Lost Keys in Park Found in Melvindale Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Deja Vu…..

….came over me when I received a call from Shema whom I had found a lost ring for not too long ago. Thinking I was butt dialed, a text from her said she needed my help again. Returning her call, I learned that she was jogging in a park yesterday at dusk. She stopped a few times and sat in the grass and when she got to her car her keys were gone. Searching in the dark with the light on her cell phone brought no luck. With the grass so dry and brown I decided that her and I walk a grid pattern and just visually look for the keys. Time was of the essence as she had a scheduled softball game this afternoon. We covered quite a bit of the park and when the larger chunks of ground were examined, we split up over the smaller pieces that remained. While Shema took a longer sliver shaped area, I started to search near the picnic shelter. As I looked down near a small depression in the ground, I saw the shape of the key fob and key next to a square post that she apparently sat against when the keys came out of her pocket. I immediately texted her to hurry over to me. As she reached for her keys and lifted them from the ground she was thrilled beyond belief! Seeing the relief come over her with the recovery and smiles along with the thrill I receive from helping was indeed Deja vu all over again!


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