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Lost Gold Ring While Gardening in Burbank, City of Los Angeles, CA. .. Recovered by Metal Detector Man

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*** Jack called me to help him eliminate a few places where he thought his gold wedding ring might be in his yard.. This ring has been on his finger for 37 years and means a lot to he and his wife. Because he hadn’t felt the ring come off and didn’t discover it missing till the day after doing his gardening, he felt it was going to be impossible to find. 

When he called me, I was able to set up a search of his yard that same morning. We met at his home which had just had a new front turf lawn installed with new planters where he just planted flowers. A grid search of the lawn and planters showed no sign of the ring. 

Then Jack remembered that he had taken mulch to add to a dozen large potted plants in the backyard. The large pots required using a hand held pinpointer detector to search the surface mulch soil. Nearing the last of 12 pots, I got a metal signal. I asked Jack to run his fingers in the soft soil because I couldn’t reach that spot. BOOM ! Jack yelled with excitement that he had the ring. It was crazy because we both knew we were running out of places to search.. It was a awesome recovery, surprising both of us. This never gets old, love making smiles and saving irreplaceable sentimental keepsakes. 

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Gold Ring Lost and Found in Buena Park, CA. Back Yard by Metal Detector Man

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*** Tom returned home from a camping trip. He took his camping gear into the back yard to clean it up before storing it in the garage. Two hours later, after going inside the house he realized his gold ring was no longer on his finger. He rented a metal detector from a tool supply business and was unable to find the ring. After doing some research on line about using a metal detector he found TheRingFinders directory. He called me.

I was able to meet Tom at his home a couple hours later. He showed me a small grass area and planters that the ring may be hiding. When I asked him about the last time he remembered seeing the ring on his hand, he couldn’t quite remember.

I only knew it was a yellow gold ring and that he had been shaking out the tent and some sleeping bags, hanging them on a cloth line type cable. First I did the planters as he assumed the ring may have traveled some distance. I also wanted to use a leaf blower to knock the ring out of the shrubbery ( that has been successful on a couple of my past searches )

Tom works from and had to leave me in the yard while taking a call. Before resorting to use the leaf blower I wanted to scan the grass area. BOOM ! Gold Ring in the grass directly under the clothesline where he had hung the sleeping bags. The grass wasn’t sparse and if I starred long enough at the spot where I got the signal, I could easily see it. Sometimes, time of day when the sun is just in the right position it will help to  make a visual search a success.

I left the ring right there where it was hiding. When Tom came outside I was able to guide him to his ring. He was amazed, because he had sent a lot of time with a rental metal detector and physically crawling on his hands and knees in that very spot.~ He was very happy and relieved that he had his ring back where it belongs.

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Wedding Ring Dropped in Sand at Crystal Cove State Beach, CA. .. Found by Metal Detector Man

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*** Corliss called just after her husband, Jasper dropped his gold wedding ring in the sand. They had spent the day at Crystal Cove State Beach. Just before packing up to leave, Jasper went to brush sand off his swim suit when his ring flew into the sand. They realized it was going to be a miracle if they could locate it by using their hands. 

While Jasper struggled dragging his fingers trough the sand, Corliss got on her mobile device goggle searching metal detector. She found me on TheRingFinders site. I was able to convince them to stay at the location so I could meet them there in 30 or 40 minutes. 

I arrived and walked about 4 blocks to the location. Within a very short time the ring was found using my metal detector. “ The right tool for the job”.. They were very happy to have the ring recovered and they could get off the beach to an event that evening. 

It was less than a five mile drive and I have a state parks annual parking pass which made it easy for me to be on the beach on time. The search was easy with the proper equipment and a little experience.

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Lost Platinum Engagement Ring .. Santa Monica Beach, CA… Found with the Help of a Ringfinder

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*** Michael’s fiancé lost a platinum engagement ring in the sand at Santa Monica Beach in the dark. They and their friends spent several hours sifting through the sand to no avail. They marked the area so they could return at 5:30 am to resume the search. 

Michael decided to try to rent a metal detector after the morning search was unsuccessful. His online attempt to find a metal detector was also discouraging, but he found my contact information. He called me and I was able to leave shortly after he called.

We met on the beach sometime before 9am. I got a brief explanation of how the ring was lost in the sand. He had the area very well marked and he had kept the city beach rake tractor clear of the spot where the loss occurred. 

I gave them a little tutorial of how I will begin the search. Most people don’t understand some of the principles of how a metal detector works. I did tell them that this may be an easy search because they had the site marked and secured it from the beach cleaning tractors. 

