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Lost Gold Ring Underwater Found on Belle Isle Park Beach Detroit Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Cooling Off….

…was all newlyweds Brian and Amanda were looking to do when their electric power went out. To escape the swamp-like humid weather they headed for the water. When they arrived at the beach area on Belle Isle, they ran thru the sand and jumped right in the cooling water. Enjoying the view of Detroit, they started to splash around. Feeling refreshed they got to the shore and enjoyed a nice sunset. It wasn’t until back at the car Brian noticed his wedding band missing. Now nearing dark, they decided to drive home. Arriving home, the area was still experiencing a blackout. Feeling powerless in another form Brian didn’t know watt to do. He considered buying a metal detector from an outlet store but didn’t know when or if they could get one in time, so they passed on that not-so-bright idea. Plugging his phone into the car power outlet Brian searched for a way or someone who could shed a bit more light on the problem. Talking on the phone and setting up a time to search, Amanda felt this may be the spark that was needed to end this shocking experience. Arriving at the beach, Amanda and I headed back into the water to the general area where Brian was pointing to and thought his ring came off. Out into the 4-foot-deep area with metal detector, snorkel mask and pin-pointer I started to feel the current of the Detroit River letting me know it’s power. As I grid searched, I started to get some signals on my metal detector, these ended up being pull tabs and some bottle caps. A few more sweeps produced a nice mellow metal signal I was familiar with. Reaching down with the pinpointer and moving some sand around with it I felt the vibration and peeking thru the snorkel mask I saw Brian’s gold ring! Descending down closer I grabbed it and resurfaced. Waving Amanda over, Brian was on the shoreline and knew we had something! She put the ring on her finger, held it in the air and he started dancing in the sand! Back on the shore he was totally jolted with amazement and overloaded with joy that his ring was found! With smiles on their faces, they thanked me and the ringfinders for lighting up their world and transforming their dark days into brightness.