Ring lost at South Mission Beach Found!

  • de La Jolla (California, United States)

Danny was playing volleyball at South Mission Beach Friday afternoon, took his wedding ring off before the game started, and put the ring in his shoe on the sideline for safe keeping. During the day, His gear was moved to a different court for another game. After all the games ended, he headed to his car where he proceeded to grab his ring and put his shoes on. Oh oh, no ring! He retraced his steps and searched both areas, but, no luck. He got online and found TheRingFinders.com and my contact info. He called me Saturday afternoon and we made arrangements to meet the next morning at 7am to do the search. We met early Sunday morning and I searched both areas thoroughly, but, no ring. In fact, I only found one cent and a junk charm in the whole area. It was likely someone had already detected that area sometime between when he lost the ring Friday afternoon, and when I searched Sunday morning. I told Danny that I would keep his lost ring on file and contact fellow club members and other I know who detect that beach and let him know if I get any response. Sure enough, I emailed out his lost ring story to my local detecting club and our vice president Rick answered that he think he found it! Rick sent me a photo of the ring he found at that location on Friday night and it was a dead-on match. Rick and I met Danny Monday morning for the return. Sometimes it takes some teamwork for a successful recovery, but, the results are what counts. Thanks for your help Rick. Danny (on the left in the photo) appreciated that.


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