow just on the other side of their fence. I was thinking that there were two possibilities as to how the band could have ended up on the adjacent property: One, when Josh threw a snowball, the ring flew off and traveled behind him into the neighbor’s yard. Or two, because Josh had been playing with the neighbor’s canines that day when his ring disappeared from his hand, there was a good chance that the jewel dropped to the snow right near the fence or maybe it landed much farther away from where he was standing when perhaps throwing a stick or something. I decided to grid search all of that backyard area just to make sure that I didn’t miss a single inch. When all was said and done, there was absolutely no sign of the sentimental keepsake that Josh and Jenna hoped to recover.

It was about this time in the search that Josh was getting nervous that perhaps the band was maybe lost forever. Where could it have ended up? That was the question he started to turn over in his mind repeatedly. He was thinking that perhaps he lost the ring in his vehicle or possibly in the dealership parking lot earlier that same day when they were picking up the vehicle that had been in for service. I encouraged my client to hang in there and let me check and recheck every likely place that the tantalum band could have fallen into the snow. As soon as Josh heard my words of added hope, he returned inside once more while I detected the final untouched spot – the line of bushes in front of the house.

This particular area that I was about to search was saved for last just in case I did not find the ring anywhere else. The reason for this was because this search spot was the most unlikely place where the tantalum keepsake could have ended up. Josh was firing snowballs almost on a 180° angle in relationship to where the bushes were located in front of the house. He was more to the side of the property and therefore it would have been nearly impossible for the ring to fly off of his left hand and travel on a 180 degree angle towards the bushes that were in front of the house. Even though I have experienced some crazy scenarios where the item was found in the most unlikely of places, I really didn’t think this particular area would show forth the precious metal. Yet, it was my very final place to detect before having to start all over again and recheck all of the places that I had already scanned over – so I had nothing to lose in searching for the ring in that region.

I brought my equipment over to the hedges and began detecting under and around each of the bushes one at a time. It was not an easy situation because there were multiple obstacles that made detecting extremely difficult. One such issue was regarding electrical interference coming from the home. Another problem that I had to overcome was detecting over and around some sort of lighting system that was buried in the ground. And finally, on top of the earth but below the snow I identified solar light towers that were placed in the dirt throughout that area near the front walkway. All of these parts and pieces created metal « masking » and great confusion for my detector. I had to carefully and methodically search that complicated section of the property with a small coil at the end of my detector shaft and try to interpret a tantalum signal from all of the rest of the non-ferrous metal that I was encountering. Curiously at first I was not able to find the missing ring. I moved over to the other side of the walkway and began to detecting some more bushes just to see if maybe the ring traveled even farther than where I thought was nearly impossible to begin with. Still nothing turned up.

The situation began to look very grim. I felt that I had scanned every square inch of property and it appeared that I was going to have to start all over again and see if maybe I missed the ring out there somewhere. I was thinking that perhaps the ring was still hiding over by the electrical box where I had been detecting much earlier. But before I chose to re-scan the property once more, I decided to metal detect a little bit more around the back of the bushes closest to the concrete steps leading to the front door of the house. I thought that maybe perhaps the excess metal and electrical interference got the best of me and that I should recheck that area under some of the bushes one more time. Well, I am excited to share that moments following the start of yet another attempt to detect the snow covered real estate, I picked up a very promising signal coming from under the snow and it was definitely isolated from any of the other metal close by to this particular metal object. It also appeared to be a smaller piece of metal rather than larger ones that I was picking up in various places around the bushes. I knelt down onto the snow and placed my pinpointer beneath the ice to « zero in » on exactly where this object was buried. Once I cleared some of the snow out of the way, there it was, Josh’s most beloved material possession – his lost handsome tantalum wedding band! I found it at last! That’s where it was all of that time, right there near the entrance to the house but in the flower bed where the bushes were located! Somehow the ring flew off Josh’s finger at almost a 180° angle and ended up under one of the bushes closest to the front steps! I could not have been happier for this couple, especially knowing that I was able to recover the lost « circle of love » on Valentine’s Day!

What a wonderful morning that was in surprising Josh and Jenna with my most awesome find out there in the snow! They truly couldn’t believe that I had found the ring, especially after all of the time that had passed by with no results! Also, they were shocked when I shared the location where I discovered their cherished piece of tantalum! The two could not have been more grateful!

Before I left Josh and Jenna’s Baltimore, Maryland residence, the three of us thanked the Lord for helping me with this search and to have been able to successfully recover and return this most precious sentimental keepsake to its rightful owner! This story could not have had a better ending and the ring could not have been found on a more significant « love holiday » than the one that we were all celebrating together that morning outside in the snow…yes that’s right…Valentine’s Day!


