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Lost Ring Willmore Park Edson Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)



I received a call from Rod regarding his fiancee’s lost engagement ring.  After asking Rod a few questions I agreed to drive out to Edson which is a 2 hrs drive west of Edmonton.  I told Rod to have his fiancee  call me.

Tamara called me and explained that she was walking on the trails in Willmore park and noticed that her ring was missing from her finger.  Tamara told me that she had a metal detector and had spent a few hours retracing her foot path but had not found the ring.  I asked her if she had checked her car and the clothing she was wearing that day and she told me she had gone through everything and everywhere and that her kids had also checked.

When I meet up with Tamara in Edson  I again asked her if she had checked her car and jacket pockets and she said yes,  then as we drove to the area where she thought she had lost her ring, and as I get out of  my car at the park, I heard Tamara screaming « I found my ring ».   She had found her ring in the inside pocket of her Jacket!

Thank you Tamara for calling me to help you find your Ring.

Lost Wedding Band, Buena Vista Park, Edmonton Alberta, Canada

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


I received a call from Donnie requesting my services to find his wife’s wedding ring which was lost along road way in the park.

Donnie explained that the ring was lost on Tuesday evening and he had spent three days looking for the ring he even purchased a metal detector but to no avail. Donnie had planned on heading back early Saturday morning armed with a flashlight to try again, then he decided to check the internet for tips on finding lost rings, he found “Theringfinder” web site and contacted me.

I agreed to meet Donnie at the park he showed me the area where the ring could be. The area was dense tall grass and brush which made the search very difficult to find anything especially a tiny platinum ring.

I decided to change my search coil to a six inch double-d smart coil which made the search easer around the dead thick foliage and within about fifteen minutes I heard a sweet tone. I found the ring and when I showed Donnie the ring he could not believe how quickly I had found it. I explained to him that it takes years of experience to learn how a metal detector works and that each metal detector is unique, that’s why you hire a professional.

Donnie was very happy to have the ring back and return it to his wife.

Thank you Donnie for entrusting me to locate your wife’s lost wedding ring.

Lost Tungsten Wedding Ring, Gariepy Neighborhood, West Edmonton Alberta. Found

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


I received a text from Joe on Monday May 20, requesting my service to locate his lost wedding ring at a tot’s park in the Gariepy neighborhood. As I was out of town we agreed to search on Thursday.
Joe showed me where the ring came off and he told me he had his family out with him searching for a couple of hours using a rake but unfortunately they could not locate the ring.
Within ten minutes I located his ring buried in three inches of sand. Joe was very happy to have his ring back on his finger as the ring had a very sentimental value to him.
Thank you Joe for entrusting me and The Ringfinder to locate your ring.
Norm Peters

Wedding Band Found Meadowlark Community Center, Edmonton Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

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Received a call from Daniel yesterday afternoon asking if I could help him find his lost gold wedding band which he lost on Saturday while playing soccer with friends,  meet Daniel at the park and he showed me the location where he and his friends searched for the ring for a few hrs with no luck. After searching the area  and a couple of more area which Daniel  thought the ring could have fallen off, I backed up and thought for a minute and looked at the first original area and asking questions also by just watching Daniels body language I said to my self that the ring Has to be near by. I expanded the search area from the original spot, after 2.5 hrs searching the area  I found his Ring 30 feet from the original spot , Just goes to show if you can’t find the ring at that area expand the search area. Another happy client. Thank you Daniel for the generous Reward.