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Engagement Ring Lost in House Found in Trash by Metal Detector Man

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

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*** Chloe lost her gold diamond engagement ring in her house. She called me for help.  Usually I, recommend that she not throw any trash away before checking it and check the house for a couple days before I do a house search. She was very upset and when she told me details of the loss, I had to go right away to do the house search in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA.

Chloe had taken her two ring wedding set off before taking a shower. She set them both on top of a wrapped present that was on a chest of drawers in the bedroom. She took a shower in the bathroom that is right next to the bedroom. ( 5ft. away) After returning to the bedroom, she went to put her rings on but the gold diamond engagement ring was missing.

Curiosity got my attention, she said it happened yesterday and she had not left the house. I had to take this search on. I drove to her home in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA. 

After arriving at Chloe’s home, we went to the room where the ring went missing. I now had a first hand view of where this loss happened. There was absolutely no place near where she set the rings to search. She said she had already checked the trash. 

I was completely puzzled, I thought there might be a crevice or drawer that the engagement ring could have been knocked off ending up inside. I always like to have a place that I can use my endoscope camera for searching. Nothing, like that ! We moved the chest of drawers away from the wall, no place for the ring to hide. 

While I was on my hands and knees on the floor, I decided to double check the small trash bin using my hand held pinpointer detector. ( this is the same trash bin Chloe had checked).. There were only a few tissues and the wrapper for the present she had opened. BOOM!! The ring was inside one of the first pieces of paper tissues. Chloe was beyond overjoyed and a little embarrassed that she had missed finding her ring when she searched it.. After many searches, I believe that a lot of rings end up in the trash and they don’t get found. 

If you loose something in the house, it’s not going to leave the house unless you throw it in the trash or it gets sucked up into the vacuum and hauled off to the local land fill .

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Lost Platinum Engagement Ring .. Santa Monica Beach, CA… Found with the Help of a Ringfinder

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*** Michael’s fiancé lost a platinum engagement ring in the sand at Santa Monica Beach in the dark. They and their friends spent several hours sifting through the sand to no avail. They marked the area so they could return at 5:30 am to resume the search. 

Michael decided to try to rent a metal detector after the morning search was unsuccessful. His online attempt to find a metal detector was also discouraging, but he found my contact information. He called me and I was able to leave shortly after he called.

We met on the beach sometime before 9am. I got a brief explanation of how the ring was lost in the sand. He had the area very well marked and he had kept the city beach rake tractor clear of the spot where the loss occurred. 

I gave them a little tutorial of how I will begin the search. Most people don’t understand some of the principles of how a metal detector works. I did tell them that this may be an easy search because they had the site marked and secured it from the beach cleaning tractors. 

Shortly after setting up my detector and beginning the grid pattern. I got a couple trash metal targets, then I got a solid tone with a good ID number that turned out to be the allusive platinum engagement ring.. Happiness is finding a sentimental ring the was thought to be lost forever. Another special day as a ringfinder in Southern California.

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Lost Cartier Trinity Ring Throwing Ball in Grass at a Park .. Costa Mesa, CA.

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… Natasha takes her dog out to her neighborhood park every morning in Costa Mesa, CA. This morning walk turned into a  disaster for her, while throwing a ball for her dog her special Cartier trinity ring flew off her finger into the grass. A few minutes searching the grass she realized she would need help. Natasha found my information on a google search that brought up TheRingFinders directory.

After calling me, I was able to meet her at the park within an hour. She had marked the place where she was standing when the Cartier Trinity ring came off he finger. This ring was given to her by her mother and her sister’s also have identical rings. It’s a classic ring that is made with three separate rings white gold, rose gold and yellow gold joined together like a puzzle. This should be an easy ring to find with a metal detector. 

After a half hour searching directly in front and in back of where she was staging when the loss occurred. We found the ring in the grass outside the zone where it should have been. Possibly it may have been blown to the left by strong winds that morning. Maybe she didn’t mark the spot where she standing while throwing the ball? It does seem to be a fact after doing many searches, the item is never where they think it is .. Sometimes we never know what happened, the main thing is the sentimental ring was found.  Needless to say, Natasha was extremely happy and grateful to have this ring returned after wearing daily sence she was a teenager.

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Lost Gold Wedding Band at Rosie’s Dog Beach .. Long Beach, CA. .. Found and Returned

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*** Omar had been walking his dog at Rosie’s Dog Beach in Long Beach, CA. He was in ankle beep water when his dog got excited as another dog got close to them. In the strugglers control his dog, his gold wedding ring came off his finger disappearing intel the surf. 