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Lost and Found in Snow…Gold Cartier Wedding Band in Baltimore, Maryland Recovered by Ring Finder

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Andy’s Amazing 14 Karat White Gold Cartier Wedding Band Found in the Snow by THE RING FINDER’S Member Brian Rudolph!

Holding His Very Handsome Cartier Wedding Band With Elation and Delight, Andy of Baltimore, Maryland Couldn’t Believe His Ring Was Found by Detectorist Rudolph!

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

I received a call from a gentleman named Andy who requested my help in recovering his lost 14 karat white gold Cartier wedding band. Andy was walking his dog along an industrial street sidewalk that was covered with snow and ice. As he was taking his glove off to carefully “bag up” his canine’s “Number Two”, the gentleman saw his wedding ring fly off of his finger. He figured it had to be somewhere around that area, but after searching for some time for the cherished keepsake in the snow and dirt, all of Andy’s efforts led to no avail.

Sadly, the poor fellow had to return to his home up the street to share the bad news with his wife Cindy that his most special symbol of love from their wedding day was seemingly lost and gone forever. With the encouragement of his compassionate spouse, the two of them returned to that particular sidewalk. Later that evening, once again, both of their diligent efforts did not show forth the results that they were hoping for.

It wasn’t until Cindy decided to take this search effort to the next level that hope would finally make its way through the darkness. She went online and searched for answers to their problem and that’s when she came across the elite international directory of metal detecting specialists called THE RING FINDERS. Then, Cindy checked on the site to see who the closest detectorist was to them in the Baltimore, Maryland area and my name popped up. Excitedly, the very resourceful wife shared her findings with Andy and within minutes he sent me a text requesting a call from me. I could not have been more happy to serve the couple’s need and within a very short time of gathering up all of the details regarding the loss of the ring, we scheduled a time for me to come out the following day.

I will never forget that particular Monday that I drove out to East Baltimore to assist Andy in helping him recover his lost Cartier wedding band.  Because there were two other searches that took place prior to me driving north of the Washington DC area, it wasn’t until early afternoon that I was able to make my way to Andy’s neighborhood. My morning started in Alexandria, Virginia with a successful recovery of a lost ring in the snow. Then, I drove to Washington DC for my second ring search outside in the wintry environment, as well (I wasn’t so fortunate to find the missing gold and diamond Aggie A&M class ring in DC until after leaving Andy’s search to return to DC for Round Two).

I was really hoping that Andy’s ring was still out there somewhere because though there was still snow and ice on the sidewalk where he lost his ring, there were plenty of people that would be walking by throughout the day and it was quite possible that someone could eyeball Andy’s precious “circle of love”. If some melting would occur as time went by, my client recognized the potential of this unfortunate outcome, but he was also very optimistic that if he had a chance of recovering this extremely expensive and very sentimental possession, I appeared to be the right guy for the job!

Once I arrived in Andy’s neighborhood, my client led me down a few side-streets, which then took me to the bottom of the hill where railroad tracks and some other industrial buildings could be seen. I parked my car along the street just around the corner from where I would be metal detecting and Andy and I walked together to the search site.

The entire orientation time took no more than a couple of minutes as my client showed me the place on the sidewalk where he believed he lost the ring. There was a tall chain link fence that was to the right of the sidewalk and the asphalt sidewalk was still covered with snow and ice. I explained to Andy that our biggest challenge could end up being the interference coming from the fence. However, I also shared with him that I use certain methods to get around the enormous metallic “masking” that takes place when metal detecting around metal fences like that one. Because Andy wasn’t completely sure of the exact spot where he was picking up his dog’s mess, I told him that I would cover a large section of that sidewalk just to be certain that we didn’t miss any bit of real estate where the band could be hiding. If it still didn’t turn up, I would then go to the management company that owned the fence and the real estate within its perimeter in order to get access to metal detect the other side of the chain-link fence. In all honesty, I was hoping it would not come down to that. After my client showed me everything that I needed to see, I returned back to my vehicle to pull out the exact equipment necessary to conduct this type of search.

Once back at the sidewalk, I chose to use one of my detectors that has a small 6 inch coil at the bottom of it in order to scan areas where there is a high content of metal that could potentially interrupt my detecting. If the ring was still on the sidewalk, there was no way of knowing (with the snow and ice covering it) whether or not it came to rest near or literally just below the fence line. With using a smaller disc to move about in that search zone, it allows for the detectorist to create separation between the dominant metal (which was the fence) and the smaller piece of metal (Andy’s ring) that I was looking for.

