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Found Ring Yakima Washington

  • from Yakima (Washington, United States)

Nice Ring and happy family

Received a call for a ring lost in a garden area. He was certain it had fallen off in a 10*10 area. They met July 4th and he proposed the next day. After a one year engagement they were married. Now married for a year. This ring was not only expensive, but he tells me the sentimental value was priceless.

In this search area power lines were just above and there was tons of interference. My detector selected a quiet channel and the hunt began.

Filled with nails in one part made it nearly impossible to hunt. After about an hour of grid searching I was certain the detector would not find it so switched to a ground hunt crawling over the area with my pin pointer. It took about 20 minutes and I found it.

Always a nice surprise to find the ring and the relief and happiness it brought was a great reward. He also gave me a nice reward for my efforts.

A great hunt and a great family. Thanks for the call out.

Ring Find Along Yakima HWY 97

  • from Yakima (Washington, United States)

I received a phone call requesting help on finding a ring that had been lost along the highway in Yakima County. This was a wedding ring of white gold and diamonds. The couple had already searched the area looking for the ring for three hours and had not been able to find the ring. The ground they were searching was covered in tall weeds and a brush.

I arranged to meet them the next day in the early morning hoping to cut down on the HWY traffic noise. We met at 8am and drove to the location where they had pulled over once they noticed the ring had fallen out of the car. As with most searches the initial location was not where we found the ring. The going was tough for the search as the coil of the metal detector had to push through the weeds and brush along with countless signals in the target numbers that were trash and very loud traffic noise.  Most ring searches like this rely on hearing the signals.

The target search area was adjusted a few times by the couple and no luck. Finally the wife asked I look in an area she thought the ring may be in, and after searching for about ten minutes I was able to locate the ring. I was surprised that the ring was already half into the loose ground and duff. It was also sitting on its edge, not flat like I would have thought.  The ring was at least 20 feet off the roadway. The signal on the detector was not great, but it was in the right range with a decent tone response. I had to look close to see just the top of the ring with the diamonds.

Needless to say we were all very happy to find the ring and I was given a very nice reward for my efforts. Along with a couple of hugs, hand shakes and lots of smiles. It is hard to explain the awesome feeling of finding someones lost wedding ring when the odds of finding it are so very remote.

It was a great hunt and this wedding ring, now 9 years old will continue on.





Lost Ring Yakima Washington

  • from Yakima (Washington, United States)

I received a phone call asking if I could help find a lost ring. The story was that she and her husband were on a short get away trip to try and relax. Her husband has been ill with cancer, and they needed a break so came to Yakima as one of their stops. Needing his medication in the back of the car they pulled over at McDonald’s. When he shut the back hatch of their SUV he heard a metallic « ting » sound and noticed his large gold wedding ring had flown off his finger.   He has lost allot of weight from the illness. They looked for the ring, but with the fall leaves piling up in the curbs and the low cut landscaping in the parking lot they could not find the ring.

Feeling pretty upset about the lost ring, they returned to their hotel room and were planning on canceling the rest of the trip. Not wanting to leave town without the ring she began to search online for a place to rent a metal detector. She could not find one to rent, but during the search she found my name on the  Ring Finders Metal Detecting site. Once contacted we agreed to meet at the parking lot. After searching the wind swept leave piles next to the curb no ring was found. I expanded the search into the landscaping and was able to find the ring in short order.

She was very happy and cried some tears of joy at the found ring. You can imagine how upsetting it would have been to leave town without this ring.   I can say that this is one of my most memorable searches. I was very very happy to find the ring. That huge smile when she had the ring back was priceless.  I do love finding lost ring.