Four days after the loss Omar came across my contact information on TheRingFinders website. He was unable to meet me at the location but his screen shot of the larva was clear enough for me the do a search. I was able to do a two hour grid of the beach the next morning. The ring didn’t show. 

When I reviewed the screen shot photo, I realized I had searched the wrong location. This wasn’t the first time. It’s always preferable to have the person meet me at the location. Many times it’s not convenient for the person who lost the item to get free from other obligations.

When I returned to the correct area at the next morning’s low tide, I was able to find the ring after about a half hour into my grid search. I sent Omar a text with a photo of his ring. He met me an hour later so we could get the ring back where it belongs. He was amazed and promised to get the ring resized.


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Gold Wedding Ring Lost In Surf at Newport Beach, CA. .. Found Next Day with a Metal Detector

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*** Greg and Jolene are from the San Francisco Bay Area and  vacationing at Newport Beach for a week. The third day Greg went into the ocean for a swim in the surf. As he was walking out of the surf he shook his hand and his gold wedding band flew off into waist deep water. The waves were coming in at such a rate he could not see the ring before it disappeared into the sand. 

I got an early morning text from Jolene asking how and what my service works. I told here I work on a gratuity basis. They could decided what it was worth to them after they see how I perform the search.After determining that they were just minutes away from my location and the tide was as low as it could be until tomorrow. I told her that I would be right there if they could meet me. 

We met on the beach which is what I call a short beach, that beach has a steep incline. The tide does not go far out from the upper slope (dry sand towel line) The important thing is that they could give me the best North/ South location. I didn’t feel the ring was far out at the low tide but that’s where I started to stay ahead of the incoming tide. 

After about a half hour I had grid searched to mid-slope where I got the one an only signal. Two digs with my sand scoop and I had Greg’s gold ring in my scoop.  The incoming tide forced me to start in knee high water, even though I felt the ring was up higher on the slope. Best to eliminate the lower area before the water was too deep to search. 

Both Jolene and Greg were elated and relieved that they had the ring. Now they could enjoy the rest of their vacation, They admitted to me that they didn’t believe the metal detector could find a ring that had been in the surf for almost a whole day. Like most people that call The Ring Finders they told me I was their last hope. I love doing this, even when I can’t find the item, you can’t get them all and you can find the item if it isn’t there.  Reality!

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Gold Diamond Stud Earring and Backing Lost in Grass… Pasadena, CA. .. Found using a Metal Detector

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*** Sarah’s daughter had just completed her first day at preschool. Her first day away from her mother. When the little girl ran across the lawn to hug her mother. Sarah dropped to her knees to greet her daughter. A happy memorable moment, until Sarah realized her gold diamond stud earring fell into the grass.

I was on the beach detecting when she called, asking for help. We were able to meet a little more than an hour after discussing what had happened. Sometimes fulltime mothers have trouble getting free from their motherly duties. It’s always nice to have the person that lost the item present at the location.

We met on the front lawn of the private school where she showed me the thick grass and a 15’x15’ area. I had asked her to bring the matching earring in a sandwich baggie so I could test it with my metal detector.

This earring had enough metal to get a fair signal. It still took about 15 minutes to coach a decent reading in the thick growth of grass. I use a high frequency detector for stud earring searches. Sarah was very happy to have her favorite earring set complete. She asked if it was possible to find the custom backing.

It was not easy to locate that piece. I was beginning to think it may have hung up on Sarah’s or her daughter’s clothing, dropping off further from the stud earring. After more than a half hour, I switch to a multi frequency metal detector using a 6” coil. BOOM! the small custom backing was almost 3” deep in the grass, imbedded in the clay mud. I did tell her that the backing was going to be a challenge. After my favorite small gold metal detector didn’t get it. I was surprised that the two pieces were only 12” apart. The important thing was we got both pieces and Sarah went home delighted to have her favorite earring set complete again.

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Gold Wedding Ring Lost while Installing Grass Sod in Rialto, CA. .. Found by Stan the Metal Detector Man

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


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Mariano called me after finding my contact information on theringfinders website. He believed his white gold wedding band may have fallen off his finger while installing grass sod in his front yard.