Within the next few minutes following my initial set up of my machine, I did pick up a couple of targets that had some potential of being the handsome wedding band that I was searching for. Unfortunately, they turned out to be just false alarms. Then, just moments later, as I continued to swing the 6 inch coil just above the snow-covered sidewalk in a particular area that I had not analyzed at that point, I hit the perfect target signal which registered the exact numbers that I was predicting would appear if I found Andy’s ring. My client stood just a few feet away as he watched me kneel down onto the cold and wet surface to investigate this very promising target. I pulled out my handheld detector called a pinpointer and began moving it around the place where my detector picked up the signal. The distance between the object that I was checking out and the edge of the fence was approximately two and a half feet away from one another. Had I been much closer to the chain-link monster using a regular sized coil, it would have been detrimental to my search due to the overwhelming presence of metal that the 11 inch disc would have to compete with.

It took only a couple of seconds or two for my handheld machine to lock in on the exact spot where this piece of metal was hiding under the snow. Carefully, I used my fingers to move some of the excess ice out of the way to reveal the true identity of this metallic object. To my greatest surprise and delight, it turned out to be Andy’s most handsome 14 karat white gold Cartier wedding band! The interlocking artistry for this extremely heavy ring was most impressive! Because my client was just a few feet away observing this most magnificent recovery operation, I didn’t even attempt to surprise him! Rather, I excitedly picked up the hunk of 14 karat white gold and jubilantly announced the successful recovery of Andy’s lost wedding band! I immediately brought it over to him and the look on his “masked” face truly defined complete shock and awe! He couldn’t believe how fast I recovered the ring and I was just as happy that I was able to find it as quickly as I did! It was such a fantastic moment that the two of us got to have, celebrating the return of this most sentimental keepsake in Andy’s life! What a tremendous thrill! The whole experience was just as fun for me as it was for my very warmhearted client!

After Andy and I took some pictures together commemorating that awesome find in the snow, the two of us reflected on how fortunate Andy was to have that ring end up where it did. Had it been just a bit closer to the fence, even the smaller coil would have had a difficult time separating between the large amount of metal coming from the fence and from the very special piece of white gold that my client wanted back so badly.

As we said our goodbyes, Andy could not stop expressing his gratitude and his many sighs of relief knowing that this irreplaceable treasure was back in his possession once again! My client and I enjoyed our time together so much that we agreed that once the pandemic subsided, we would try to get together again. However, next time it would be a celebration of our new friendship that was uniquely birthed from Andy’s initial cry for help! What a special time that was on that winter day near the railroad tracks in East Baltimore, Maryland!


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Wedding Band and Engagement Ring Lost at South Point Sportsplex Baltimore, Maryland…Found by Ring Finder

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Ashley’s Rose Gold Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Both Recovered by Brian Rudolph

A Miracle Took Place! Ashley, in a State of Shock, Holding Her Most Precious Material Possessions at South Point Sportsplex, Port Covington Baltimore, Maryland


I received a phone call from a young lady named Ashley who was completely distraught and overwhelmed regarding the loss of not only her wedding band but also her engagement ring, as well. She and her husband Tyler contacted me while I was driving to another search in Washington, DC.. Their hope was that I might be able to help them recover these two very precious objects of love.

The couple found me on the elite international directory of metal detectorists called THE RING FINDERS. Upon reading my profile on the website, they learned that I provide metal detecting services in Baltimore, Maryland.

Ashley and Tyler went on to share details of how Ashley’s rose gold wedding band surrounded with diamonds and her rose gold engagement ring with a 1 carat solitaire purple sapphire surrounded by diamonds went missing. Apparently, 24 hours before their call to me, Ashley drove to an outdoor sportsplex to be involved in a flag football game. She parked her car, took off both of her rings, placed them in an outside pocket of a string backpack that contained her sports gear inside, and then proceeded to walk to the field to participate in the game. The pocket that she put the rings in had a zipper that was unfortunately broken. Knowing this, she took the precaution of pushing the sentimental pieces as far down into the pocket as possible and then carried the pack over her shoulder as Ashley headed for the game.

Later in the evening, after Ashley arrived back home, she remembered to retrieve the rings from her backpack. When she reached into the pocket, there was nothing inside! Panic began to set in! Immediately, she told Tyler of the situation and the two of them frantically searched their house and vehicle for the two most important material possessions that Ashley owned. Sadly, the rings were not discovered.