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Lost Ring Found In the Lower Yakima Valley

  • from Yakima (Washington, United States)

I was called to search around the horse stables for a lost ring. Apparently the ring had fallen off the husband while he was feeding the horses. This ring has a habit of falling off, but they were able to find it without help.  This time they could not locate it and found me on TheRingFinders website. I was happy to help as I enjoy a good hunt. The initial area was about 15 feet wide and 40 or so feet long, with a low cut grass surface. This was an established ranch here in the lower  Yakima Valley, so there were a few iron signals to work around. After grid searching the obvious area and not finding the ring, I expanded the search into where the horses had eaten the hay and after only a couple of swings with the CTX3030 I had a good signal. There under a layer of dirt was the ring. Even though the ground was fairly hard packed dirt where the horses stood to eat, there was just enough dirt to completely cover the ring. It was a great find, and everyone was happy to have the ring back, and a nice looking ring at that. Thanks for the hunt and the nice reward.


Happy again

Happy again


Lost Ring Selah Washington

  • from Yakima (Washington, United States)

Would You like fries with that ring?

Dumpster diving anyone? Yep that was the latest ring search. I received a phone call from a young lady who had just lost her ring. She wanted to know if I could help her find it. Of course I would, and I wanted her to tell me the story.

She had been at a local McDonald’s enjoying a glass of water with her friends. She had taken her silver ring off and had placed it over the straw that was in a clear plastic cup. Engrossed in her conversation, and half looking at the ring she wondered if she could push the ring into the cup over the straw. Somehow see was distracted and sort of forgot about the ring halfway into the cup. A few minutes later ready to leave, she well, left. And being the neat person that she is she put her cup into the trash bag on the way out.

A while later, she thought about the ring and to her horror, it was gone. She was able to remember that she had put the ring nearly into the cup and must have thrown it away. AAHHHHHHH. She has a very nice friend who remembered an add that I ran on craigslist for “TheRingFinders”, and that I searched for lost rings. They were able to track down the add and gave me a call.

It was kind of funny because she wanted to know if I could find a ring in a dumpster. I told her that unfortunately for me, I had experience with dumpster diving and that I would be happy to do the search.

Most of my searches seem to be hours from home, so this one being only ten minutes away was quite a treat. I arrived at McDonald’s in Selah, Washington and met them out at the dumpster. After the introductions the search was on. (I had her get permission from the manager to go through their trash prior to leaving for the hunt).

So in the massive dumpster, we found 8-10 trash bags full of, well, trash. So gloves on hands, we started to pull those bags out of the dumpster and lay them out on the ground. I fired up my metal detector and started going over the bags. I received the typical foil signals from all of the ketchup packets, and then the high tones of pop cans and other metal objects, but no ring.

So it was now time for hand to hand combat. It is at this point I was wondering what was going to be in the trash bags. It pretty much was what you are thinking, just room temperature and all squishy. An observation. I must say that most people finish all their meals, and that McDonald’s is losing millions on wasted ketchup. If you ever need a few hundred little ketchup packs then I have a secret spot for you, AND if you find the right bags, the ones from the kitchen you can have loads of French fries and a few old burgers as a bonus. But I digress.

Well, we were pawing through mounds of squishy cold garbage and each handful was placed under the metal detector. No ring. We spent what seemed like six years going through garbage, and the bad news was that we were running out of the good bags. I was starting to eye some of the remaining fries, when Finally, all the bags had been checked. I was crying because well, you know, I did not find the ring, and everyone looked so disappointed, and the fact that just a few moments earlier after avoiding any major gooey blobs of who knows what, a blob had flown into my left eye, which I did not want to wipe with my hands full of who knows what.

I was stunned we had not found the ring, and started actually thinking about going through the pile again, which would have required ME climbing into the dumpster. My helpers were all in there by now, but I have standards. No not really, I don’t have standards… we had managed to stay out of the container.

Part of being a good ring FINDER, is thinking, so I remember the ring loser saying that she had information from a reliable source in the store that ALL the garbage bags were out here in the dumpster. That sounded to final to me, so I asked the young lady who had lost the ring to go back into the store and grab the plastic trash bag from the container she dropped her cup into. My reasoning is that when I worked at McDonald’s, if the bag wasn’t full, I did not take it out to dump.

She was not to impressed with my idea, but after some brow beating, she marched in there and made off with the bag.

