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Lost Gold Ring on Softball Field Found on Belle Isle Detroit Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Flashing Some Leather…..

…with 2 outs and bases loaded Shema heard the crack of the bat on the ball. As it soared past 2nd base, she full throttled it from her position in center field and took a dive. Making the catch and claiming victory, during the team celebration she noticed her ring missing. Trying to celebrate and not worry where her ring went was becoming difficult, so she and some teammates started to look around. With dusk approaching they called off the search. As with all rings and jewelry there is a story behind them. Shema received this ring from her grandmother prior to her passing away, so she was totally devastated when she had to leave the ballfield that night. A sleepless night was followed by her back out on the ballfield the next morning. She had a general idea where to look so using the quick turn on a go mode with my MXT metal detector I started to grid search. Closing in on the general area I got a good signal. Using my pin pointer detector, I moved some grass aside and the glint of gold shone thru. Shema quickly reached down and lifted her ring from the grass. Totally amazed she could hardly catch her breath. Hugs and high fives followed and although her team won the game, scoring her ring was the winning run!