After the couple couldn’t find either one of the rings at their residence, they quickly traveled over to the sportsplex to see if maybe the rings dropped out of the backpack on the parking lot or on the football field. They spent hours looking and scouring every inch of where Ashley had walked, as well as where she placed her things during the game and neither ring turned up.

The two of them returned home demoralized by the unfortunate circumstances. Their only hope for finding Ashley’s rings was that they were lost in the grass where she put her things prior to the football game. Since they checked the parking lot already and everything looked clear, they were quite afraid that the rings could have already been spotted by somebody and picked up. Ashley and Tyler truly hoped that that was not the case and that the rings were still on the field.

The next day, Tyler went back to the sportsplex and checked the parking lot once again. Then, he moved his way over to the football field and investigated the grassy area one more time and his efforts unfortunately led to no avail. Ashley would do the same two more times before they looked online for additional help. That’s when I finally came into the story.

I felt so torn while I was driving to that Washington DC search because I knew that time was of the essence if Ashley had lost the rings on the parking lot concrete. They were emotionally worn out and extremely upset with what happened. I told the couple that if I finished the in-house search early enough that evening, I would drive straight to Baltimore to do a late night search for the missing rings. As it turned out, I did not complete the Washington DC search until after 10:00 p.m. . Therefore, I scheduled Ashley’s search for the following day sometime during the mid-afternoon.

It was a beautiful day outside as I drove into the city of Baltimore. To my right, I viewed many shipyards lined up along the very busy ports. On my left, were dozens of factories with smoke stacks and little houses that were intermingled between warehouses and old store fronts. I arrived at the South Point Sportsplex parking lot almost at the same time that Ashley arrived.

Once I parked, I made my way over to Ashley’s vehicle where we greeted one another and then the two of us immediately got started. She showed me where her car was originally parked and then took me to the football field. Upon getting back to the parking lot, I went to my car and retrieved the necessary equipment to search Ashley’s vehicle to see if the rings may had slipped down between the seats. I used a special endoscope to be able to fit down into crevices and spaces that the naked eye cannot detect. After checking inside, underneath and around both the front and back seats, I was convinced that Ashley’s wedding band and engagement ring did not drop out of the backpack inside the vehicle. This left us with checking the grass and the parking lot.

Next, I got out my metal detector and necessary gear to check the grassy path that led up to the football field. It took me maybe about 25 minutes to grid several lines back and forth; up and down the hill. That area was filled with trash but I was still able to confirm without a doubt that neither ring was dropped leading up to the football field.

The Area Where Ring Finder, Brian Rudolph Searched the Parking Lot for the Missing Rings.

Just as I was about to grid search the football field sideline where the backpack was placed just before the beginning of the game, I noticed a car pulling into the parking lot which parked extremely close to where I marked off that section with cones. Ashley had shown me the possible spaces where she believed she parked on the evening of the disappearance of the rings, and so I wanted to keep that area off limits to other vehicles. With urgency, I said to Ashley, ‘We need to protect our territory. Let’s delay metal detecting the field and I will cover the blacktop next while that car remains parked there’. She agreed with my plan and immediately the two of us returned to the parking lot.

It was at this point that I began to do a grid pattern on the parking lot concrete. Ashley recognized that the likelihood that the rings were actually on the concrete was extremely slim.   And if the rings had in fact dropped out of the backpack prior to Ashley making it to the field, they would have been most likely spotted by either Ashley or Tyler, or a pedestrian who would have eyeballed the keepsakes as he or she was getting out of their vehicle or returning to their car upon leaving the football game (or some other event that was being held in the previous couple of days). When I deal with searches like this one, I don’t allow all of those negative (though realistic) scenarios get in the way of my search attempt. The reason why I call myself an Item Recovery Specialist is because I look at every possibility and I don’t count out any location or distance around that area where the item or items may have been lost.

I have to admit, when I was first contacted to do this search for the lovely young couple, I knew my chances were near to none in finding the rings there in the parking lot. The probability was much better that we could recover one or both rings hidden in the turf of the football field. They would have been securely hidden beneath the grass and protected from one’s eyes. Yet, I never doubt the possibility that a miracle can happen. I’ve seen and heard too many amazing and fantastic ring search finishes!

As I was detecting halfway into the third grid line on the concrete, I got a promising signal that I was compelled to check out. Up to that point I had recovered other little pieces of metal, including: a couple of pull tabs, a coin, and a few miscellaneous targets made of aluminum.

