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Lost Property Irons, Property Markers, Property Pins Found in Rochester Hills Michigan

The Ulti-Mutt Experience….

…. Is what Sam the dog was looking to have. As he explored the yard, the chasing of squirrels and opossums off the property started to get old, he was occasionally caught red pawed where the grass was greener. Leashing him to the yard limits didn’t solve the problem as his ruff neighbor dog pals remained at a distance howling with laughter tempting him to cross the boundry, leading to many bark-b-ques. Deciding that this was not just another day at the paw-ffice and trying to stay paw-sitive, Sam’s masters decided to make the decision to put up a fence. But first they needed the property irons located. Upon arrival, even tho I’m not much of a dog-tor, I was greeted excitedly by Sam and patting him on the head followed by a wagging tail assured I had permission to enter his territory, and all would be ok. Scanning the property ground with my Tesoro Sidewinder metal detector gave quick results as the property irons were revealed. Sam’s owners were thrilled that soon they could paws and relax a bit while he safely roamed the whole yard. Giving him a treat and shaking his paw I asked if this was a promise to behave going forward….as I feel he has great pet-tential ….

….Well, anything is paw-sible!