Wedding Ring Lost On Surf City Beach Was Found In A Few Hours

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)


Newlywed Carrie was spending the last part of a vacation with her in-laws in a Surf City beach house.  She had given her rings to her new mother-in-law before swimming.  The rings were placed in a rear pocket.  It is believed wedding band slipped out of the pocket when a phone was pulled out for pictures.  Emerald Isle Metal Detecting was called that same day.  When I arrived, I was very glad they called me quickly and knew the general area the ring most likely would have been lost.  My metal detector, a Minelab CTX-3030 locked in on a strong 12-12 signal display and I was able to gently raise her ring from the soft sand of the beach.  Her husbands first words were « That’s amazing! »


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  1. Matthew Fry dit :

    Great Job Steve!

    Matthew Fry TRF Myrtle Beach

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