Just as I was going down to check out the object that I had detected, my eyes « zeroed in » on the most beautiful piece of jewelry that appeared to be rose gold in color, and the shape was that of a halo – or better yet…a ring! I did a double take and I could confirm that I had in fact found Ashley’s gorgeous engagement ring! It was stunning to look at! What an unbelievable recovery! I almost had to pinch myself because this was just too good to be true! I couldn’t wait to surprise the distraught young lady who was patiently hanging out in the parking lot about 25 feet from where I was conducting the search! Before I said anything, I continued on metal detecting with the hope that perhaps the wedding band had also not been spotted and picked up by someone.

Both the Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Just Three Feet Apart from One Another in the Middle of a Parking Space!

I finished that particular grid line where I found the engagement ring and eventually moved on to the next lane, starting my way back in the other direction. Inside of me, there was so much suspense and tension building within because I knew that if I was going to find the wedding band, it would most likely be found not too far away from where the first one fell out of the backpack. Well, just as I swung my Minelab Equinox 800 detector approximately 3 feet from where I found the 1 carat solitaire purple sapphire surrounded by diamonds engagement ring, I got another fantastic signal that was worth checking out. I began to kneel down to investigate the target when all of a sudden another rose gold ring came into sight! It was Ashley’s rose gold and diamond tiara wedding band! Once again, I couldn’t believe what was happening! Not only did I recover the engagement ring, but I had found the missing wedding band, as well! Incredible! What a miracle! I know that the prayer that Ashley and I petitioned up to God just prior to beginning the search had absolutely been answered! The complete ring set belonging to this sad and defeated bride was about to return to Ashley’s left hand! Wow! What a moment that I was experiencing! The odds of this happening is few and far between! My heart was racing uncontrollably! The two rings had fallen out of the backpack just as Ashley had removed it from her vehicle! Then, for the next couple of days, the precious jewelry laid bare on the parking lot concrete, unseen by the couple and everyone else for that matter! Incredible! It had not even been run over by a tire!

Minutes later, I surprised Ashley with the first ring! She was completely blown away by my discovery! The moment was totally surreal! And then…I unveiled the second band! That’s when the floodgates within her eyes opened up and at that point there was no stopping the pouring tears of happiness! She was beyond grateful for my work and so very relieved that the two most important material objects that she owned (which she thought were most likely gone forever) had returned to her once again…and forever they will remain with their rightful owner! I will never forget that day in Baltimore, Maryland when I recovered those two beautiful symbols of love from that busy South Point parking lot where they laid for nearly three days!

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Lost High School Class Ring…Found on Celebrity Figure Skater, Dorothy Hamill’s Former Estate in Cockeysville, Maryland

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Lauren’s Lovely Private High School Class Ring Shines Happily Once More!

Lauren Smiling From Ear to Ear as She Holds Her Cherished 14 Karat Gold Class Ring!


A woman named Janice was referred to me by someone who knew that I was on the elite international metal detectorist directory called THE RING FINDERS. She checked out my information and success stories regarding countless rings and other items that had been recovered throughout the last couple of years. That’s all it took to convince Janice that I was the one capable of finding her daughter’s lost 14 karat gold high school class ring.

Lauren had lost her class ring while hanging out with the family on a beautiful warm spring evening. They had a lovely picnic in the backyard of their gorgeous historical mansion located in Cockeysville, Maryland (17 miles from downtown Baltimore). The senior in high school, her sister, mother and father all sat at the picnic table overlooking the most perfect scenery of endless acres of grass, trees, streams and fields. The setting was simply paradise! Lauren asked her sister if she would hold onto her two rings (one of them was the gold class ring) while eating at the outside table. She obliged and put the jewelry in her short’s rear pocket.

After the family dinner picnic, the two girls went for a walk around the back of their estate, listening to music and enjoying each other’s company. They even ran around a bit, having the best time of close sister fellowship with a bit of exercise attached to their fun! Upon their return inside the mansion, Lauren requested her rings back from her sister. When her sister reached back into her rear short’s pocket to retrieve the two rings, there was only one ring to be found. The class ring had come out of the shorts during their time outside earlier that evening.

The family immediately switched into sleuth mode! Everyone headed down the grassy hill and over to the picnic table area to see if the yellow gold high school class ring could be spotted through the grass. They also looked around the hill area because Lauren’s sister had been carrying some of the dinner items back and forth from the kitchen to the picnic spot and then back up the hill again. Still, nothing was found. Flashlights and phone lights were used to look all over the field, and yet they still could not find the missing ring anywhere. There was so much territory to cover, and frankly I don’t think they knew where to begin because the ring could have fell out of Lauren’s sister’s shorts just about anywhere. The family tried to retrace the girls’ steps, but all of their efforts led to no avail. Eventually, they had to surrender their search attempt that night and figure out what their next plan of action would have to be.

