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Lost White Gold Ring Found Inside Vehicle in Oakland Township Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

The Golden Rider….

…As Kevin was preparing to wash and wax his Camaro, he put his ring into his pocket. Waiting for the wax to set up he started a few other outside chores. Completing the buffing and polishing, he washed his hands, hopped into the car and drove off to his brother’s house. On the way he noticed his ring wasn’t on, so he reached into his pocket. After pulling his hand out there was no ring. Arriving at his brother’s house they searched the car but found nothing. Back at home Kevin and his wife searched all over the place for the ring to no avail. When I arrived, I searched the grass areas with my MXT metal detector with no success. I suggested we look in the car again. With a flashlight I was able to see pretty good all the hiding places the ring may be. Still no success. Reaching under the seat there was an opening in the carpet where wires came out. Reaching into the compartment I felt a round object wedged tightly just at the tip of my fingers. Using a small hook and wiggling the wires a bit I was able to free the object. Pulling it to where I could see what it was, I was thrilled it was Kevin’s ring! Holding it in the air Kevin and his wife came running over totally astonished that the ring was in the car. Thrilled that it was found we laughed at the fact that he had a little golden rider in his golden ride all along and never knew it!