walk on parksvile beach

  • de Parksville (British Columbia, Canada)

today i was asked by a lady in parks ville if i would try to find her gold ring with 11 diamonds in it!!  as i was just doing a search at the beach she said it was lost last year , she said it might be long gone!  but i told her about how heavy gold is compared to other medals,so she brought me to the spot just over buy the bay side inn, i had  brought my viper trident over and after about a 3 hour search i got a really good hit ,i started to dig and after digging a 4 foot round wide and about 12 inches deep  hole in the sand  rocks,i yelled to her and said THERE IT IS !!!! she feel to her knees and stater to cry she told me that her late husband and her were in a fight and she tossed the ring away in the middle of the night that’s why they couldn’t find it  it was missing the middle diamond but she was so happy to get it back

it was the most heart felt hug I’ve had in a long time

ps that is why i love to find rings

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  1. Awesome story – great job finding the ring Steve!

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