Mariano reviewed several cameras and photos taken the day of the loss. He was very sure the ring was somewhere in the 40’x 75’ front yard. He bought a metal detector from a local sporting goods store. After a couple day of frustration,  trying to understand his new metal detector, he gave up. 

When Mariano called me, we made an appointment to meet the next morning. This type of search was a first for me. I knew it could involve rolling back the newly installed grass sod. It could be tedious work if there was a lot of metal trash under the sod. 

I began a grid search marking all potential targets with plastic markers. My metal detector has target identification numbers and tones which can be helpful but when searching for important sentimental jewelry, I do not rely on that feature of the metal detector.

After a scan of the whole lawn, there were approximately 20 markers that I would individually check with my pinpointer detector. Mariano was close by, so I explained my next move. I would start with the best signal which had been marked with a double marker. 

Both Mariano and I checked  the target. He anxiously pulled back the first 3” of sod revealing his white gold wedding ring perfectly visible as if someone just set it there. ( I believe those rolls of sod are 5 or 6 ft. of long). Again a lucky choice of direction to begin a search.

Mariano immediately let his wife know that the ring was found and called his father who had been a part of the original search. Another happy grateful family that didn’t know a service like this was available.

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Lost Cellphone in Silverwood Lake, Hesperian, CA. .. Recovered from 12 feet of Water.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)




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*** Javier’s wife Yuri had been jet skiing at Silverwood Lake, CA. When they tied up at the dock Yuri had set her phone on the a dock. Her sister didn’t see the phone and accidentally kick the celphone in the water.

Javier called me , asking for help to retrieve the phone that had irreplaceable photos and other important information on it. He had tried a few dives attempting to get the phone. When I asked him how deep he believed the loss occurred, he estimated it was between 9ft. and 15ft. It was going to be 125 mile drive so I wanted to be as prepared for that type dive recovery. Sometimes these lakes do not allow scuba diving. I decided to take a chance that I would be able to use my new portable surface air supply set up, Nemo Blu 3. It weighs 7 lbs. and will not attract as much attention as full scuba gear. 

My only concern was the Nemo surface air supply only has a 10ft. hose which limits the depth I can search. We approached the docks mid-day when there was little boating activity. I put dive warning flags in the zone while Javier stood watch at the dive site.

On the first dive I located a signal with my underwater Pulse Dive handheld metal detector. It was Yuri’s celphone. The water must have been more than 10ft. deep. As I reached to grab the phone I could feel the hose tugging on the float at the surface. We were lucky that it wasn’t any deeper.

Everybody was happy that we were able to get the phone, especially me. I wasn’t looking forward to spending the whole afternoon or another 125 mile drive for a longer search.

I’ve recently lost my celphone and was very happy that I have everything on it backed up in the iCloud. After purchasing a new phone it was completely restored within 2 hours. Well worth a couple dollars a month.

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Lost Two Sets of Car Keys Buried in Sand at Huntington Beach, CA. .. Found by Metal Detector Man

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**** Two friends had been enjoying their first outing on Huntington City Beach after months of being at home during this virus lockdown. They buried their keys in the sand under their towel and could not find them after returning from a walk on the beach.

Someone on the beach saw them frantically searching the sand. He recommended that they call TheRingFinders metal detecting specialists. 

They called me and I was able to meet them shortly after receiving the call. I was able to find both sets of keys soon after they showed me a 30’x30’ location. After finding the keys I could understand the panic they were suffering, not only two separate car fob keys, they had other important keys that would be a lot of work to replace. It was a pleasure to help them. They were very appreciative of my help. That’s why I do key calls even though they can be difficult because they are often lost in large search areas.

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Lost Cellphone in the Sand at the Montage Resort in Laguna Beach, CA. .. Found and Returned

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*** Received a call from a lady who had lost her cellphone at the Montage Resort in Laguna Beach, CA. She had spent the day on the beach with her son after many weeks of staying at home with this virus problem.

It was late in the afternoon noon so I did not waste time asking too many questions. I jumped into my car to drive the 12 miles to her location. Parking can be a time consuming problem but I was lucky to get a parking space. She didn’t have a phone so meeting up with her was a matter of her spotting me on the beach.

The afternoon wind was starting to cool things off and everybody was beginning to leave the beach. I’m sure she was wanting to get home as soon as possible. Looking at a big hole that her son had dug, I began to swing my detector there. Boom! First signal was the cellphone. 

She was happy to be able to get on the road with her cellphone which is a necessary item in most of our lives today. 

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