This now the final bag, the tension was palpable. Bit by bit, and fry by fry we started to go through the trash bag. Every bit of trash was slowly searched until we were halfway through the bag. Then just as suddenly as the blob went into my eye, I saw the ring. Tucked down deep in a pile of French fries. I slipped the ring over a sliver of fries and lifted it out of the bag, to the shouting of joy. We DON’T HAVE TO SEARCH THROUGH THE TRASH ANY LONGER.

The ring loser, now all smiles, was very happy to see her very special ring back. It was her 16th birthday ring, with her first diamonds. A gift from her mother.

Is this a great hobbie or what. It was a very special moment. Thanks for calling me to do the search, and I think I have to go take a shower now.

If you have lost your ring in Yakima, or Selah or anywhere NOT in the trash at McDonald’s (just kidding) give me a call.

Lost Ring Snoqualmie Pass Washington

  • from Yakima (Washington, United States)

I wonder if rings have wings or feet because even though you drop one straight down, they seem to always turn up somewhere else.

This search started as they almost always do. Hi, I lost my ring and I found you on the Ringfinders web site, and I hope you can help me find my ring. It was in the afternoon that I received just such a call. It was snowing hard on Snoqualmie pass near Seattle. He had been having a great time until he was getting ready to leave. His hands had become cold and wet while working at the back of his vehicle. His Platinum ring slipped off his finger and dropped straight down into eight inches of fresh powder. Knowing that the ring should be right at his feet he began to feel around in the snow and try and find the ring. The problem was he could not find it. So, he dropped another ring and nearly lost it.

After searching the small area he widened the search area and before long the fresh powder snow was all mixed up and he could not find the ring. Being of sound mind he left his vehicle right where it was, and marked the spot with wooden stakes. He then closed the tailgate and left. He called me the next day, and I agreed to do the search that night after work. He was able to locate a metal detector and was searching the area for several hours before I arrived on the scene.

What the search initially looked like

Search area after snow plow came through the next morning

Would have been nice to have bright lights.

After listening to his story, and looking at the area to search it seemed like it should only take a few minutes to find the ring on the flat ground, even with the snow still falling on over half a foot of new snow. The problem was that the snow plow had been through the lot the night he lost it, and plowed within inches of his vehicle. Since the tail gait was down when he lost it, and closed when it was plowed it left plenty of room to collect most of the snow where the ring was dropped. This had been piled into a drift of snow that was at least 12 feet tall and twenty feet at the base. This ran for about 200 feet around the edge of the parking lot. Needless to say we had our work cut out for us.

We worked in the falling snow and falling temperatures with head lamps until 1am. He shoveled and I detected. But no ring. I left that night and got home at 3am. We decided to search it again once the snow had melted off. This was in February. I went up again in May to search again, and most of the snow had melted and all that remained was a 3-4 foot pile of snow around the outside of the lot. But once the snow was mostly gone and the weather warmed the underbrush had started to grow and now made searching very difficult in the area he lost it. I was able to again go over the snow, and into the icy creek that now ran through the search zone. I picked my way through the brush with a small hand held detector and no ring. I once again left the snow to melt away and did not get to search again until July.

We were going over the pass on the way home from a short break, and I talked my wife into letting me search the area for about an hour. This time the brush was so large that I could not search the area where he lost the ring. So I decided to finish off the rest of the parking area. After about an hour I found the ring sitting on the top of the dirt about 80 feet away from where he lost the ring.

It was a nice sized heavy platinum ring. I gave the owner a call and let him know that I had found the ring and mailed it off to him the next day. It was a great find, since I thought I was going to have to help him cut all the brush down to search it again.

Rob with the ring. The snow bank now brush

Nice heavy ring

On the question wondering if rings have wings or feet. In this case they had wheels. On the second search I ran into the man that plowed that parking lot the night the ring was lost. He remembers wondering why someone would put wooden stakes behind his vehicle. I also learned that he used a front-end loader. He said he scooped the snow straight into the bank and dumped it. So the ring must have clung to the side of the metal bucket with the left over snow and fell out where I found it.

