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Found Ring Yakima Washington

  • de Yakima (Washington, United States)

Nice Ring and happy family

Received a call for a ring lost in a garden area. He was certain it had fallen off in a 10*10 area. They met July 4th and he proposed the next day. After a one year engagement they were married. Now married for a year. This ring was not only expensive, but he tells me the sentimental value was priceless.

In this search area power lines were just above and there was tons of interference. My detector selected a quiet channel and the hunt began.

Filled with nails in one part made it nearly impossible to hunt. After about an hour of grid searching I was certain the detector would not find it so switched to a ground hunt crawling over the area with my pin pointer. It took about 20 minutes and I found it.

Always a nice surprise to find the ring and the relief and happiness it brought was a great reward. He also gave me a nice reward for my efforts.

A great hunt and a great family. Thanks for the call out.

Ring Found Wapato Washington

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I was called for a lost ring in the yard. Somehow this ring sprouted wings and sailed over the yard. Landing next to a clump of tall grass. It did not take long to reunite the ring with its owner. Smiles all around!


Ring found Gorge Amphitheatre Washington

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I received a call to search for a ring lost at a concert. It was lost in the parking area in a field with pasture grass. The owners of the ring had reached out to me for the search and we set plans to meet. On the morning of the search we met in the general area of the search. This was acres of grass and the first priority was to narrow the search area. After playing 20 questions we had located the likely area to hunt. I set up my detector and started a grid search. The rings owners also began to search by slowly walking the area and looking through the grass.


It took all of five minutes to locate the ring. As much as I would like to say I found it by my awesome metal detector skills it was actually the husband who found the ring some 20 feet away. He credited me with the find by narrowing down the search area and rewarded me with a very generous gift. We were all very happy to return the ring.


I said it it was my best hunt ever for speed of recovery. Thanks for the call out.  Smiles by all.


Beautiful ring recovered

Ring Find Along Yakima HWY 97

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I received a phone call requesting help on finding a ring that had been lost along the highway in Yakima County. This was a wedding ring of white gold and diamonds. The couple had already searched the area looking for the ring for three hours and had not been able to find the ring. The ground they were searching was covered in tall weeds and a brush.

I arranged to meet them the next day in the early morning hoping to cut down on the HWY traffic noise. We met at 8am and drove to the location where they had pulled over once they noticed the ring had fallen out of the car. As with most searches the initial location was not where we found the ring. The going was tough for the search as the coil of the metal detector had to push through the weeds and brush along with countless signals in the target numbers that were trash and very loud traffic noise.  Most ring searches like this rely on hearing the signals.

The target search area was adjusted a few times by the couple and no luck. Finally the wife asked I look in an area she thought the ring may be in, and after searching for about ten minutes I was able to locate the ring. I was surprised that the ring was already half into the loose ground and duff. It was also sitting on its edge, not flat like I would have thought.  The ring was at least 20 feet off the roadway. The signal on the detector was not great, but it was in the right range with a decent tone response. I had to look close to see just the top of the ring with the diamonds.

Needless to say we were all very happy to find the ring and I was given a very nice reward for my efforts. Along with a couple of hugs, hand shakes and lots of smiles. It is hard to explain the awesome feeling of finding someones lost wedding ring when the odds of finding it are so very remote.

It was a great hunt and this wedding ring, now 9 years old will continue on.





Ring Found Yakima Washington Snowman Still Missing

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I was called by a concerned husband. His wife had lost her ring while helping her children make a snowman. She did not notice the ring coming off, but did have a fair idea where it might be in the front yard.   It was tempting to wait until the snow melted, which would make the search much easier. However the husband impressed me with his concern and I agreed to search right away.

The front yard was good sized and snow covered. The Snowman had already moved on. The wife showed me the general area she was in. I started the grid search in the area she thought was most likely to have the ring. I grid searched  half of the yard and then the other and still no ring. I did however find the assorted penny, toy, bottle top, pull tab and then the not so usual item, a scooter bike.

I expanded the search on the yard farthest from the snowman, and after about 20 minutes had another good signal. Sure enough there was the ring. I had many signals that were the same and searching and finding each target led me to the ring. You have to hunt all the targets in this case because I was skimming over several inches of snow.

The wife was very happy about the find and gave me a nice finders fee. The husband later called and thanked me in one of the nicest phone calls from a ring find that I have had. I was very glad to be able to return this very special ring to this nice family.




Lost Ring Yakima Washington

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I received a phone call asking if I could help find a lost ring. The story was that she and her husband were on a short get away trip to try and relax. Her husband has been ill with cancer, and they needed a break so came to Yakima as one of their stops. Needing his medication in the back of the car they pulled over at McDonald’s. When he shut the back hatch of their SUV he heard a metallic “ting” sound and noticed his large gold wedding ring had flown off his finger.   He has lost allot of weight from the illness. They looked for the ring, but with the fall leaves piling up in the curbs and the low cut landscaping in the parking lot they could not find the ring.

