Ring found Gorge Amphitheatre Washington

  • de Yakima (Washington, United States)

I received a call to search for a ring lost at a concert. It was lost in the parking area in a field with pasture grass. The owners of the ring had reached out to me for the search and we set plans to meet. On the morning of the search we met in the general area of the search. This was acres of grass and the first priority was to narrow the search area. After playing 20 questions we had located the likely area to hunt. I set up my detector and started a grid search. The rings owners also began to search by slowly walking the area and looking through the grass.


It took all of five minutes to locate the ring. As much as I would like to say I found it by my awesome metal detector skills it was actually the husband who found the ring some 20 feet away. He credited me with the find by narrowing down the search area and rewarded me with a very generous gift. We were all very happy to return the ring.


I said it it was my best hunt ever for speed of recovery. Thanks for the call out.  Smiles by all.


Beautiful ring recovered

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