It was a great hunt and a happy find. Thanks for the call to search for the ring, and the reward was great as well.

If you have lost your ring in the Yakima or surrounding area give me a call and I will see what we can do to find it.

Lost Keys Found Yakima Washington

  • from Yakima (Washington, United States)

Good things can happen in 10 seconds if you know the right questions to ask. This search was what I would call perfect. It began when I was asked by a friend of mine to keep a look out for a large set of keys he lost the week before.

We had both been working on a « Journey to Bethlehem » live production here in Yakima Washington. We had around 3700 people go through the village over four nights. His part of the production was to plan and build the sets. After the weekend was over, we received seven inches of heavy wet snow which stressed our buildings.

My friend had been using a rake to pull the snow off the roof, and when he went to go home he realized the keys he had in his pocket had fallen out. Due to the new snow he was unable to locate the keys.

I had been searching for a large silver earring that had been lost around the village, and he knew this, so he asked me to keep an eye out.

Well, I had searched the village 5 different times with my metal detector and was able to tell the nice lady who lost it « somewhere » between her home and the event, that it was not lost on the path.

My friend was there as well, working on taking the buildings down, so I decided to search for his keys next.

I asked him more questions about what he had been doing the day he lost the keys and what areas he had been working in. I thought it was logical that he must have lost it when pulling snow off the roofs and did not find it because it had been hidden by the snow.

I decided to start the search behind the buildings snow piles. I went to the first building and had been searching the piles for about three steps, when I noticed the keys laying in the melted snow pile.

It was over almost before it started. That is my fastest search to date and I will take a little luck anytime. It also helped to ask the right questions, and it was good he remembered where and what he had been doing that day.

He was glad to get the keys back, and I was glad to be a part of the search.

I usually ask so many questions before I take on a search the people must think I am crazy, but it really helps narrow the search down, and also gives me an idea if they really know with certainty in what general area they lost it. Doing a grid search takes time, and the more focused it can be, the more likely I will find it.

If you have lost an item of value, give one of The Ring Finders a call, we might just be able to help you out. Of course you will have to put up with a million questions :), but it just might be worth it.

Property and Estate Searches Yakima Washington

  • from Yakima (Washington, United States)

To date most of my hunts have included searches for rings and other lost personal items. But the use of a metal detector goes beyond just rings. I initially purchased my Whites Classic ID metal detector 11 years ago to search my property for underground lines and property markers. Since then I have loaned out that detector to search for wiring in new construction, for a friend to look for a pair of glasses lost on a snowy hike and yes for several property marker searches.

Recently I was asked if my detector could locate the lid from a chewing tobacco can. I responded that it would be able to see the metal part of the can and followed up his question with one of my own. Why?

The response got me ready to hunt. He told me a story about his grandparents who hid money in their yard in these containers and who knows what else. In one can there was a reported three thousand dollars. They lived in an area rich with history and many detectors had been by asking for permission to hunt their property. They had always said yes, but restricted them from searching around the house.

This led the person asking me the question to think there may be much more in the ground and he wanted me to do a property search. Currently the ground is nicely frozen, so this will have to wait until spring, and I will report back on what I find.

Another friend spoke with me about searching his late fathers property as they had already found $37,000 in cash in a drawer when they went through his estate. The father had owned a coin op car wash pre–1965 and had told the kids, when I die you can bet I will have several large drums of silver coins in the yard.

So you see besides searching for rings or keys, there are other good uses for a metal detector.

If you have a property that you think holds buried treasure and would like a hunt done, then let me know. If you are in the Washington State area I can help you out and depending on the treasure, I could be willing to travel. I can also set you up with a Ring Finder in your area who I am sure would be more than happy to help you out.

Now if spring could only hurry up so I can get to that estate search and see what treasure is waiting to be found.

Do you have a search? I am waiting for your call.


