Lost Ring Found in Wakefield, RI

  • de Woonsocket (Rhode Island, United States)

Lucinda called me for help with finding her ring, a family heirloom.  The beautiful diamond ring was a gift from her mom, who received the ring as a gift from her grandfather when she turned sixteen.  Lucinda was very upset that she had lost the ring while weeding her garden.  She and her husband looked for the ring and even bought a metal detector, without any success.  That’s when they searched the internet for help and found TheRingFinders website. I searched the yard, garden, and pile of brush but didn’t locate the ring.  Behind the pile of brush, there were bushes.  After searching under the bushes, I decided to shake them.  That’s when I saw something fall and discovered that it was the ring.  Lucinda and her husband couldn’t believe it.  She hugged me.  They were so thankful that I could help return this precious item to them!

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