Lauren’s mother, Janice, was really upset about the missing ring because it meant just as much to her as it did to Lauren. It represented a great accomplishment for her daughter and there was a lot of sentimentality attached to this particular class ring. She wanted to do everything possible to recover this beloved keepsake for her daughter. Instead of buying a metal detector (which neither her husband or herself knew how to operate effectively), Janice decided to contact a professional metal detectorist. This is where I come into the story. I had the pleasure of talking with Janice about the situation and I told her that if she invited me to their property, I would guarantee the return of this ring to Lauren’s finger! I didn’t know how long it would take, but I told her that I would find the piece of gold jewelry and it would stay within the family storyline for years to come! Janice was extremely encouraged by my words. We scheduled a time for me to come out sometime later that evening and I looked forward to solving the mystery as to where Lauren’s elite private school class ring ended up.

Later that evening, I finished up with a previous client in Northern Virginia and I traveled towards Baltimore where the search site was located. I had no idea that I would be conducting the recovery operation at not only a very historical site, but also a very nostalgic one for me, as well. Let me explain. It turned out that the mansion and the land which it sat upon was owned by a very famous quarryman owner with the last name of Scott. He not only built the mansion back in the late 1700’s, but in addition to that, in the 1800’s, Scott provided the famous stones that were used to build the first Washington Monument located in Baltimore, Maryland, as well as the same marble that was used to build Washington DC’s famous Washington Monument! Upon arriving at the estate, I also learned that the mansion had been previously owned by none other than Dorothy Hamill, the famous figure skater just seven years prior. This was the sentimental part of my search because I grew up watching Dorothy Hamill on television and in person when I was taken by my parents several times in the 1970’s to an ice-skating event called The Ice Capades. I thought it was so cool that I was searching for a missing ring on the very grounds where Dorothy and her family took their walks, enjoyed picnics and entertained guests over the years at this particular historical mansion.

(At the end of this story, I provided additional historical information regarding Scott’s Quarry and the two famous monuments that were constructed in honor of our first president of the United States.)

I will never forget how beautiful my surroundings were as I drove to the mansion. There were horse farms on every side of the country road. As I drove down the very long private lane, it opened up to a marvelous circular drive where the mansion sat, along with a lovely guest house located on the opposite side of the front property. The lawn was exquisite and the trees and streams that surrounded this perfectly painted creation of God simply took my breath away.

As soon as I parked alongside the house, I was greeted by Janice and her husband. At some point Lauren also came out to greet me and it was there that I was guided towards the back yard where I would be shown the vast acreage where they believed the class ring fell out of Lauren’s sister’s pocket. The family was quite kind to me and was very grateful that I could come to help them recover Lauren’s beloved class ring at such short notice. As we made our way from the back stone patio, down the hill to where the picnic table was located at the edge of the field, I was given more details about what took place the night before. Because the family had been looking all over the estate grounds, they explained to me that the picnic table had been moved from its original spot. I would remember this piece of information later on when I returned from the car with all of my metal detecting gear. Janice and Lauren walked took me across the field and guided me to all of the different places where the sisters walked, jogged and played around during that evening when the ring came out of the pocket.

Posing with Scott’s Mansion / Dorothy Hamill’s Former Home!

The scenery behind the house was absolutely exquisite. The most beautiful stream meandered around the 25 acres or so, approximately 75 yards away from the historical mansion’s rear hillside. I will never forget the stillness of the evening and the peace that I felt as I strolled across the grass with the two ladies. If there was any place on earth that I could choose to search for a lost item, this was the perfect environment! As I was walking around, occasionally I would glance up at the mansion at the top of the hill and thought to myself how cool it was that I was searching for a lost item where one of my favorite childhood celebrities once resided. Dorothy Hamill’s amazing ice skating abilities would simply take my breath away as she so beautifully danced about the ice arena during shows and competitions! She was definitely my all-time favorite figure skater!

Once I got all of the facts as to the many possibilities as to where Lauren’s sister may have dropped the ring, I returned to the car and gathered up all of my metal detecting gear. Because there was a lot of territory to conquer, I prepared myself that this could end up being a very long search. Nightfall was just starting to set in, so I made sure that I had all of the necessary night gear available at my fingertips. This included: my Minelab Equinox 800 detector, a high lumens headlamp, headphones, gloves, handheld pinpointer (small detector) and my detector harness vest.