Lost Gold Wedding Band Found Yakima Washington

  • from Yakima (Washington, United States)

Another great smile

When you are a Ring Finder, you never know when your next search will be. I had a feeling that I might get a search this week because here in Yakima we had a very cold and snowy spell.This can often mean valuables such as keys and rings can get lost.

When the call came asking if I was willing to help find a lost gold wedding band I was not surprised. After speaking with the wife of the man who lost his ring I was ready to start the hunt.

The ring had fallen off while the husband was cleaning the snow off the car, and then brushed his arms and hands off. He told me that he heard a metal « clank » but did not put it together that it was his ring that made the noise. When he arrived at home, he realized that his ring was gone and was sure that it was his ring that must have come off back in the parking lot. Well he returned to the site, but there was two inches of fresh snow in the lot and he could not find the ring. I was called the next day after they found my listing on The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service on the internet.

I agreed to meet them after work to look for the ring. Now I said earlier that it was cold and snowy, and it was. Although the snow had mostly stopped it was still only around 18 F outside and by the time the search was called off for the night it was well on the way to -5 F.

Unfortunately when we arrived at the search location the parking lot had already been plowed. There was only a 1/4 of packed snow on the parking lot, with two large piles of snow off in the corners. The man was able to put me exactly where the ring came off so I searched that area first. I then expanded the search grid to include the most likely route the scraper would have taken to move the snow into the piles. Still no ring. So after looking at the two piles of snow we decided to search the most likely one, which of course was the larger of the two.

I began to shovel layers of snow off the pile and search the remaining snow. After about two hours I had searched about half of the pile, and called it quits for the night.

The next day was even colder, but the sun was out and I was again eager to continue the hunt. My oldest son was home from school, so I asked if he would like to help me search for the ring, and fortunately he did. So off we went. It took about another hour of digging each layer of snow, and then searching it to come up with the ring. It was sitting just hidden in a clump of snow. About the time I swung the metal detector over the ring, I heard the beep and there was the ring. I could not believe we found it. I thought for sure that I would have to just wait for the pile to melt before the ring would be found.

Now I wanted to surprise the husband with the ring and capture that on video, so I called his wife and told her that I had found the ring but wanted to surprise him. So I asked her if she could get him down to the search area to give me some more details about losing the ring, and she agreed.

When they arrived I asked him if he could tell me about what significance the ring was to him and to go over how he lost it again. Then I asked him to describe the ring and after he was done I pulled out the ring and asked if it looked like this one! He was very surprised and happy to get the ring back.

I was pretty happy to have found it for him with the help of my son. It was a great moment I will not soon forget.

They were very kind in giving me a nice reward, which was much appreciated. I do accept rewards as it helps me cover costs and keep my equipment up to date, but for me the true reward is the great smile and joy that I get to witness and be a part of.

Thanks guys for giving me a call and letting me be a part of your wedding ring story.

Yakima County, Wiley city Washington Lost Earring

  • from Yakima (Washington, United States)

I accepted an earring search today. I know that finding a small diamond earring can be almost impossible, as metal detectors can have trouble sensing them. But I was eager to have a search, and I thought I would like to give it a try. The area it was lost in was small, just a few feet square and grass. It belongs to a lovely young child, and I knew the smile if I found it would be worth a million bucks. So off I went. Just a short drive and I was there. I met with the family and looked at the site. Next I was lucky and she had the matching earring. I tested it in my normal search program on my XLT and it was completely silent as it passed under the coil. I made several adjustment and finally was able to get the faintest signal. The search began and after only 15 or 20 minutes I had a similar faint signal among several loud and deeper signals. I went carefully through the patch of grass and caught the faint glint of metal. It turned out to be  the back of the earring. Very tiny and a lucky find. Since she was standing still when it came off, I moved over about 6 inches and had another faint signal. Searched through the grass and there it was. I did this search for the smile, and I was well paid as you can see in the picture. Happy all around. Great hunt and I will take a lucky find every time. If you have lost something special, give me a call and lets find it!

Million Dollar Smile!