Shortly after setting up my detector and beginning the grid pattern. I got a couple trash metal targets, then I got a solid tone with a good ID number that turned out to be the allusive platinum engagement ring.. Happiness is finding a sentimental ring the was thought to be lost forever. Another special day as a ringfinder in Southern California.

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Lost Cartier Trinity Ring Throwing Ball in Grass at a Park .. Costa Mesa, CA.

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… Natasha takes her dog out to her neighborhood park every morning in Costa Mesa, CA. This morning walk turned into a  disaster for her, while throwing a ball for her dog her special Cartier trinity ring flew off her finger into the grass. A few minutes searching the grass she realized she would need help. Natasha found my information on a google search that brought up TheRingFinders directory.

After calling me, I was able to meet her at the park within an hour. She had marked the place where she was standing when the Cartier Trinity ring came off he finger. This ring was given to her by her mother and her sister’s also have identical rings. It’s a classic ring that is made with three separate rings white gold, rose gold and yellow gold joined together like a puzzle. This should be an easy ring to find with a metal detector. 

After a half hour searching directly in front and in back of where she was staging when the loss occurred. We found the ring in the grass outside the zone where it should have been. Possibly it may have been blown to the left by strong winds that morning. Maybe she didn’t mark the spot where she standing while throwing the ball? It does seem to be a fact after doing many searches, the item is never where they think it is .. Sometimes we never know what happened, the main thing is the sentimental ring was found.  Needless to say, Natasha was extremely happy and grateful to have this ring returned after wearing daily sence she was a teenager.

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Lost Gold Wedding Band at Rosie’s Dog Beach .. Long Beach, CA. .. Found and Returned

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*** Omar had been walking his dog at Rosie’s Dog Beach in Long Beach, CA. He was in ankle beep water when his dog got excited as another dog got close to them. In the strugglers control his dog, his gold wedding ring came off his finger disappearing intel the surf. 

Four days after the loss Omar came across my contact information on TheRingFinders website. He was unable to meet me at the location but his screen shot of the larva was clear enough for me the do a search. I was able to do a two hour grid of the beach the next morning. The ring didn’t show. 

When I reviewed the screen shot photo, I realized I had searched the wrong location. This wasn’t the first time. It’s always preferable to have the person meet me at the location. Many times it’s not convenient for the person who lost the item to get free from other obligations.

When I returned to the correct area at the next morning’s low tide, I was able to find the ring after about a half hour into my grid search. I sent Omar a text with a photo of his ring. He met me an hour later so we could get the ring back where it belongs. He was amazed and promised to get the ring resized.


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Wedding Ring Set Lost in Sand at Baby Beach, Dana Point, CA. … Found by Metal Detector Man

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**** Raloul and Lisa vacationing from Germany spent their last day with their kids at Baby Beach in Dana Point, CA.  Here we go again, Lisa took her wedding ring set off putting them in a pocket of her shirt. After a couple hours playing with her kids in front if their beach camp. When Lisa reached into her pocket both wedding rings were missing. 

Someone on the beach noticed both Raloul and Lisa searching through the sand. They told the couple how to contact me to help them find their rings. After they called me they agreed to stay in the asea till I arrived. 

We met on the beach less than an hour after the initial call. I this case, getting to the location could not be an advantage. Many people still on the small beach. Also, part of the sandy area was not soft sand. The rings may not have been under the sand and could have been picked up by one of the many people on the beach.

There was some searchable spots around the sides and in front of their beach tent. It took about 15 minutes to clear those open spots. Then just before I ran out of space to hunt, I got the first ring. The second ring was just two feet away. Both rings we’re less than two inches deep and only a few inches from the people set up next to them. The search worked out well with little wasted time. If we didn’t find the rings. I know I was willing to wait till everyone left the beach to complete the search.

Both Lisa and Raloul were excited and happy to have their wedding rings back. It would not have been terrible to return to Germany without Lisa’s rings. Another happy day on the beach with several beach goers witnessing this ring recovery. Most people say they didn’t know the ring finders metal detecting service exists.

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Gold Wedding Ring Lost In Surf at Newport Beach, CA. .. Found Next Day with a Metal Detector

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*** Greg and Jolene are from the San Francisco Bay Area and  vacationing at Newport Beach for a week. The third day Greg went into the ocean for a swim in the surf. As he was walking out of the surf he shook his hand and his gold wedding band flew off into waist deep water. The waves were coming in at such a rate he could not see the ring before it disappeared into the sand. 