The moment that I arrived back down at the search site, I immediately set up my detector to be able to locate the yellow gold ring that I was searching after. I am extremely experienced at finding lost class rings so I knew exactly how to adjust the settings for Lauren’s piece of jewelry. I utilized a large 15 inch coil (the large loop that is connected to the bottom of the detector shaft) which allowed me to cover a much larger area to detect in a much shorter period of time.

The first area that I searched was all around the picnic table. Once I made sure that there was no sign of the ring, I moved the table to a different place to detect the grass where it had been originally positioned. I covered the area a couple of more times just to make sure that the keepsake wasn’t lost close to the vicinity of where everybody was sitting the night before. It was definitely clear of the ring within a 25 to 30 foot radius around the table.

A Portion of the Field Where I Was Metal Detecting (The Stream was Located Behind the Tree Line)

The next few sections that I wanted to detect were located closer to the stream. The girls had made their way from the picnic table over towards the water on a diagonal path.  Therefore, I wanted to check the spots where they were hanging out before I started gridding across the field. When nothing turned up in those areas near the stream, I knew that it was time for me to start detecting from the picnic table over to the water on that diagonal course where they had walked. No one was quite sure exactly where Lauren and her sister had moved across the field, but they were certain that it was at a particular angle which took them towards the water. I started to make my gridlines across the field at that particular angle and then I returned the other way with a second grid line to see if maybe the ring came out of Lauren’s sister’s pocket when they walked from the table over towards the water.

I swung the metal detector coil back and forth as I moved across the field and then back again towards the picnic table. I carefully made sure that I didn’t miss a single potential target that could end up being Lauren’s gold class ring. It was probably 45 minutes or so into the search when I hit a particular signal on my second grid line moving towards the picnic table from the water’s edge. I believe I was approximately 40 feet away from where the picnic table originally was situated. Though I had detected a good amount of area around the picnic table, this particular target was just outside of the zone where I had been searching prior to starting the gridlines. With my headlamp blazing above me, I knelt down to the grass and pulled out my handheld metal detector to check the specific area where my Equinox 800 was picking up the target signal. At first, it appeared that the piece of metal that I had detected was somewhere below the dirt because I didn’t see anything other than the many blades of grass ascending from the earth.

My First Glance at Lauren’s Brilliant Gold Class Ring!

Until I was completely sure that this particular metal was below ground, I kept moving my pinpointer around that vicinity just to confirm that this was not the target that I was looking for. All of a sudden, to my greatest surprise, I saw a reflection of light that was bouncing off something that resembled a small piece of gold. My fingers moved through the blades of grass until I uncovered the very special treasure that I had been hoping to find for young Lauren! There it was peeking out from the jungle of green! It was Lauren’s high school class ring! Indeed, it was a very beautiful piece of jewelry! It was constructed with a 14 karat yellow gold band accompanied by a blue stone with Lauren’s private school crest engraved in the middle of the ring. I had solved the mystery as to where the ring had fallen out of Lauren’s sister’s pocket! I was beyond thrilled at what I had discovered and how quickly I found the keepsake in an area with so many acres of land that I potentially would have had to detect! It could have taken hours upon hours to find something this small. Yet, my methodical work paid off as I eliminated section by section, grid line by grid line until I eventually hit gold! Yes, I certainly did! I was so very happy to discover this gorgeous piece of precious metal!

After I marked the spot as to where the ring was found, I was hoping to surprise Lauren and her family with the wonderful discovery. However, Lauren’s father had coincidentally been looking through the house window as I was kneeling down in the grass while investigating my gold target signal. He thought to himself that perhaps I may have found what we were all looking for. So he started walking out of the rear door of the mansion as I approached the top of the hill. He asked me with an excited tone of voice, “Did you find it?” I then raised my hand in the air with the gold ring clutched between my fingers to show the gentleman my proud find of the evening! His face lit up with the most satisfied smile and proceeded to congratulate me on finding such a needle in a haystack! He was almost in complete disbelief that I was able to pull this ring from such a large territory! Within seconds, Lauren and her mother made their way across the stone patio to find out if perhaps all the excitement that we were experiencing had something to do with finding Lauren’s ring. They were happily surprised to see the class ring in my hand! Lauren was beyond thrilled to experience such a very special reunion with the ring that she cherished so very much! It was one class ring reunion that I will not easily forget! She was so taken back that I was able to find this extremely beautiful piece of craftsmanship that represented such an important accomplishment in Lauren’s life! Janice was equally excited and quite impressed that I was able to find the ring so quickly with so many acres of land out there to search!

Dorothy Hamill at Her Finest!

