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Diamond Engagement ring found in Central Ontario

I was contacted by a lady early last week about her soon to be daughter in law, having lost her custom made diamond engagement ring. They had been working in the backyard, cleaning up old flower beds and trimming trees, for preparations of upcoming wedding reception. She had removed her ring and placed it inside a zippered pocket, to avoid loosing her precious ring. However, she was also using the same pocket to carry fence ties in order to put up a new fence. Somehow, while in the process of reaching for the ties multiple times over the course of the afternoon, her diamond ring fell out. After looking for a couple days with friends and metal detectors with no success, I was asked to come down and try to find the ring for them. An hour or so into the search, found the ring under foliage, on the neighbour’s side of the fence, in thick vegetation. The lady was absolutely ecstatic and extremely happy the ring was found. Unfortunately, I did not get to meet the young lady and her fiancé, since they live out of town and weren’t there during the search. But did get a very appreciative phone call. Very happy to be able to reunite them with their custom ring and in time for their upcoming wedding. They respectfully requested not to use their pictures or video to protect their privacy. All ends well with another happy customer. 😊