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Lost White Gold Men’s Wedding Band in the Snow Found in Garden City Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

A Ruff Day…..

..Actually began for Travis Tuesday night when he took his dogs into the back yard and started to play in the snow. Toys were thrown and fetched and then snowballs tossed for the hounds to catch. After the wonder-fur time and frosty paws, with tails wagging the dogs went back into the house for the night as Travis shoveled snow off the deck. Early Wednesday, I got a text explaining that his ring was lost. I started to grid search with my MXT metal detector and got some junk signals but near the garage the detector signaled precious metal. Brushing the snow aside revealed Travis’ ring! He came over, we pawsed for a moment looking at it then he lifted the ring from the snow. Also very happy with the pawsitive outcome of the search, the dogs gave 4 paws up on the ulti-mutt recovery…….if you’re happy and you know it, clap your paws!



Lost Rose Gold Ring with Diamonds Found in Garden City Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)


Tina, her fiance’ and friends were enjoying some time together in the yard. As the sun began to set they decided to continue around a nice warm bonfire. Scurrying around lighting logs, setting chairs, and gathering food and beverages to enjoy around the fire, the logs finally began to glow. Settling into the warmth, sounds of a strumming guitar and singing voices filled the night air. When the morning came around she noticed her engagement ring was missing. Thoughts quickly turned to where it may be…..the log pile or the fire pit? A quick check there and in the cool ashes revealed nothing. Raking thru the leaves revealed nothing and buying a toy type metal detector only led to more worry and frustration. On site her and I went over the details where she was in the yard. As I was setting up the manual ground balance on my MXT metal detector I noticed there was so much junk metal items I switched to one of the turn on and go modes available on the MXT and quickly started to grid search. Seeing a picture of the ring I knew the approximate range on the meter where the ring should be. As my detector coil flew over the colorful leaves, ignoring the junk signals, a nice signal came thru at 24/26 and 0 depth. Pushing the leaves aside this beautiful custom design rose gold ring with a spectacular diamonds setting revealed itself quite a few feet from where she was sitting and where her fiance’ had raked the leaves! I waved her over and pointing down, her eyes got as wide as her smile as she picked the ring from the leaves. Totally elated and speechless she finally caught her breath and said I’m so thrilled and thankful you found it! I’m so glad we contacted you! I’m gonna have a nice surprise for him when he get’s home!

I said you’re welcome and I thoroughly enjoyed my « Come by here » moment as well.