Michael Van Tassell, Author at The Ring Finders

Lost Wedding Ring in Cedar City: Found

Had another thrilling ring recovery this week! Most of the calls I get from theringfinders.com directory are up and down the Wasatch front here in Utah but this week’s call came in from Cedar City which is about 3 hours south.

Hayden reached out to me after a couple days of searching for this wife’s engagement ring. Jennifer had left the house to take an evening walk and as she rounded the corner, she felt and heard her ring fly off her finger. Fortunately, she was able to find her wedding band in the street just about 15 feet from where she felt the ring come off her finger. Her engagement ring was a white gold with a halo setting of diamonds. Hayden first went out and bought a metal detector but it was difficult to use. After talking with Hayden, my schedule worked out that I could head down that  day and look for the ring. I got in car around 1:30pm and got to Hayden’s house a little after 4pm with about an hour left of light. We made a few passes along the curb of the road but quickly realized we were too far down the road from where Jennifer had found her other ring. Once Jennifer described where she was, I was able to backtrack up the street and within just a few minutes, I found the ring which had jumped the curb and landed into the tall grass. When I pulled the ring from the grass, Hayden and Jennifer were so excited. Like most engagement rings, this one was very special to them and finding it before they were set to move from the house was causing a lot of stress and anxiety.

After a few smiles and hugs, we went to take some pics for this page and that’s when we had a little plot twist! Jennifer went to hand me the ring so I could get a close up and since it was so cold and the wind was blowing really hard, the ring fell out of her hand onto the street again. Only this time, it landed right in front of us but we quickly noticed that the center diamond was missing!!! Just after a few minutes of finding the ring, we were back looking for the diamond on the street. Jennifer had mentioned the prong on the setting was damaged and needed to be fixed. After about a ten minute search, Jennifer spotted the diamond and all peace and joy was restored lol. I truly believe it was a blessing that the diamond came out then vs sometime in the future where it would have been virtually impossible to find.

So after 3 hour drive down to Cedar City, followed by a 45 minute search, Hayden and Jennifer had their ring back with the lost diamond. I think the great thing about this whole experience is meeting some amazing people and hearing their stories. I got home a little after 8pm that night right before the snow started to fall. Everything just worked out perfectly and so happy Hayden and Jennifer reached out!

Lost Diamond Engagement Ring in Midway: Found

What an adventure! As I was crawling into bed last night, I received a text regarding a lost engagement ring in Midway, Utah at the very popular Ice Castle. Jason found my page while searching for a metal detector to rent and quickly reached out. His good friends (Rachel and Lance) had just got engaged a few hours before while they were here visiting from Florida. The newly engaged couple along with Jason and his wife Lindsey decided to go to the Ice Castle to get some fun pictures and celebrate the engagement. Nearing the end of their time at the Ice Castle, Rachel realized that her brand new diamond engagement ring was missing from her finger. The ring was a beautiful diamond ring with a platinum band. They tried looking for it for a couple hours and at one point had several other people using their flashlights on their phones to comb the area. I can’t imagine the range of emotions going through their minds as they were scheduled to leave the next day (Today) for home. To go from proposing to losing the ring had to be tough!

After talking with Jason, I gathered my gear and made the 40 minute drive to Midway. I arrived around 10:30pm, talked with Rachel and Lance about where they had been. Fortunately the pictures they took helped as those where the moments Rachel took her gloves off to take pictures throughout the night. I started detecting the area as the maintenance crew was setting up. After about 30 minutes, I came across a signal just barely outside the search area. Lance was the only one with me at the time so as I pulled the ring from the snow, he quickly grabbed it and ran back to where Rachel was searching. He dropped to one knee for the 2nd time that day and presented Rachel once again with the ring asking her to marry him! As you can tell by their smiles, it was an awesome way to end the night! Congrats to Rachel and Lance on the engagement & big thanks to Jason for reaching out!

Lost Platinum Wedding Band in Cottonwood Heights: Found

This was a fun one! Ryan reached out me while he was in Georgia on a trip. Right before he left, he was in a hurry to clear the recent snow from his driveway and sidewalks. He was at the end of the driveway when the snow blower got clogged and he went to clear the snow that was stuck inside. After cleaning out the clog, he heard the snow blower throw something that sounded unusual. After finishing up, he went back inside and noticed his platinum wedding band was missing. Thinking that the unusual sound from the snow blower was his ring, he went back to search around the mailbox area but nothing.

I went over to Ryan’s house while he was away in Georgia and got all the details via facetime. It was late but after searching the area in question, I didn’t find the ring. I started to expand the search area making sure to cover all areas where snow had been piled up from the snow blower. I was literally on my last few feet of the area when I finally got that unmistakable signal. His ring was was down almost a foot in the snow. I quickly sent Ryan a video and he could not believe where I had found it. He either had lost it earlier or the snow blower threw it about 35 feet from where he thought he lost it. I left the ring with his neighbor so Ryan could get it back as soon as he got home! All in all was a great recovery!

