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Lost Hierloom Ring in the Snow .. Crestline, CA. .. Found four days later

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Thais contacted me asking if I would be able to help her find an heirloom diamond ring that was passed down from her husbands late mother.
Discussing what happened on the phone she said, that the ring was on a necklace. They had made a trip to Crestline,CA. to see the first snow fall of the year with friends that have never seen snow.
Thais was certain that the necklace had broken at one of four stops they had made to install tire chains. It is now four days after the loss and is about 80 mile drive. The snow has already melted possibly the ring could have been pushed to the side of the road with snow plows? It’s a long shot but worth a try.
They sent me PDF maps of the 4 locations.  So I started my drive, just as I was leaving, Thais and Jesse texted me that they decided to drive up to meet me, which would definitely increase their odds of finding the ring.
They arrived 10 minutes before I got there.. Thais walked over to a place that she had been playing that day she lost the ring. Guess what? On the edge asphalt parking lot right in plain sight was the priceless heirloom ring. Thais found it just as I pulled into the parking lot. She said they had given up but after talking to me they had hope to try, which worked this time.
My take on this.. « Don’t give up, just before the miracle happens »