It was there that night, on that famous ice skater’s formally owned estate that the four of us celebrated our own special victory with the successful search and recovery of Lauren’s gold high school class ring! It was absolutely thrilling for me to be invited onto such a lovely estate to help this dear family find something so important as Lauren’s beloved keepsake!

Hamill was the Most Famous Skater During the 1970’s

Not only was it a very nostalgic time for me, knowing that Dorothy Hamill once lived on the property where I had conducted my search, but it was equally exciting to know that two of our most prominent monuments honoring our first president, George Washington, were constructed with the rock that was pulled from this very propert nearly two centuries ago!


Now, every time I pass the Washington Monument in our nation’s capital of Washington DC, I always think to myself how special it was to have found a lost ring on the same land where most of those blocks of marble were originally dug up from Scott’s quarry so many years earlier! And to think that this mansion was built and dwelled within by Mr. Scott himself dating all the way back to the late 1700s! It was truly a very special ring recovery adventure, filled with several sentimental and historical significances! I will never forget that magical night at Scott’s mansion in Cockeysville, Maryland! Never will I forget it!

More History About Scott’s Quarry

As shared above, Scott’s Quarry’s marble was used to build the very first monument (located in Baltimore, Maryland) honoring the life and legacy of America’s first president, George Washington.

Scott’s Quarry Historic Marker

Designed by architect Robert Mills and erected between 1815 and 1829, this was the first public monument erected to George Washington. The construction contract specified « the whole of the column is to be of the whitest and the best quality marble from Scott’s Quarry. »

Another great piece of construction honoring our great American leader is The Washington Monument in our nation’s capital. It too was made from the same marble limestone that Baltimore’s Washington Monument was made out of. It towers above the city that bears Washington’s name, serving as an awe-inspiring reminder of George Washington’s greatness. The monument, like the man, stands in no one’s shadow.

The Washington Monument, designed by Robert Mills and eventually completed by Thomas Casey and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, honors and memorializes George Washington at the center of the nation’s capital. The structure was completed in two phases of construction: Phase 1: (1848-1854) and Phase 2: (1876-1884). Built in the shape of an Egyptian obelisk, evoking the timelessness of ancient civilizations, the Washington Monument embodies the awe, respect, and gratitude the nation felt for its most essential Founding Father. When completed, the Washington Monument was the tallest building in the world at 555 feet, 5-1/8 inches.

The First Washington Monument in Baltimore, Maryland

In the beginning, the original idea for Washington’s statue was to have our first president sitting on a horse. Washington liked the concept. However, ultimately others didn’t favor the design when it came to deciding on the equestrian look. Then, in 1836, 37 years after Washington’s death, architect Robert Mills, who also designed Baltimore’s monument to Washington, came up with a new design for an obelisk (a pencil like structure) that appealed to planners. « It was modern in its concept, » said Baltimore County historian John McGrain. « It’s a very sleek, straightforward kind of design. »

Americans were urged to contribute $1.00 each for the stately structure. The cornerstone was laid in 1848, but construction was stopped as funding dried up and the Civil War was on the horizon. Work resumed and was completed in 1884, giving the monument two different shades of marble. According to park service research, the marble for the bottom section came from what is now Redland Genstar in Texas, Maryland near Interstate Route 83 outside the city of Baltimore, Maryland. The top 300 to 400 feet of the amazing 555 foot tall structure came from Scott’s Quarry in Cockeysville, Maryland only 18 minutes from Texas, Maryland.

In the early years of the marble business in the 1840s, the rock, dug from a string of canyonlike pits in the area, was used for such notable buildings as the Capitol in Washington, Baltimore’s City Hall and the Baltimore County Courthouse. Many of the city’s well-known white marble steps also came from the quarry. « They say this is the stone that built Baltimore, » Gease said.

In those days, marble was extracted tediously by hand, mostly by Irish immigrants who had fled their famine-stricken country for the $1.00 to $1.50-a-day wages at a quarry. The laborers chiseled the stone from beds that were formed millions of years ago as masses of mucky sediment were squeezed, melted and recrystallized. The cut marble slabs were heaved into carts and rolled about a half-mile to the Cockeysville railroad station for delivery to such destinations as Washington DC.

The Second Washington Monument in Washington DC

In 1998, during the more recent Washington Monument restoration project, fresh blocks of Scott’s Quarry limestone was discovered to replace old broken pieces from the weathered historical structure. This time, in the modern age, the stone was transported to DC in a more simpler fashion. A flatbed truck carried the designated marble to the Nation’s Capital where it was reunited with its 150 year old counterpart that originally helped to make up the world’s tallest free-standing masonry structure.

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