Lost Gold/Titanium Wedding Band in Lehi: Found

Brock reached out to me after I posted a recent ring recovery on my Instagram page. I have know Brock for several years so when he called me telling me how he just lost his wedding band while power washing his 4 wheeler, I quickly headed over to his place to find it. He heard his ring hit the cement but couldn’t find it after a good search. Brock has a multi-tier backyard with several levels. Each level has a rock retaining wall as well so plenty of places a ring could hide. After getting all the info from Brock, I started to search each tier. Since the two tiers had cement, I figured this ring could have traveled a fair distance. After making it to the 3rd tier from where Brock noticed the ring was missing, I was detecting along the edge of the grass and got a nice clean signal. Sure enough, it was his ring! The ring had traveled probably 50+ feet down two tiers and jump two retaining walls. It was a very quick search and since I have known Brock for several years, it was great to help out a friend in need!

Lost 14K Gold Wedding Band Near Snowbird: Found

Andrew and his fiancé had traveled to Utah from Georgia to visit family on their way to Idaho to get married. While in Utah, his grandfather gave him his wedding band as a wedding present. The following day they took a quick trip up to Snowbird to see some snow and get a few pics before leaving to Idaho since they don’t get much snow in Georgia :). After taking a few pics and exploring in the snow, Andrew realized the ring his grandfather has just given him was not on his finger. They retraced their steps but were unsuccessful in find it.

Since they were leaving the next day, Andrew started to search for help and found me on theringfinders.com site. I quickly gathered my stuff and headed to meet them and look for the ring before they were set to leave the next day. We retraced the path they took up the mountain and started from the end of their hike heading back down. It only took about 10 minutes to locate and return the beautiful 14K gold ring his grandfather had given him!

I love hearing the story of the lost items I find while searching. This ring was very special and a keepsake for the family. So glad I was able to help Andrew out before the big day! Congrats to you both!

Lost 14K Gold Wedding Band in Lehi: Found

Mark reached out to me after losing his 14K Gold wedding band while doing some work around the yard. He was raking up leaves in the backyard and getting everything ready for winter. It was cold and he was in a hurry to get the work done. When he finished putting the leaves in bags, he went inside to wash his hands and noticed his ring was missing.

After talking with Mark and surveying the area, I started to grid off and search for the ring. After completing my grid of the area, the ring was nowhere to be found. I turned to the bags of leaves and on the 3rd bag, got a signal and sitting there was his ring!  Good thing the bags of leaves didn’t make it to the dump before I had a chance to search them! Mark was thrilled!


Lost Wedding Ring in Draper: Found

Last fall (2021) Joe reached out me after noticing his wedding ring was missing. He was out coaching football in the rain and after practice noticed it was not on his finger. He reached out me shortly after and I went to the football field with him to try to narrow down the search area. A football field is a large area to cover with a 12 inch coil hahaha. I ended up making two trips to the area and found 3 rings before I found Joe’s beautiful platinum wedding band. The ring has rubies and diamonds representing their birth stones. Joe was so thrilled to get it back! The other rings did not having any engravings in them so unfortunately have no way of getting the rings back to their owners. I always recommend to those who reach out to get their rings engraved with their name or something that someone can search and find who it belongs to. You never know when that precious item might find its way back to you.

Lost 14k Rose Gold Ring in West Jordan: Found

Kiley reached out to me after realizing she just lost her 14k rose gold wedding ring. She came home and went to bring in the trash cans off the street. The trash can lid was open so she flipped it closed which upon doing, she got some snow on her hands. She went to flick off the snow and heard her ring hit the snow. It was dark and she was unable to see where it landed. It was a beautiful 14k rose gold ring with an Opal and two small diamonds. After searching in the snow, she turned to finding a metal detector and found this page.  I went over that evening in the dark and search for nearly two hours along the tree strip where the trash can had been. I expanded the search area but unfortunately did not find the ring that night. I went home, tested a few small rings my wife has making sure my detector was picking up the signal. It was working great! I also came up with a theory that the ring didn’t actually come off her hand after closing the lid to the trash can but that the lid of the trash can caught her ring and threw it up in the air directly into the street or to the tree strip across the street. I went back the next day and continued to search the area she thought she lost it but after an hour or so, still no ring. I decided to put my theory to action and after just a few minutes directly across the street, I found her ring laying in the tree street about 40 feet away! It just so happened to be Kiley’s birthday so it was a nice birthday surprise getting the ring back to her!