Gold Wedding Ring Lost In Surf at Newport Beach, CA. .. Found Next Day with a Metal Detector

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*** Greg and Jolene are from the San Francisco Bay Area and  vacationing at Newport Beach for a week. The third day Greg went into the ocean for a swim in the surf. As he was walking out of the surf he shook his hand and his gold wedding band flew off into waist deep water. The waves were coming in at such a rate he could not see the ring before it disappeared into the sand. 

I got an early morning text from Jolene asking how and what my service works. I told here I work on a gratuity basis. They could decided what it was worth to them after they see how I perform the search.After determining that they were just minutes away from my location and the tide was as low as it could be until tomorrow. I told her that I would be right there if they could meet me. 

We met on the beach which is what I call a short beach, that beach has a steep incline. The tide does not go far out from the upper slope (dry sand towel line) The important thing is that they could give me the best North/ South location. I didn’t feel the ring was far out at the low tide but that’s where I started to stay ahead of the incoming tide. 

After about a half hour I had grid searched to mid-slope where I got the one an only signal. Two digs with my sand scoop and I had Greg’s gold ring in my scoop.  The incoming tide forced me to start in knee high water, even though I felt the ring was up higher on the slope. Best to eliminate the lower area before the water was too deep to search. 

Both Jolene and Greg were elated and relieved that they had the ring. Now they could enjoy the rest of their vacation, They admitted to me that they didn’t believe the metal detector could find a ring that had been in the surf for almost a whole day. Like most people that call The Ring Finders they told me I was their last hope. I love doing this, even when I can’t find the item, you can’t get them all and you can find the item if it isn’t there.  Reality!

Don’t wait, call as soon as possible… Stan the Metal Detector Man …  949-500-2136  .. “I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “

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