I got an early morning text from Jolene asking how and what my service works. I told here I work on a gratuity basis. They could decided what it was worth to them after they see how I perform the search.After determining that they were just minutes away from my location and the tide was as low as it could be until tomorrow. I told her that I would be right there if they could meet me. 

We met on the beach which is what I call a short beach, that beach has a steep incline. The tide does not go far out from the upper slope (dry sand towel line) The important thing is that they could give me the best North/ South location. I didn’t feel the ring was far out at the low tide but that’s where I started to stay ahead of the incoming tide. 

After about a half hour I had grid searched to mid-slope where I got the one an only signal. Two digs with my sand scoop and I had Greg’s gold ring in my scoop.  The incoming tide forced me to start in knee high water, even though I felt the ring was up higher on the slope. Best to eliminate the lower area before the water was too deep to search. 

Both Jolene and Greg were elated and relieved that they had the ring. Now they could enjoy the rest of their vacation, They admitted to me that they didn’t believe the metal detector could find a ring that had been in the surf for almost a whole day. Like most people that call The Ring Finders they told me I was their last hope. I love doing this, even when I can’t find the item, you can’t get them all and you can find the item if it isn’t there.  Reality!

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Unbelievable Gold Earring Recovery near a Firepit at Huntington State Beach, CA.

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*** Jeremy and his wife had been at Huntington State Beach sitting around the firepits the night before calling me. His wife had lost a gold earring in the sand near the firepit. It was a very special hierloom passed down to her from her grandmother. I was at the general location before Jeremy showed up and I could see a guy detecting the firepits.

Jeremy arrived about 10 minutes later. We walked out to the firepit where the loss occurred. I could see that the other detectorist had already worked this firepit area. Jeremy marked a 15’x 15’ zone that he believed the gold earring should be. Beginning to swing my 11” coil set up on my Equinox metal detector,  I knew there was a lot of trash metal in this location. It would be better to get my other detector with the 6” coil. 

I asked Jeremy to go ask the other detectorist if he had found the earring and he had not found the earring. I went back to my car to get the better detector for this trashy area. I also brought a small hand sand sifter to use up close to the cement firepit that is reinforced with iron rebar. If the earring was close to the firepit, the rebar might mask the possibility of getting a signal from my detector.

You won’t believe what happened after I got back to continue the search. Jeremy had a rake that a camper had lent him. I told him the rake was a waste of time for a small earring. It would be more helpful if he could use the small hand sifter to pull the sand away from the rebar cement firepit. 

Then I gave him a demonstration of how to use it. I took two short scoops with the scoop and the miracle happened. “BOOM “ there in the scoop was the gold earring. Exactly on the opposite side of the firepit where he believed the loss had happened. 

Unbelievable!! This was completely unexpected and I’m starting to get used to these types of recoveries. The best thing about it was Jeremy could return to the hotel to surprise his wife.


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Gold Wedding Ring Lost while Installing Grass Sod in Rialto, CA. .. Found by Stan the Metal Detector Man

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


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Mariano called me after finding my contact information on theringfinders website. He believed his white gold wedding band may have fallen off his finger while installing grass sod in his front yard.

Mariano reviewed several cameras and photos taken the day of the loss. He was very sure the ring was somewhere in the 40’x 75’ front yard. He bought a metal detector from a local sporting goods store. After a couple day of frustration,  trying to understand his new metal detector, he gave up. 

When Mariano called me, we made an appointment to meet the next morning. This type of search was a first for me. I knew it could involve rolling back the newly installed grass sod. It could be tedious work if there was a lot of metal trash under the sod. 

I began a grid search marking all potential targets with plastic markers. My metal detector has target identification numbers and tones which can be helpful but when searching for important sentimental jewelry, I do not rely on that feature of the metal detector.

After a scan of the whole lawn, there were approximately 20 markers that I would individually check with my pinpointer detector. Mariano was close by, so I explained my next move. I would start with the best signal which had been marked with a double marker. 

Both Mariano and I checked  the target. He anxiously pulled back the first 3” of sod revealing his white gold wedding ring perfectly visible as if someone just set it there. ( I believe those rolls of sod are 5 or 6 ft. of long). Again a lucky choice of direction to begin a search.

Mariano immediately let his wife know that the ring was found and called his father who had been a part of the original search. Another happy grateful family that didn’t know a service like this was available.

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