Ring lost at Mission Beach Found

  • de La Jolla (California, United States)

Trevor was throwing a football around at Mission Beach with a group of friends when his wedding ring flew off during one of his throws. Nobody saw it land in the dry sand, so, trying to find it was hopeless without the proper equipment and knowledge to use it. Trevor’s friend Matt found my contact information and gave me a call. I gathered my gear and hit the road with my wife so she could circle with the car in case we couldn’t find parking. I contacted Matt when I arrived and soon Trevor and some of his friends met me on the beach. I got the low down on how the ring was lost, the search area, and it’s approximate landing spot. This beach stays pretty clean with all the detectorists these days, so, targets were few and far between. After just a few pieces of foil, a couple of bottle caps and a half dozen passes later, I finally got a solid signal in the range I would expect Trevor’s ring to be in. A night in the dog house averted, and a happy Trevor has his precious back again. Thanks for the reward.


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