Feeling pretty upset about the lost ring, they returned to their hotel room and were planning on canceling the rest of the trip. Not wanting to leave town without the ring she began to search online for a place to rent a metal detector. She could not find one to rent, but during the search she found my name on the  Ring Finders Metal Detecting site. Once contacted we agreed to meet at the parking lot. After searching the wind swept leave piles next to the curb no ring was found. I expanded the search into the landscaping and was able to find the ring in short order.

She was very happy and cried some tears of joy at the found ring. You can imagine how upsetting it would have been to leave town without this ring.   I can say that this is one of my most memorable searches. I was very very happy to find the ring. That huge smile when she had the ring back was priceless.  I do love finding lost ring.



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Lost Ring Found In the Lower Yakima Valley

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I was called to search around the horse stables for a lost ring. Apparently the ring had fallen off the husband while he was feeding the horses. This ring has a habit of falling off, but they were able to find it without help.  This time they could not locate it and found me on TheRingFinders website. I was happy to help as I enjoy a good hunt. The initial area was about 15 feet wide and 40 or so feet long, with a low cut grass surface. This was an established ranch here in the lower  Yakima Valley, so there were a few iron signals to work around. After grid searching the obvious area and not finding the ring, I expanded the search into where the horses had eaten the hay and after only a couple of swings with the CTX3030 I had a good signal. There under a layer of dirt was the ring. Even though the ground was fairly hard packed dirt where the horses stood to eat, there was just enough dirt to completely cover the ring. It was a great find, and everyone was happy to have the ring back, and a nice looking ring at that. Thanks for the hunt and the nice reward.


Happy again

Happy again


Found Ring Selah Washington, Yakima County

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I was out hunting an estate for lost treasure and was just wrapping up the hunt when I received a call for a lost ring. The women had tossed the ring out of her car window onto her front lawn to make a point. Then to her dismay she could not find it again.


When I arrived the search area was a 30×30 foot front lawn. After a few simulated tosses of my test ring out of her car I began the search. There were many targets but after about 15 minutes I found a very steady signal in the same range as hers. I was fortunate to have a matching ring from her husband to get a good signal and screen number.

Sure enough the ring was there under a few blades of grass.

I like hunting for the rings and like the smile from the owner when I find them even more.

Thanks for the call out.


Lost Key Found, Yakima, Yakima County

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The key to finding a lost item is knowing where you lost it. Sounds simple enough, and this one was. I received a call about a lost car key. The young lady had been sitting under a shade tree and when she got up to leave her key was gone, fallen out of her pocket. It was her “spare” key to boot and so it needed to be found.

The search area was very specific and had been searched on hands and knees well, with no luck. After searching for lost rings and keys for awhile I have come to realize grass and dirt are very good about swallowing them up. So with the search area in front of me, I simply went straight at where she had been siting. On the first pass I had a strong signal and found the key.

I had a previous search that I had said was my shortest, but this one will now move into first place.

Smiles all around.

Thanks for the call to hunt for the key. Always a good time.


lost key






Lost Ring Yakima Washington is now Found

  • de Yakima (Washington, United States)

I received a phone call from a very nice young women, who wanted help finding her lost rings. She explained that she had been upset and in a moment of haste tossed a white gold promise ring and a thin gold ring out the window of her car as she was driving home.  We all can have our moments, and her’s lasted only a short time before she realized how much the rings meant to her.

She had a pretty good idea where she was when the rings were lost and was able to put us very close to where they were found. However this area involved several properties and we needed to get permission to hunt them. We only had problems with one home owner, but after assuring them that this was not some scam, I was allowed to hunt under their watchful eye. While I was hunting through the lawn, the women who lost the ring walked ahead down the sidewalk looking along the dirt and grass next to the road.

We had looked quickly in this area without the metal detector the day before and had not noticed  the rings. After getting permission to hunt and returning to the area, a field sprinkler was running and the water was reaching next to the sidewalk. The ring tosser became the ring finder as she walked slowly along, she noticed a nice shining reflection and there was her ring on a small driveway apron leading into a field.

She was very happy as you can see in the picture, and a nice reward was given. The small gold ring was not  found  despite a few more hours of searching, and I suspect has been picked up as this was a pretty exposed area. Fortunately the small gold ring did not hold as much meaning for her, but it would still have been nice to find it. She tossed the rings out at separate times so there was some distance between them and the ground cover made it difficult to search every inch ( although I sure tried).


Thanks for the phone call to help you search for your ring, and I am so glad that you have it back.


If you have lost your ring,  give me a call and I will be happy to try and get it back to you. Who knows while I am hunting you may even find it before I do…:)